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Defend Christian legacy-Zambians implored

General News Defend Christian legacy-Zambians implored

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Hon. Mrs Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Hon. Mrs Godfridah Sumaili

Government has implored Zambians to defend the legacy of Late President, Frederick Chiluba’s declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili says Zambians must rise in numbers and defend their Christian nation heritage.

ZANIS reports that Reverend Sumaili said late President Fredrick Chiluba has a special place in Zambia’s history because he committed the country to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Reverend Sumaili added that Dr Chiluba laid a foundation for Zambia’s Christian based national values, adding that it is now incumbent upon the Zambian citizenry to uphold the values and live up to them.

She said as the country celebrates 28 years of Christianity, it is paramount that Zambians appreciate their Christian heritage and renew their faith in God as the country commemorates the Christian declaration later in in the month.

The Minister revealed that government is working round the clock to ensure that Dr Chiluba’s legacy is forestalled through projects such as the Frederick Chiluba University in Luapula Province, currently under construction.

Reverend Sumaili said Dr Chiluba’s vision has been actualized through various projects such as instituting the National Day of Prayer, creation of the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs and Construction of the National House of Prayer.

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  1. Praise the Lord! That is what the Lord wants us to do! To preach the gospel and not to sell our nation to Satan. My foot!

    • I clean my toilet everyday and I have money to sleep on and please let me know if you can pay me to come to your house and clean your toilet

    • Not this again.

      People are more interested in having jobs, feeding their families, having good schools and hospitals, zero corruption, and an end to load shedding.

      When the missionaries brought Christianity to Africa, they brought us Bibles. They went back to Europe with our natural resources like gold and ivory.

      So you see why I am suspicious of people that force feed religion on others.

      Zambia is a lot more corrupt since it was declared a Christian nation, a totally meaningless declaration in our case.

      And now look what has happened since Lungu introduced national day of prayers.

    • Is that Sumaili??
      But nabawama ba Reverend. Ba Edgar make a move, let her be your running-mate in 2021, you can win.
      Is she single, I could like to visit her …… I like women of substance, mature and wise!!

    • There are too many jokers masquarading as leaders in Zambia. Including the woman above in the article howling nonsense.
      I visited Kigali and the level of cleanliness, the order of things in general puts our so called christian nation to shame. And yet they have never dared to mention that holy name. While wolves in Zambia are busy bleating as if they are sheep.

    • Just stop stealing and your so called Ministry of religion should be disbanded….useless Minister…the worst cabinet in the history of Zambia….Sumaili,Lusambo,Kampyongo,Siliya.the entire government useless

  2. It is a wasted 28 year of deceiving and mocking GOD. Look around yourself madam when you are in cabinet meetings you will attest to me that 90% are criminals who are waiting for a jail term. I am not judging but let us worship God in truth and spirit.

    • That declaration is null and void.

      Just like Lungu declared himself a humble person. And he has proved he is anything but.

      I mean we are even fighting amongst ourselves on a religion that was forced upon us back in the day.

      Let us get our house in order and we will practice Christianity in peace, not on a hungry stomach, or from a hospital bed when we get clobbered by cadres.

  3. Forestalled ka? OK. So Chiluba’s legacy should be prevented in the future by building a University ku Luapula? When will this Ministry be SCRAPPED? Now they are not even saying things as they should be said because they are running out of ideas. Kwena eee. Maybe Lusambo must also pronounce himself like he has on us diasporans mwe…

  4. Yes indeed demons have been dispatched to Zambia to fight the Christian nation, unfortunately even some weak Christians have joined these demons to campaign against the declaration they are shouting at the top of their voices remove this government it doesn’t mean well.
    How have they joined these wickedness by complaining day and night accusing and slandering those in power, who doesn’t know that all human beings are sinners I can see the hand of Satan and his regions working hard to ensure that it works for him.
    To believers you know very well that complaining undermines God, and were ever believers or God’s people complained God’s hand came in to judge those people this can not be different with Zambia.

  5. Minister with nothing to do you have decided to open your mouth again to make a statement so that you can also feel relevant in the order of things.

  6. It was the most sichopeti declaration to have come from a must philanderer who bankrupt this nation through wanton plunder. What legacy is there to defend? Shame on you!

  7. The only thing Chiluba did that was sensible was to declare Zambia a Christian nation. Apart from that he was useless and a crook. Build industry and if you want name then after Solomon, Joseph or Enoch. Not Frederick Chiluba; that man destroyed Zambia. Blessings to all in Jesus’s name.

  8. Can you imagine on the day of judgment when his name is called then all condemned thugs will be like: chwechwechwe! biggy! bosano! kateka! commanda! abapondo! umuntu ni …….!

