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Victim of the Shooting incident in Mpulungu Evacuated to Lusaka for Specialist Treatment

Rural News Victim of the Shooting incident in Mpulungu Evacuated to Lusaka for Specialist...


The government has evacuated one of the Mpulungu shooting victims to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka for specialised treatment.

Diency Mwambazi is one of the six PF members who were allegedly shot at by suspected UPND cadres.

The victims were shoot as they were celebrating their victory in one of the Local governments by election which was held in Mpulungu.

Mr. Mwambazi sustained nine bullet wounds from the shooting and was admitted at Mbala General Hospital before been airlifted to Lusaka.

Mpulungu District Commissioner Dennnis Sikazwe and his Mbala counterpart Kedrick Sikombe witnessed the evacuation exercise.

The District Commissioners have thanked President Edgar Lungu and his government for facilitating the evacuation.

Yesterday, Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene announced that police have arrested four suspected UPND cadres in connection with the shootings and slapped them with various charges among them attempted murder.


  1. Unless I have missed it, where is the condemnation by UPND leadership of this nasty incident? We need to root out violence from all sides.

    • The PF cadres thought they are the only ones that can carry guns. See now what you have done.

      What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • IndigoTyrol – It is this nons.ensical thinking by people like you that is going to create problems in this country. Condemn the act first before you spew your u.seless opinion.

  2. UPND say something unless it was a upnd cadre ba kapoli nganabalila.church,USA,NGO come out open you sleeping giants.What is your problem you people of this nation.

  3. Arrest the culprits and send them to jail for life.Kankanja do something let these guys know that you have the muscle.Deal with the culprits.

    • Be serious for once in your life.

      You do not even know what happened there. Or what weapon was used. I suspect it was amalegeni or an air rifle. That is why the PF cadres survived.

      Stop being too emotional and just pay your fellow cadres a visit in hospital.

  4. You f$$ls can’t you see the article says suspected. They could be fellow pf cadres or upnd no one knows. The story also doesn’t seem to add up too many missing details or pictures to prove this is true, pf can cook up some story for sympathy. Also hasn’t Lungu and his health minister been opening hospitals in these areas why evacuate them to Lusaka when you’re busy lying to us about the so called massive infrastructure development when it can’t help much and cadres have to be taken to Lusaka at our expense

    • Well said my brada.

      These PF were shot at with catapults (malegeni) and they are busy being evacuated left right and centre. I am sure someone is making money during these evacuations. And surely the hospitals the PF claim to have built in the province should treat these victims of malegeni.

      There is no attempted murder here.

  5. UPND is not tolerant. Now they want to bring their violence in the PF strong hold. They are not ashamed these people…..look, they won a ward in Northern in peace …they were not harassed in any way. UPND campaigned freely in Mibenge-Luapula. But when it is in the UPND strong hold.. mmmm wait, they will make sure they fight and maim the PF. UPND please change for the better.

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