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600 students Owing Tuition Fees to be allowed to Seat for their exams at Mulungushi University

Headlines 600 students Owing Tuition Fees to be allowed to Seat for their...

Mulungushi University
Mulungushi University

About 636  students at Mulungushi University in Kabwe, who were barred from writing their end of semester examinations due non payment of tuition fees have been allowed to write their examinations.

Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba says Mulungushi University management has engaged the students and agreed on the payment plan.

Dr. Mushimba says the move taken by management is to ensure that the affected students do not lose their entire academic year.

The Minister further explained that President Edgar Lungu has in the last few years included students from Mulungushi University on the government bursary .

He said currently there are about 3 hundred and 50 students on bursaries at Mulungushi university, the first ever in the history of the institution.

He was reacting to UPND Katombora Member of Parliament Derrick Luvune, who wanted to know whether Government is aware that some students at Mulungushi University have been barred from writing their end of semester examinations due to non payment of fees.

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  1. to every problem, there is solution. that is a best thing to do. Money is very hard to find these days and it could have been unfair on the students and especially their parents and guardians who are doing everything possible to make sure their children attain education.

  2. Its sad that this decision is only coming after the damage has already been done. Exams started on Monday and so far, a number of papers have been written already of which those 600 students have missed, then you allow them to write now when exams are almost over. doesn’t make sense to me. whats more painful is that those students will have to come and write the papers they have missed next year December, 2020

    • Comment:That’s a lie, no one has been allowed to write exams, the payment plan conditions are very had in that you need to clear all the outstanding balance by next week Monday. who gets paid on the 6th?

  3. Mushimba, be reminded that Lungu does no one a favor. Bursary use to be tax payer’s money.Now that ex student will have to pay back…it paramount that you increase the number of beneficiaries. At the same time, we need private institutions to initiate similar facilities, especially that,boma is broke. Zambians..stop dancing to Mushimbaz tune.

  4. Let them sit for their exams. No student should be barred from writing their exams. After all PFools have stolen enough to even pay for all students who owe universities money. Beside why not pu all students on 100% bursary with no discrimination. There is enough money for that waiting to be stolen by Pfools. Lets be serious with education bane. Thats peoples future also!!!

  5. Poverty has led to many students selling their bodies just to afford education. That is the legacy of pf. Here in England the racist conservatives under boris have won due to illiterates falling for populist chants. Very similar to pf winning in 2011with anti Chinese rants only to sell mukula trees to them.

  6. Self inflicted problems when someone offered you free education you scorned and laughed at him then voted for some clueless goon and for the first time in the history of country students are now forced to pay for education that was free. The country would rather waste money on cheap infrastructure from China most of which doesn’t last than education so we can have ministers that don’t insult their citizens

  7. Comment:No one has been allowed to write am a student from there and I have not been allowed to write. So let’s not cheat that people have been allowed to write.

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