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Namvula releases “Njishe” video

Headlines Namvula releases "Njishe" video


Namvula released the video for her single “Njishe“.

She had this to say on social media:  “I’m excited to be sharing this heart-work with y’all soon, about a rain-soaked night in my grandma’s village, about our elders and the rivers of knowledge they hold within their beings, about being a girl who grew up everywhere but home – such a sexy title : “globetrotter”, but what bridges does that leave unbuilt? What gaps did that leave in my being, in my feeling of rootedness, in what I know? Njishe, teach us, teach me…”

Directed by: Jerome Arab

Co-produced by: Jerome Arab, Namvula Rennie, Biggie

Shot by: Kazadi Films

Edited by: Ropo Films

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  1. This is a beautiful song in terms of her voice, melody and instruments. However, when she breaks into bemba, one can hardly hear what she is saying and becomes clear she is not a native speaker of bemba. That said, very beautiful

    • But so what? Aren’t you just nitpicking? Is Bemba restricted to native Bemba speakers? Nor is any language exclusive to native speakers? Africans do sing in English and they are not native speakers. ABBA the famous Swedish group sang in English and it was n’t their native language. Let’s be a little liberal with life

  2. Nice, soothing tune. Reminds me of German-born Deena with her Luganda song “Mulete”. Music has no language barriers.

  3. Great music.. But for my generation I Miss Anna Mwale and the rest..

    who can remember “executey me.. Anna Mwale.. ”

    those were the days..Airpower Band, PK Chishala, Amayenge, Akim Simukonda, Smokey Mulemena, Paul Ngozi, Larry Maluma etc etc etc

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