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HH appeals to cooperating partners for $ 86.3 million required to feed 2.3 million hungry Zambians


Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has appealed to more cooperating partners to come through to address the US$86.3 million gap in the money required to feed the over 2.3 million hungry Zambians.

Mr Hichilema says the places he has visited are critically in need of food.

He said if not the full budget, Cooperating partners should at least prioritize the US$52.3 million required for food security.

Mr Hichilema said the Zambian Government is grappling with a huge debt repayment burden, which makes it difficult to respond to this situation.

He also urged Zambians to come through and assist the people who are under threat due to starvation saying any little contribution will go a long way.

“According to the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for Zambia 2019 – 2020, about 2.3 million Zambians will need food until the next harvest. Out of this number over 450,000 need food immediately”, he said.

He explained that the total amount required is US$89.5 million (K1.3 billion) and According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Financial Tracking Service, Zambia has pledged for humanitarian assistance of US$9.6 million, out of which US$6.4 million is for the refugee program living the HRP with US$3.2 million (3.5%) of total requirements.

Mr. Hichilema emphasized that 2.3 million people in this food crisis will need your assistance.


    • It makes it hard for other countries to help us when our government insists on buying luxury jets, and Mr. Lungu keeps making these unnecessary foreign trips.

    • HH Mwana – Let these people starve. They are getting what they asked for. My advice to you is to open a bank and be selective in whom you want your bank to lend to. You already know who are marginalised but hardworking and trustworthy people. The Jews took that step too and they have empowered themselves worldwide. From being marginalised, tormented and looked down upon, the Jews are now the rulers or influencers of the rulers of the world. They can influence change of government anywhere they choose to and they don’t mind being looked down upon because in reality they rule the world with their bucks. Simples.

    • This little boy and leader of a MAPATIZYA FORMULA TRIBO H-ORGANISATION is a joke! He thinks he is a president! Hafuna Hagurize HAGAIN Ziko. He wants to sell Zambia for a song or tiki like he did to our wealth. The buyers are not stoolpid they know who can sell them and that is why they promote little selfish sellers. This guy is a danger to Zambia. Andrew Mazoka.

    • HH will stop cadres when he becomes CHIEF MUKUNI of NAMWALA. He will stop MAPATIZYA formula by the act of NAMWALA Parliament of Three Mansions.

    • I try very hard to accommodate a thought of h² as president. The results of my efforts in trying always gives me a negative feeling about him and all the presidency thing. He is not appealing nor charismatic and definitely not an individual befeating being a president. Wrong footing. Whats with him and the international community?
      Okay but I try mwe. The answer is still no.
      They say ECL is a beg beg president; this nincompoop is a worse begger. I fear Zambia would be all about begging and in more debt. He would sell us this sell out. Tell people to go farming h².

  1. Mmmmmm Kamudala iwee you a liar, ok why cant you use your money to feed those “hungry” people whom you claim to be in need.And who are you to make that statement bola panshi ba mwisho.Bamuze bola panshi because you are going to be dispointed in 2021.

    • That’s his money like you have rightly put it so, it’s for him and his family and whosoever he feels pleased to assist. Zambia as a country generates its money and that’s the money that that is being looted with impunity by the people you voted for.

    • Do you think they support visionary people like Katumbi who could have developed his country? Katumbi could not sell his country for susu like this desperate PRIVATISATION THIEF. Animo Farm is blinded thinking they are interested in Zambia! “Democracy” is a fallacy my little UNDER FIVE! Why do you think they were quiet to let Katumbi in and contest? UPND is a tribo H-organisation that wants to sell ziko. Please Zambia, let’s put this guy in a MUSEUM in 2021.

    • He is a political opposition Oblivious fossil.
      A begging charlatan.
      He donated our mines at a silver plata.
      Okay ine chinibaba pama mines yatu mwe!
      How can the entire country run without assets?
      I can’t imagine UAE or Saudi Arabia selling their oil fields. H² is dull imwe pilizi.

    • Mwina mwache bazungu bakuti, “Looking smart but incredibly stup1d” or “sounding smart but incredibly an 1d10t”.
      Kulibonesha aisha.

  2. We have the government in place which is doing everything possible to cushion on starving people, who is HH and in what capacity is he involving himself in governance issues. HH wait for your time 2021 is very near, if God said one day you will lead Zambia, definitely you will and if he said you will never rule Zambia and that will happen. Even if you force matters God’s time is the best. When you win(if it so happen) we shall congratulate you and we shall give you due respect as a republican president.

