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Some PF youth unhappy with the arrogance being exhibited by their Leaders ahead of the 2021 general elections

Headlines Some PF youth unhappy with the arrogance being exhibited by their Leaders...

PF Youths
PF Youths

Some youths in the ruling Patriotic Front are unhappy with the arrogance being exhibited by their Leaders ahead of the 2021 general elections.

The youths are also disappointed that the top party leadership is not taking into consideration concerns being raised by the grassroots over failure by the government to deliver on the pro poor promises.

Those talked to have expressed fear that the party might not win the 2021 polls should the leaders especially the party leadership continue ignoring the needs of grassroot members.

They have attributed the loss in a Ward by election in Northern Province recently to arrogance by leaders who are not willing to listen to the needs of the people.

And the PF youths have appealed to the government to find ways of addressing the increasing cost of living which is affecting every Zambian.

They are worried that if left unchecked, this will affect PFs chances of winning the 2021 polls.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization, the youths among them youth leaders in Lusaka feel the level at which the party is ignoring the concerns being raised by Zambians is alarming.

They have also accused the leaders of misleading President Edgar Lungu on various issues affecting the people.

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  1. PF youths are not happy.

    Diplomats are not happy.

    Citizens are not happy.

    The only people happy are the thieves in government.

    Go figure.

    • Ba youth lelo you say you are not happy? We all know why you are not happy, it’s because they are not throwing money your way any more. Immediately money comes you will change your tune. Us general Zambians already saw that PF has not capacity or brains to take the country anywhere. Same like the Panama privatization dribbled, not ideas. All of them want power for themselves. So zambia is doomed

    • Some of us always knew that the pf was made up of incompetent loud mouthed nicopomps who rode on tribal trivial to seize power.
      Since then, some of us undertook the journey to first develop ourselves. We knew always knew things would turn out this way.

    • If EVERYONE is NOT HAPPY and you’re the only one that’s happy, then you must be LOOSE AM BORE. You must have a cheese brain and extremely proud of the filthy and cholera infested Lusaka province. What a disgrace of a minister this Lusambo is!!!!! Maloza Pa Zed!!!

  2. Why complain imwe’ba P.F youth??
    Just be happy kabili “MULELYA CHEESE”
    Those who know history, are aware when the French aristocracy got out of touch with reality & the Citizens suffering, one Marie Antoinette suggested to starving masses “Let them eat cake” & her head ended up in a basket!!
    B0wm4n stolen Taxpayers cash has now gone to your kaponya head, be warned, the ones you are mocking because you can eat cheese daily, will one day pay you back in kind, & let’s not hope with your THICK Head!

    • @HaMANYOZO HABANDA, One of the cages that will be at the Livingstone MUSEUM must house UNDER FIVE, the other KAMANGA and the other Gay JAY. He hated Kalu passionately and got us KAMANGA. He hated Coach Renard because he hated KALU. UPND is a TRIBO H-organisation and a cult which worships a cult tribo leader.

  3. At first we thought PF was just missed call but everybody now agrees that it is a totally failed project. I am still PF but we are completely off tangent

  4. Some of us new that once the government coffers have dried, PF thugs will start killing each because there will be not enough loot to share. This is what happens when you rule based on thefts and sharing of public resources.

    Once the coffers are dried and there is nothing to share or only those closer to the pot have access, fights start. This is the beginning given that government coffers have dried up.

    • @UN-HANSIBLE.Once the coffers have dried, HH will bring back the money from PANAMA papers because when he dies the money in PANAMA shall die as well.

  5. Am happy that even PF youth have seen for themselves what type of government we are in which doesn’t care for their people but busy pocketing their pockets. And for sure the cost of living is high in Zambia having a meal once in a day that’s why will go for change in 2021 or else poor people will die of hunger.

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