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Mukula Cartel the Pinacle of Grand Corruption Under PF

Columns Mukula Cartel the Pinacle of Grand Corruption Under PF

Impounded trucks loaded with Mukula logs
FILE: Impounded trucks loaded with Mukula logs

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

Since the year 2014, Zambia has lost an estimated $500 million in Mukula revenue as a result of illegal underdeclaration of exports by the Zambian side.

Over the same period, another estimated $38 million has been paid and received in bribes by top government officials in this country, with new information now placing the presidency, a member of the first family, top government Ministers and a member of the traditional leadership now implicated.

And the primary reason the Patriotic Front (PF) political establishment, through it’s Media Director Sunday Chanda and and it’s defacto Spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba, vehemently defended the Mukula Cartel is simply that the party is a beneficiary.

We have always spoken on the record, and repeatedly raised the alarm to the effect that Zambia is now firmly under the spell of political state capture. The political party Zambians elected into office serve and protect their interests, as well as acting for and on their behalf in the best national interest, has finally gone rogue. The Patriotic Front (PF) political establishment has facilitated the hostile and criminal takeover of government and all of its key institutions to ensure that economic gains are disproportionately, illegally and illegally diverted away from citizens and into the pockets of the presidency, top PF government officials, the party and their profit seeking private associates.

From the patterns of grand corruption thus far investigated and published, we now know that corruption under the PF administration is not perpetrated by individuals but rather sponsored by the party and the state. This is why it is and has been difficult for the PF establishment and government to act decisively against the corruption activities involving top party and government officials, as well as the party itself.

In February 2017, armed with information that there were several thousands of cubic meters of Mukula bound for export but lay in the hands of private permit holders, greed got the better of the PF administration. They panicked and put an illegal blockade on all Mukula exports. According to correspondence we have looked at by the Zambia Association of Timber and Forestry Based Industries, the 2017 ban, just like the 2012 ban, was instituted illegally, against the prescriptions of Article 64 of the Forestry Act No. 4 of 2015. The ban was never supported by a statutory instrument. They seized this timber and proceeded to illegally selling it to willing buyers, using ZAFFICO as a conduit. Only now are we learning of the gross underdeclaration and misrepresentation of revenues which arose from this illegal seizure and selling of the private property of Zambian companies, with a greater proportion of the arising revenue going into the pockets of individuals and never onto the books of ZAFFICO.

I personally know Two (2) legitimate local timber processing companies that collapsed, losing several thousands of US dollars in investment capital, inventory, idle machinery, incomes, livelihoods, lost jobs; thanks to this illegal, savage and heavy-handed wielding of power by corrupt PF operatives. In the end, it was corrupt government politicians who ended up dubiously benefitting from the efforts and private investments of hardworking Zambians. The value of the seized consignment alone exceeded $20 million and yet this was just a drop in the ocean.

Realizing how much money there was to be made, the PF government used Jean Kapata to cause ZAFFICO to be selectively issuing “special permits” to top government officials ONLY for the illegal harvest and export of Mukula trees. But even when the purported ban was in place, these corrupt government sponsored operatives were cutting down and exporting Mukula under the guise that the trees originated from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Of course, this was all a facade.

But the plunder of Mukula trees at the hands of PF operatives and government officials is just one area where the country is being raped and deprived of the much needed revenue to invest into our various social and economic sectors.

And it is no surprise that the party has come to the aid of it’s thieving proxies in government. The PF itself is on the record and has been cited for receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for the award of public contracts. This is in the Financial Intelligence Center report for the period ended 2018.

The PF also unequivocally and shamelessly defended the fraudsters in $42 million the Fire Tender scam, just as they defended the $35 million Maizegate scammers. The PF also came to the defense of those at the heart of the £3.5 million social cash transfer scandal, defended the criminals who spent up to $11 million on ambulances that never arrived, the thieves that stole $400,000 worth of test kits at MoH, as well as those who procured $4 million of expired drugs – again at MoH.

It is also the PF who have systematically shielded public sector payroll fraudsters who have racked in close to $800 million since 2012 in ghost worker salary payments.

We also know, that the 20% local contracts allocation is a scheme to divert public resources to the PF political party establishment as these contracts are issued to companies owners by Ministers and other party operatives, despite their repeated and shambolic record of never delivering on public works.

This is the legacy of the PF – a legacy of theft and plunder.

No single individual within the PF can fix this rot. The rot sits at the heart of the party and one certain way of averting the impending catastrophe connected to this filth is to vote the PF out of power.


  1. For God’s sake what more evidence does the PF government want? When this absolutely clear proof of their criminality actions.
    Just a recap of their behaviours of Lungu and Cartel; Fire tenders $42million USD, Ambulances $288,000 each, Mukula trees over $500million, purchasing presidential Jet $400 million, KKIA construction $250million, corrupt price of Lusaka Chingola road K600 billion, selling lower zambezi, land acquisitions around the country, placing mine under illegal receivership, ZNBC and Zesco privatisation, police brutality, arming cadres, Kaiser Zulu, Bowman Lusambo, Bill 10, Tasila Lungu, Jean Kapata the lust and greedy list is endless!!!!!
    I’m tired of this criminalities. I am calling all Army Generals to meet in Beijing, soon. China is ready to help. Jerry Rawlings…

    • The only blessing is the election in 2021. A blessing in that in these 18months or so the Kwacha will be 25,000 to a dollar people starving, dying of disease all kayos by then as these are these that have failed. people need to suffer and die to alarming levels to learn unfortunately. More popcorns. let even give them three years for more calamity.

