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HH Promises to end the Culture of Cadres

Headlines HH Promises to end the Culture of Cadres

UPND Cadres
UPND Cadres

United Party for National Development(UPND)  leader Hakainde Hichilema has said that he has a 3 phase plan to end the phenomenon of cadres in Zambia.

Posting on Social media, the UPND leader said that the cadre phenomenon is connected to high youth unemployment, the absence of sound leadership and lack of mentorship.

Mr. Hichilema concluded his post by telling people to mark his words saying the culture of cadres will be over when UPND comes to power.


Below is the full post


By Hakainde Hichilema

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, “HH, what will you do about cadres?”

My answer is straightforward. The cadre phenomenon is connected to high youth unemployment, the absence of sound leadership and lack of mentorship.

Phase 1

We will begin by ensuring that our youth are provided with assistance in their enrolment in skills and vocational training, in addition to our University financial aid scheme. As I have mentioned before, we have numerous investors who are keen to enter Zambia and develop industries alongside Zambians. This will be a driver for job creation where newly trained youth will be employed.

Phase 2

We will bring in the capital that will be channeled to youth-owned enterprises. These Youth-led enterprises will be given preferential procurement status to supply the government. We will guarantee them a market, even with large private sector companies, by offering incentives for them to source their supplies from these youth-led enterprises. This will enable youth-owned businesses to grow and employ fellow youth.

I have targeted manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism as key sectors that will drive our diversification program and employ millions of Zambian youth.

Phase 3

We will empower the police to be professional and independent and arrest anyone engaged in political violence or lawlessness in the name of being a party cadre. I will not tolerate it!

The youth will have access to jobs and business opportunities. Why would they desire to be cadres when there will be better alternatives? The cadre phenomenon will end when the UPND assumes office. Mark my words, Ifya bu cadre fika pwa.


  1. This is easier said than done but at least in the right direction. I would suggest that as at now, from the Kaunda time infact, the skills institutions were created in solwezi, Kasama, lusaka, Chipata and livingstone. Iam sure these can be enhanced.
    At the moment, these and higher institutions are channeling out over 200,000 graduates per year and the country therefore must create employment at higher levels. A good research must be done and I suggest please commission one using academic professional people so that you can fully understand the problem, then a proper solution/policy curved from it. Evidence based approach is what I suggest than general approach. Then quality systems would have to be the mark for the youths to be able to compete with already established businesses…

    • The fact that he is thinking about it makes all the difference. I think Zambia needs to try HH & UPND, this is the only hope for now. After all what have we to lose?

    • Easier said than done Mr ‘Positani ‘ your cadres are also itching to do what pf cadres are doing if not worse just to enrich themselves. Since you politicians easily forget about your cardres the moment you ascend to power, so they find ways of paying themselves back.

    • Thank you for outlining this for our next generation of party supporters which will be in line with most civilised nations. Here in Britain or rather United Kingdom, we are going through a mammoth election of choosing the country’s next Prime Minister but in a, the place country of nearly 70 million people is as peaceful as peace can be. Why? We are civilised and don’t spawn off politics to put food on our tables. We are just exercising our rights to freedom of speech and the right to vote for our chosen party without fear or intimidation. Choosing a leader of the country is no small business. Why should it be marred with violence and even death? It won’t happen here because we are amongst the very best of human civilisation though we have had our own faults in the past but that is a…

    • I am very much PF and in deep green PF but I cant continue supporting PF when all economic indicators point to the contrary. There is nothing like easier said than done when Mwanawasa proved that it is do able. The economy picked up. But why would one want to demonise HH even before he starts. We cant continue on this trajectory, we are doomed.


    • There is difference between cadres and militarization culture. But some cultures such as ZNS are good.
      I have worked with an older lady for past 3 years, she just told me about her country Costa Rica. Coast Rica has no military, no soldiers. There are more countries like that.
      So for HH to stop militalization of cadres, that’s attainable.
      HH, consider forming UPND Soccer Team too.

