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Mukula Cartel accusations meant to tarnish the image of the President and government-Lusambo

Headlines Mukula Cartel accusations meant to tarnish the image of the President and...

Lusaka province Minister Bowman Lusambo has urged people to desist from putting the name of the first family into disrepute.

Mr Lusambo says the accusations that the first family is linked to the illegal sale of Mukula tree is false and merely meant to tarnish the image of the President and government.

Mr. Lusambo says there is a well calculated agenda to falsely accuse the PF of corruption so that Zambians can vote for another Political party.

He told ZNBC politics of lies, slander and name calling should not be allowed to continue in the country.

Mr. Lusambo says it is sad that some politicians in Zambia are serving the interest of some foreign organization and are willing to destroy the country for personal gain.

He says Zambian should expect more accusations against President Lungu from a named opposition party and its foreign funders ahead of the 2021 elections.


    • Ba Edgar was in Mukula business before he was elected president. He handed over his agents to Tasila and Dalitso. This is you are all not getting it.
      Mukula trading is still going on, and there is nothing like tarnishing. The best Ba Edgar can do is to form a special force tomorrow Monday to go out and make arrests of those in Mukula trade, and then we will know those traffickers are. If nothing is done, then he is still into it.

    • Bowman, 2021 you wont have a job. You will be back to selling in the market. In fact you will be in jail. So enjoy the bootlicking while you can

    • The usual MMD handpicked Lungu bootlickers who stand to lose out when he is out as they will not have anywhere to go.

    • “He told ZNBC politics of lies, slander and name calling should not be allowed to continue in the country.” So ZNBC is now called ZNBC politics of lies?

    • Zambians, do not let it stop at Cousin Skeeter’s “Chimutengo cha mukula china chagwa, awe boi tasila, mamama!” Funny but not funny!

    • Iwe Lusambo you’re a clear example of how much cleansing Zambian politics need. Primitive, illiterate, thuggish and ignorant. How exactly did we get here? What did Lungu see in you? A senseless and deceitful praise singer?

      Lusambo is below the calibre of any and all of Kaunda’s ministers and maids. This is how far behind you people have dragged this country. But it wont be for long, Prison awaits you in 2021!!!!!!!!

    • HH will NEVER be president. He is Sex HAGAINST H-order of Nature, a Privatisation thief, tax-evading thief, three mansions and he doesn’t love Zambia! He never celebrates independence and never prays for Zambia but goes out to buyers of Zambia when the nation is fasting and praying! My foot! HH’s lies about the President will NEVER make him be elected because HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

  1. Koma iyi yeve ni 1970s reloaded zoona. The only problem is we now have undercover documentaries. Muzalila ma guyz!!! Wayanu uku kwinangu wacitilatu resign na munjema straight!!!

  2. Even Trump or any president, husband, maid baby or mad person when accused of something they come out and deny accusations with response to the accusations with details of how and why they didn’t do it. Silence doesn’t help. Were waiting

    • What can he say, the man is useless as they come FIC Report, 51 houses, Forest 27 he is happy to defend the accused and swift to warn whistle blowers. Next they will use the imperialist card as they ones responsible for this and they are pressing for gay agenda.

  3. Bowman, Bowman,

    We are in a kleptocracy . The belligerents are actually proud of the records they are setting in robbing the citizenry in daylight. The are brazen and unapologetic as a result of the overwhelming docility from the citizenry. Nothing is sacred anymore.

    • Ichi chena [email protected] chimudala ichi, Iwe chi dull Bowman, you can not protect this thieving moron you have on plot one, in fact you should be running from this moron as fast as you can coz he will take you down with him, the ka worst president on earth is beyond redemption, the chap was caught stealing from a widow, which is a low blow… the moron is as useless as they come dull with 0 IQ you can even see it on his face, the chakolwa is doing down come 2021

  4. Sir Lusambo, can you please listen to the cries of the people of Zambia !!! They are hungry, they have no jobs, pensioners are not being paid, innocent people being banged up because they do not belong to your “perfect” tribes, there is corruption, money being mismanaged …. the list goes on!! How much longer do you want to continue plundering???
    PF, stop your paranoia of thinking that a certain political party is serving the interests of foreign governments. No foreign government is planning to topple Lungu. It’s the people of Zambia talking and the evidence about the Mukula cartel must be there and it calls for an investigation!! Most African leaders are corrupt!!

  5. One of the people mentioned in the report, chief Nkula had admitted dealing in mukula. This after Lungu gave him a permit. Who is fooling who?