  9. With all due respect to Late Chiluba, as President he had no powers to declare Zambia a Christian Nation. Christianity is a  religion just like any other religions . Christians generally believe Jesus to be the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity. It is a monotheistic religion, meaning it has only one God.. It is the largest religion in the world and is based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph and Mary Magdalene. On what bases is Christianity connected to Northern Rhodesia now Zambia when it was only introduced to Northern Rhodesia. Christianity first arrived in North Africa, in the 1st or early 2nd century AD. The Christian communities in North Africa were among the earliest in the world. Legend has it that Christianity was brought from Jerusalem to…

    • Very true. It is sad that grown up people can not work it out for themselves.

      If the Muslims had reached our part of Africa first, we would all be saying Allah Akbar. That is a fact.

      If you open your eyes, you will appreciate other religions as well.

      When the missionaries forced Christianity on us, of course we resisted, but only for a while. Then we submitted.

      Today, homosexuality is being forced on us (at least that is what some people think), and we are resisting. But again, it will only be for a while. Kkkkkkk. OK let me not laugh, but it is true.

      The point is these things do not matter much. Food on the table does. Corruption does.

  10. Cont…
    Legend has it that Christianity was brought from Jerusalem to Alexandria on the Egyptian coast by Mark, one of the four evangelists, in 60 AD OLUPONA: Indigenous African religions refer to the indigenous or native religious beliefs of the African people before the Christian and Islamic colonization of Africa. Indigenous African religions are by nature plural, varied, and usually informed by one’s ethnic identity, where one’s family came from in Africa.
    In view of the above why should Northern Rhodesia/Zambia be declared a Christian Nation, when the religion is an imported one? It does not make sense at all. We need to go back to our roots and start praying in accordance to the way our ancestors used to pray

  11. Yaba!! Ba “Christian” aba, can’t even condemn bad deeds done by [email protected]!zar.
    (God)fridah you claim to be Christian & pro poor.
    – Is beating up Citizens, bruising their neck, & brandishing firearms in full view of school going toddlers thereby mentally scarring the kids Christian?
    – Is threatening “Poor peasants” & burning their property & dwellings (Huts) Christian?
    – Is mocking the less fortunate, calling them worthless “Toilet cleaners” & mocking hungry illiterate Citizens asking if they “eat cheese every day” Christian?
    – Is stealing, & being involved in shady Mukula deals, -(this is no fake news, as a while ago State House vehicles were imbroiled in a Mukula smuggling racket) Christian?

    • Cont;
      ARE SHORT IN MORALS FROM THE ABOVE QUESTIONS, THEN DO THE HONOURABLE THING, STEP DOWN, & ASK YOUR DRUNKEN MASTER TO ABOLISH THIS USELESS MINISTRY, as it’s Not benefitting the poor you profess to serve, but just there to fatten your big belly.
      THERE IS NORTHING CHRISTIAN ABOUT YOUR P.F (G0d)fridah, & you are just a belly serving Charlatan like most of the fake prophets infesting society today!

  12. Amen to that.

    A nation without Christ is a dark place with no hope beyond human effort.

    Although Zambia has been Christian longer than 28 years. Since the colonialist came, gave us Bibles and then colonised us for decades! But we appreciate Late President Chiluba putting a finer direction on it.

  13. Frederick Chiluba was a stinking thief whose mischievous declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation was wholly blasphemous to god. It was a gymick the damn Iturian pygmy adopted as a facade to expose the country to a satanic kelptocracy and rotten tribalism. So how this foolish woman can honestly claim this terrible act of treachery is part of our heritage vexes me deeply. One is given to wonder whether these PF *****s are on drugs or they simply just have a gift from god to be so gutless!

  14. It is just as foolish to declare Zambia to be a Christian nation as to swear that Hippos can fly. Soon any dealings with Zambia will be looked on as foolish meanderings of the brainless.

  15. Sorry to say this but my great great grandfather was not initiated to Christianity which was brought by the missionaries like David Livingstone with his Bible. According to the constitution, my great great grandfather by default being the son of the soil still enjoys ‘spiritually’ freedom of religion and he was not a Christian. Being his descendant ,will I be wrong to follow him in practicing his then religion before Christianity was imposed?

  16. Sumaili is smiling and mocking Zambians for their docility! Religion is an invisible chain that is very effective at chaining and imprisoning the mind! Trust me, if Islam was first to arrive in Zambia, Zambia would have been an Islamic state! Normal people don’t get excited about the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation! When the State starts pontificating and passing legislation to impose a religion on the masses, you should be worried! The Doctrine of Separation of State and Religion was born out of the Europe experience during the dark ages of persecutions! The Founders of the US were acting from an informed point of view how dangerous it is to mix state and religion! Knowledge and knowing is better than blind belief! A human being should be 80 – 90% Knowledge driven and 10-20%…

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