    • 1.5 flag Bernard

      Well said ,

      If PLM did it, it can be done.

      But the PF don’t think it can be done because they rely on caders to stay in power, they are too lazy and clueless to provide jobs , it is easier to turn the unemployed into caders

    • Between Lungu and HH, we all know who can do a better job.

      HH already employs thousands of Zambians in his businesses.

      Lungu steals from millions of Zambians, and has not created employment for Zambians.

      The choice between these two men is a no brainer.

    • Alasabaila uyu u5. Simply dead.
      A upndead cadre = upndead police = upndead hooligan = upndeadead thug= upndead = Mapatizya Formula = violence = youth abuse = death.
      Look at the hooligan dobo boys in the featured pic – the gang that chased GVBM out’a upndead.

    • “HH promises to end culture of Cadres in NAMWALA!” Little boy, you think you can end it in the cage in Livingstone MUSEUM?

    • Cadres are unskilled youths selling only their energy at a low price determined by their party. When their party wins all they do is stand at bus stops and markets causing unnecessary chaos Their job is to scare the opposition. Lucky ones like Lusambo will very very rarely find themselves in parliament

  2. Hichilema has no authority to talk about this he’s a major sponsor of violence. Reverend Sikwela resigned his Livingstone seat and from UPND because of HH’s savagery, Lungwangwa is seeing the same. UPND is the most violent Party all because of Hichilema. So what is he talking about?

  3. “Within 90 days”! Ok hh put your money where your mouth is eradicate cadres in your party right now then we can pick it up from there

    • Why, so that the pf cardres can have a field day slaughtering UPND members?
      As long as PF is in power, the UPND should keep its cardres. Otherwise, they will fail to campaign anywhere.
      Don’t forget, even the police are pf cardres in uniform.

    • @Saul .That is my words too . Let this lier ban all his cardres in his Part not waiting for him to be in state house. and I wonder why people are blinded by this Lier , Criminal . There is no way some one can tel you that I will end Cardrerism when he wins election and yet in his house (UPND) there are cadres infact not carders but criminals

    • 4:1 Lezfee WALASA MUNE!!
      These P.F Unrepentant Violent Brutes, would be rubbing their dirty blood stained hands & would think Christmas has come early & as they embark on a field day massacring UPND & other Opposition members, should U.P.N.D disband their Cadre wing before Chakolwa is deposed. It would make the K!lling fields of Cambodia look like a Sunday Children’s picnic.
      SO PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR MUSCLE, & OF COURSE DISBAND, ONLY AFTER PRESIDENT [email protected]!zar, & his lieutenant [email protected] Chak0kz are safely tucked away in Himb0kaila or Muk0beko Prisons!

  4. Identifying that this is a problem & having a plan around it is better than no plan at all. For PF, cadres are the bedrock of their autocratic rule. They will never see cadres as a problem & will never be in a hurry to get rid of this terrible cadre culture.

  5. Where Cadres are concerned, UPND today looks like a mirror image of PF!
    Perhaps you can start by demonstrating that now so that we are convinced about your intentions and plans!
    If someone can put an end to party ligalia and cadre politics, that will be the person who will help to reunite Zambians again!

  6. Not possible that is cheap politics ba HH because you cant run a party without cadres,who then is going to help you in campaigns,are they not cadres to do the campaigns?Dont lie mudala iwee as if you telling kids.Your 3 plan strategy is the worst of all because it as been tried before by govt in govt out.Some youths were even taken to kambilombilo,they came back,what are you saying those are cheap politics.God help us to have a leader who can think and put the country at heart.

    • Don’t judge others based on your failures, just because your grand father, your father and your entire clan no one reach up to tertiary education, it doesn’t mean you also won’t make it.

  7. Empower institutions and local authority. Now we have an entire Inspector General of Police pronouncing himself on matters of a municipal security nature. It is not right. After that, we can then spend time enlisting the brain power of our youth; after all, every youth is at his or her most creative and potent at that stage. Let’s see how this unfolds… the current kakistokracy has failed totally to recognize this; they think it is all about CASH. Ifyabupuba fye.