  6. instead of making baseless statements, can Government issue a comprehensive statement? there is nothing to tarnish here, the report seems to be credible! We have checked the EIA website! we thought it was one of those stories Monday chanda and the dweebs made about homosexuality!

    either we come out clean or we start resigning on moral grounds!!


  8. What else do you expect from boot lickers?
    You can’t tarnish what is already tarnished!
    Mukula you have sold and eaten alone!
    Wild animals you have ransacked and shared!
    Strategic Forests like 27 you have ransacked and shared.
    Borrowed money you have stolen and shared. Kwacha you have made worthless!
    You have created a power crisis through mismanagement and are happy to cash in on the crisis of your own making. You said you paid for power but we are still experiencing the same level of Loadshedding from 05:00am to 23:00hours! In Bemba, we say Ubufi bulabwela! Jele is waiting!

  9. This is the same bowman who jumped from being MMD die hard to PF die hard when his former party lost power. This is the same bowman who will jump from PF to whichever party will win in 2021.

  10. Chief Kaponya [email protected] is so terrified coz he can now see his beloved thieving Boss [email protected], & his equally thieving Daughter shall be removed, as ma scandal yafulisha saana & chi [email protected] ill gotten gains will be gwinya’d & returned to the treasury where they belong.
    To survive in Njema without illegally obtained Taxpayers resources chi [email protected] will have to repay Zambians for his plunder /abuse of office by offering Butt -([email protected]) favours.

  11. Internet is like bank vault.
    Political narrative needs to transition to 21st-century,
    and everyone who was born in Zambia needs to get involved…

  12. Ubufumu buchhindika umwine. If the president decides to cheapen his presidency we are we to respect it? Iswatini, Findlay, Mukula, Jameson, Dancing king ishiii

  13. Screen grab from FB


    These below are some of the new national records set by the PF government under President Edgar Lungu ;

    1 USD = K15.69

    25 KG Mealie Meal = K170

    1 Litre petrol = K15.80 (expected to rise to K18 in the next few weeks with ERB increase)

    Inflation Rate = 11% (double digit inflation!)

    2 Litres Cooking Oil = K48

    Proposed 200% electricity price increase.

    18 hours of daily load shedding.

    1 Fire truck = $1 Million

    1 Ambulance = $288,000

    First government to introduce a health tax

    First government to introduce a borehole water tax

    National Budget = 51% salaries, 40% debt repayment, only 9% social services delivery.

    $135 Million Presidential Jet acquisition.

    Degazetted the…

  14. It is outrageous, political party and heads of, are not banned for creating such an air of division in Zambia.

    His Excellency had served this country well and should not have his reputation tarnished. And the govt machinery should not be faint in response.

    Further more there needs to be a loud voice for the right to do with our resources for the benefit of our GDP growth if we do so sustainablely. We must not be cowered by these foreign interest goods. Are we supposed to just look at our trees when we can find a balance of use?

    • We must not be cowered by these foreign interest GROUPS..!


  15. Degazetted the most forest reserves of any government.

    First government to scrap student meal allowances since 1964.

    Worst national hunger situation in the country since 1992.

    JCTR Food basket per family of K6,500 (the monthly cost of living per average family to live above poverty line)

    Cost per km of road built = $1.2 million ( Cost in neighboring Botswana and Namibia is $600,000 per km of road)

    First Zambian President to exceed 100 foreign trips ( he’s done it in under 5 years), more trips that Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata and Levy Mwanawasa combined.

    17 year RTSA concession for speed camera revenue to Austrian firm worth over $50 Million

    K18 Billion lost to illicit financial activities and corruption between 2015-2018 (FIC DATA)

    48 Ghost Houses with seemingly…

  16. The Guilty are always afraid!
    Lusambo, is it true that you have furnished your entire new house with a truckload of new furniture from SA?
    Kwena you are living the life!
    Where do you get all these moneys in this Economy because the lifestyle is way beyond the salary and allowances for a minister in Zambia today! There is definitely no smoke without fire!

  17. Comment: but we always see trucks loading with mukula trees, now ba lusambo tell me who’s behind those mukula’s, since you have banned, am waiting on you BOSS.

  18. everyone waffling in the PF have something to hide connected to the mukula trade. The small fish in the illegal trade have more to lose than the big fish so they are doing their best to try and avoid further revelations on the matter. Bowman, chanda and makebi all had shares in the trade.

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