      *History of Kwacha depreciation* .

      KK 27yrs 1 to K1500

      FTJ 10yrs K1500 to K4000

      LPM 7yrs K4000 to K4500 then to highest ever gain K3200

      RB 3yrs K4500 to K5000

      MCS 3yrs K5000 to K6000

      ECL 5yrs K6000 to K15500

      No watch these imbec1ces running this government. akawalala

      Were your masks not fasten seat belts

    • Edgar and his PF will willfully destroy the environment and cry “climate change”. Zambians, this man Edgar stole from a client when he practiced law, he was disbarred by LAZ, need we say more?

    • HaAthony HaBwalya. “UPND is for Tongas and Sakwiba you Ha not TONGA you cannot be president!” Prepare a cage for a PRIVATISATION THIEF in 2021 in Livingstone MUSEUM.

  2. The sleepy, docile Zambians are to blame!
    Zambians deserve what they are going through! Please PF, increase your stealing 100 fold as you time is running out!

    • House of BLVXK – A secret PF media aimed at blocking opponents, by bribing media houses and journalists (check label of “HOB” on this pic of Tasila Lungu)
      By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba
      Full Audio recording notes informer asked, I donot share the voice recording with a single soul, but can write down. (And am keeping my word).
      Audio recording extract from
      voice to written words
      Sorry Musamba. You got me on my way to an important meeting. House of BLVXK basically is a conduit that was created by PF to run the 2016 elections. It was actually managed by Amos Chanda and it was conduit were money was landing to pay all the media houses.
      So, if you saw the way the elections were done. Oscar Chavula of HOT FM was always flying with the president and were always covering Edgar’s rallies…


  4. 2021 IS TOO FAR AWAY!
    Ba P.F Kawalala under Arsonist Brute President [email protected]!zar Zu1u are now working day & night to squeeze out & empty the last grains of wealth from the treasury, & in the process sell everything state owned to the Chinese, as they need all the cash they can get their dirty hands on to thrive in exile, as Zambia will be TOO HOT for them “like sitting on a stove” after 2021.

  5. In upnd dreamland, the job is done-they are even calling kainde Mr. President. When Sata embarked on his PF campaign to dislodge MMD, he use to focus on policy while armed with hard facts. Do you ever remember Sata insulting Levy or RB or cooking up fake stories?? Upnd are basing their strategy on unsubstantiated allegations like the 48 houses that where said to be Tasila Lungu’s. Show us that you are better, Anthony.

    • Sata never dealt with hard facts when discrediting MMD bane let us not rewrite history just because we are massive Lungu butt lickers.

    • @dudeid!iot: Sata focused on policy, eg he highlighted on several occasions how inadequate UTH was to the current population. That’s why when he got into power he set up district hospitals all over the place. Your upnd prefers slander and lies that end up being discovered. Like 48 houses, dictatorship, petishoni and now mukula. Where is the ICC summons he promised you Id!otic fanatics???…… Kwekwekwekwekwe

    • So the $42 million fire trucks you need evidence that they cost $42 million and were insured for $250,000? What kind of !mbecile are you? Two FIC reports and you still ask for evidence? What stup!dity is this?

  6. If you put a high enough price on your mother the PF will smuggle her out and sell her off. The perception and apparent reality is quite stark with this leadership it is not even funny any more.

  7. Not even Chitemene system that has played out for hundreds of years ever put the Northern caucases under such great pressure from desertification than this Mukula trees plunder! And it’s all onchestrated by a thieving Mwine Chipata Chagwa while the Bembas are busy smiling at “mbuya wandi alintemwa saana”. Lekeni utulo bane, by the time you wake up you will be the “Saharawi Denocratic Bembastan”.

  8. Clouded with corruption and yet not so easy to see it. Just sue if there is no evidence. Ati show evidence. When evidence is shown they say fake news.
    What a disaster!!!!

  9. Nay-Sayers, hell bent to obliterate all Zambian resources following their departed leader.
    Saying goes; “Its very easy to give examples, but, its very difficult to become an example” Late president Sata accused numerous people of corruption and never lived as an example whose legacy has continued to ravaging, raping with unashamed greed of grand corruption leaving majority Zambians wallowing in poverty. Sata’s PF legacy.

  10. Anthony Bwalya-UPND member, just to make it sound real by saying it is coming from Bemba .Who told you ZAFFICO issues export permits? This is all trash!!!!

  11. The only way out of this ‘siege’ madam is for your pf to come up with a comprehensive statement against this overburdening construct of allegations.
    Issuing uncoordinated rebuttles that are only an equal to chipantepante will not but only fuel the regeneration of more vindictives by your opponents. In the end people will have nothing other than to learn to start believing the ‘truth’ as it may

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