  8. Iyee ubufi ba hh,easier said than done.You mean all past and present govt niba ngwele only you has a plan for the youths!

  9. My whlte wlfe and I are voting in the United kingdom general election. It feels good to vote in credible elections where you know your vote counts. After that I am taking her for pregnancy test as we have had a pregnancy scare. Wish us luck

  10. All Zambians who have eyes are with you HH. Even the few remnants who are still with the lawless, incompetent and the K20 to a dollar soon team will finally defect.

    • HH thinks Zambians are his children who he can tell lies and believe-!!!Politics of lies are long gone.Just look at those vultures in a picture above-those are deadly UPND cadres led by Trevor Mwiinga,Liswaniso,Mwaliteta,etc.In fact PF is even less violent than UPND.Elections in PF strongholds are mostly peace.As for youth training,PF has build training facilities across Zambia.HH must come up with his own ideas than what the current Govnt is implementing!!THEY SAY “IT IS EASY SAID THAN DONE”.Thus,HH can only deceive his blind followers and not us majority voters in 6.5 provinces!!I just saw Liswaniso passing Post office in Cairo road walking towards Levy.Meaning,the youth chairman do not even have a car-SO UPND IS HIS ONLY HOPE TO ESCATE POVERTY!!

  11. What HH is saying is not impossible and is very much do able. The plan is sound and bankable. But of course, failures think HH is talking from the blues, the fact that you have lamentably failed does not mean every body is going to fail the way you have.

  12. Please!!! This guy thinks he so clever and everyone is dull. That’s why he fails to win elections. After painting the GRZ black, now he pops up like he’s the messiah we were waiting for?? Oval headed twit!!

    • This guy called Zambian citizen is dead and burried. That’s what dalllness can do, does this bloke know that your exchange rate tells it all. We cant continue with this alarming level of dalllness

    • HH just has to come in. If we continue like this, trust me mealie meal will be K500, the exchange rate will be K100 to a dollar, unemployment which is ravaging our society will trigger serious SA level crime rate, retirees who are already destitute in their own country will perish. Some body has to arrest this situation and though I voted for PF in the last election, I am sharp enough to see

    • My point is hh is not the solution to our problem. We need better calibre politicians if we are to develop further. Hh has nothing new to bring to the table except hate. Do you think those Americans who pledged $25bn will give it to us condition free?? Remember 1991 and KK?? We ended up selling everything and today foreigners take all the money to their countries. Where is he going to take all these cadres?? Is he just going to command them to go home??

    • Ba zambian citizen why are you worried about losing bu cadresian, are you america 1 or america 2? leave those bus stations and markets for the council to raise their revenue in peace.

  13. We still have laggards who cant see that the country is on the ground. A country struggling to pay a paltry 44 million dollars to import power surely. What is 44 million dollars to any reasonable country surely. Individuals in most of the countries have such money in their bank account but a country is struggling. WAKE UP

    • It is because the money has been spent on the purchase of useless and very expensive Planes, Fire Fighting Trucks, Unnecessary Trips by Lungu and his friends. You misplace priorities baba this is the price you pay

  14. Retirees are not paid and you go and buy a plane for 65 million dollars, money which can pay a good number of retirees. 65 million dollars is a lot lot of money. Your poor judgement and incompetence will catch up with you because time is fast approaching. Nobody hates you but you have just proved to be a very poor performer.

