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Zambia Police warns UPND against using the “Police” tag on their party regalia

Headlines Zambia Police warns UPND against using the "Police" tag on their party...

Zambia Police has sternly warned the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to remove the ‘Police’ tag from their regalia as such maneuvers have the potential to cause anarchy.

This follows Pictures making rounds on social media of UPND cadres wearing reflectors and military attires labeled ‘UPND POLICE.’

Police spokesperson Ester Katongo has told media that if UPND wants to operate in such a manner then they should register as a security company.

“This type of attire shall not be allowed. We only know of one State Police. If the UPND wants to have this name in the security sphere, then they should register it as a security company.”

She added that such behavior only contributes to anarchy.

“Allowing such groupings calling themselves Police contributes to violence because the untrained characters putting on such regalia just like any military-related attire, become violent in their conduct and we would not want to create such an environment.” Mrs. Katongo stated.

She has since urged political parties to regulate the type of regalia they provide to their cadres.

“Political parties should, therefore, regulate the type of attire they wish to provide to their cadres. Such attire in the picture shall not be tolerated.” She said.


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    • The tribo UNION of UPND is a messed up tribo grouping. It is a law to itself. Party of fires and “NAMWALA never happened!”

    • Upndead thug sounds compatible.
      Upndead hooligan or upndead cadre.
      Bazambia lets be reasonable.
      Upndead police sure?

    • What about Mine Police? Zambia Railways Police? Should they also remove the word Police since it only belongs to the biased Zabwino Palibe? Ba Esther fimo kutontonkanya before you speak.

    • Idiocy Detector – as per your name, how can you compare security for State Institutions and hooligans bent on anarchy? Where did you learn how to write in some English from?

  1. We warned the public that testosterone levels were going to dangerously high leading to 2021, fake UPND police, fake mukula news, fake presidents awe mwandi. After Chintombwa’s exit the political landscape will somewhat change. But if boys like Garry nkombo take over the reigns of UPND this may even be worse.

    • UPND acting VICE PRESIDENT MUTINTA had gone on youtube and threw some tantrums about Zambia. I am not sure if the secretary CHARMAINE was with her.

  2. UPND is a failed project under Hichilema. He has even managed to export his violence to Mpulungu. When you see UPND just run for your life

  3. I think sometimes we need to analyse the situation before commenting. If the picture provided above is anything to go by, then to me this is just stage managed. This guy is alone, seems to be at some home…is this how real cadres appear? I’m not in support to the current crop of cadres from either camps, its a bunch of hooligans

  4. This is the party you want in power?? How different are they from the extremists and tribalists of interhamwe who perpetuated the Rwanda genocide?? PF in opposition never behaved like this. These are enforcers who would wreck havoc on anyone they perceive as a threat. Be very careful, people.


  6. Only in Africa will thieves be regrouping to LOOT again and youths whose future will be stolen will be celebrating it…..Zambia today

    Wole Soyinka

  7. Has Zambia police got the trademark on the word Police? So it should sue Police the band from UK and the sunglass manufacturer etc etc etc. Uneducated jack asses.

    • I don’t understand why their warnings, always not citing the law, where in the constitution of Zambia do we find that this word is only entitled to them? Lawyers help us.

  8. upnd is sturbon and ruthless from the time of inception we have seen a lot of violence and one may ask and wonder why.Very simple arithmetic here.

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