    • It is because he does not care about the common Zambians, He only cares about his baboon friends and bootlickers. Just don’t know which part of his body these bootlickers are licking now
      The man is a shame a fact he knows himself. He has failed big time, no 2 ways about this? Even a Dog would able to tell that he has failed. Ne mbwa yamulu bansa naimona ati guy nafilwa uku teka. The man does not listen to advice, just like KK did not listen to advice and ended up almost a destitute
      Either PF find some else creditable to lead the Party. If they don’t they will sink like a titanic, because there is no sane Zambian with 5 common senses that would vote for a man that is destroying the Country

  15. HH should not even think of dismantling cadres now. Much as they are a menace, they equally are a necessary evil with this evil regime.
    He won’t be able to campaign anywhere if he goes without those cardres.
    We must remember that even the police are basically an extension of pf cardres in uniform.

  16. I agree with you OJs, if we have tried criminals in Power why can’t we try other sober people to run the economy and the affairs of the country? Zambians are so mediocre like monkeys who will choose bananas over money because they don’t know that money can buy more bananas. HH has proof of his capabilities through his wealth and many responsibilities he has assumed over the years in different capacities. But somehow they believed Mr Lungu was a better candidate even when he told them he had no vision. Yoh awe sure

  17. Let this lier HH ban all his cardres in his Part not waiting for him to be in state house. and I wonder why people are blinded by this Lier , Criminal . There is no way some one can tel you that I will end Cardrerism when he wins election and yet in his house (UPND) there are cadres infact not carders but criminals. CHEAP POLITICS amano yamupwa.
    @LOLWE having wealth is not a guaranty that some one can run the affairs of the Country that is where you are going wrong.

    • There is no hope in that man HH. He will turn round after being elected . I dont even seen where that hope is coming from because this man is a lier looking at his deeds.

    • Talking about his deeds, whats wrong with him feeding the nation, what wrong with him putting beef on your table ? him we can sonta at what he has done even before he becomes president.

  18. Seems HH thinks like me. Thats the same way i view how things should be. People like saying you need cardres, do they need violent cardres in the U.K , in Australia or the United States. When youth are employed they cant leabe their jobs to say let me go the streets and do this for that party and get money.Because they have a good paying job

  19. I have looked at comments above and can’t believe how people think HH will change anything.Firstly why is HH not using his money to help the youth unemployment other than waiting for Dangote to come all the way from Nigeria to set up companies in Zambia.Why is he insisting of foreign investment other than our own capable people who can be supported and take control of our natural resources.These big nations he referring to have there own issues they are failing to address e.g Britain is struggling with Brexit and USA they are dealing with impeachment case so please bwana HH don’t brainwash Zambians that you have solutions

  20. Lets create jobs and not cadres. People become cadres because they are hungry and want to eat with them in power kwasila. Thats why cadreship has become business under PF government now. They have created hunger to force people into cadres.
    Well articulated Boss.
    Disaster to PF!

  21. Why not do it now sir? why wait until you are in government? one should never make promises based on what is not certain. The caders you use now will need some kickbacks for their efforts later on.

  22. Please 2021 come quickly. Me and my family won’t be influenced by anyone .all we want is to VOTE and not only to vote but to VOTE for HH

  23. Why wait for 2021? Meaning the same zambians you want to lead both PF and UPND will have to face cadres for another 21 months and this is assuming you win the the 2021 elections. Get rid of them NOW and show us that you’re not making promises just to sing to the gallery.

  24. May the Almighty God keep you safe HH to liberate our beloved mother Zambia. Nothing’s impossible under the Sun,son of the soil

  25. Hh what you are saying is nothing but hot air. Your chief cadre William Banda used to run intercity when he was in mmd and had an office there. Your cadres can’t wait to run the bus stops and markets. You politicians and your cadres are just the same. Hh slow down, you have made so many promises.

  26. For now HH shows credibility and I sincerely ask Zambian to look beyond the norms and vote for HH.
    I am tired of voting for people who have never worked out their position. HH has tirelessly worked for this position.
    HH let me just encourage you to look at issues of homo/lesbians and compromise not to such evil vices. Remember every time God destroyed the world was due to such inequities. Your success to presidency depends on you honouring God by rejecting homosexuality and maintaining Zambia as a Godly country.
    I pray that God grant you wisdom as you get closer to enter state house.

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