  3. Even an Ordinary person can appeal to well wishers to help out ,this is not the responsibility of the Government alone but for all of us .By the way the figures he is using are from the UN and those are numbers collaborated by the government so before commenting get your facts right .Any one can appeal for aid ,its not only the government .NGO,political parties and private citizens can appeal for aid .The government have themselves said they cannot manage to provide for all these people so please let him appeal .Let CSOs also join in appealing to their donors .

  4. This useless dull incomptent Under 5 is still politicking. 4 years he’s been politicking. 19 months to the general election and he still doesn’t know how to win elections. Cheap propaganda from this quack and his gay partners

    • He is an expired political opposition fossil.
      Like a broken record or scrached blue ray DVD his sounds are irritating to the ear.
      Same old tactic, message and propaganda. This fellow is expired indeed.
      Zambia needs a refresh on the opposition end.

  5. Any parent or leader who can not train or teach children how to fish but give them handouts is actually condemning them to perpetual sufferings. HH sir, why can’t you help people of the affected areas learn to keep their farm produce atleast for two to three seasons for feeding. As much as we blaming government isn’t it strange that only one season of poor rainfall people don’t food. What happened to the harvests of the good seasons. The villagers of nowadays are surprising. Its like a company which fails to pay salaries for a month and all its workers are kicked out houses for failing to pay rent, children are chased out of schools, no food in to eat etc. Would you blame government for that. HH please explain your economic and social road up of how you can take this country to a…

  6. You busy blaming HH, commenting no sense and your Mothers at Village don’t have food coz you r girlfriends are busy sucking you. How much do give your Mothers compared to that thing called girlfriend. Think before you answer me. Let HH and well wishers feed your Mother, uncles and others

  7. Please explain your roadmap to Zambians how you will move this country to higher levels than we are seeing. We all agree corruption is bad and needs serious attention but how will UPND transform this country economically and socially. This is the message I have never heard from UPND. All I hear is thieves, lack of leadership, overspending and the like. How will UPND get enough money from the mines? How will UPND generate money to employ more teachers and medical personnel? How will UPND clean the cities across the the country? How will UPND end laodshedding in this climate challenges because PF leaving government will not translate into kariba dam being full of water? In short where is a simple manifesto with clarity from UPND which we as voters can understand?

    • @AK go to the Facebook page of HH and watch the Radio Phoenix interview done this week. Must of the issues you have raised are articulated there.

  8. HH don’t contradict your self,you putting yourself in a predicament.You asking for money?from were? and what is that money for,a grant,aid or what?Who can give you money for free.Don’t liar,come out open and say the truth don’t be naïve.Last time you were saying if upnd come into power there will be no borrowing but what are you saying.Liar liar liar.Be honest and be mindful of what you say.

  9. Why should foreign donors pump tax payers money into a bottomless pit? Hold your leaders accountable, confiscate ill-gotten wealth and properties from public office bearers, trace embezzled funds stashed away in foreign Countries and within. Masses are crying for help whilst a few dubious characters busk in wicked wealth enough to feed the two million people with ample reserves remaining. Put your house in order first before you can stretch out a begging bowl for more assistance. There is no guarantee that aid funds will reach the intended communities, most of it will end up with these hungry Lions who have developed a massive appetite for lavish living, buy properties in SA, Saudi Arabia etc.

  10. Tell them to fund your campaign but remember that they need their money after you lose 2021 election because you will looooooooooooooose and this will be very painful because upnd will also dump you and you will history.

  11. Only those that opposed National Prayers and stand opposed to Gods Word in Romans 13 are starving and their animals are dying. Repent, what’s happening to them has been historically recorded in the Bible as hardships that befall those that refuse to honor God. Drought, hunger, death of animals and begging. It’s not politics, God will never allow satanists whether called Masons or witchcraft to rule over his people.

  12. Ah our begging hh aka Adolf you are at it again…”we shall end load shedding using our friends”, “We have a ten point plan to revive agriculture”, “We will ban cadres and implement a three point plan”, “we shall develop a philosophy of inheritance through our colleagues from abroad”, “We shall beg for donna money to feed the hungry”…we shall we shall cry if we lose once again given when we inherited our under five party Jobs was alive as was LPM,MCS,FTJ…our children where in nursery and have now graduated…but our medicine is the best for this nation….

  13. Well done HH, you are the defacto President of Zambia, while ECL is drinking Jameson in Statehouse, you are busy trying to find solutions for your people.

  14. “Patriotic Zambian “,
    if at all you are indeed patriotic, arrange for this boy to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act for assessment and treatment. Delusions of grandeur are core symptoms of psychotic pathology. The boy is a danger to himself and to the nation.Please act before he declares civil war or war with another country next. His political sponsors can only go as far as funding his UPND, but of course at a cost.

    You people who never lived in Northern Rhodesia when we were treated like animals cannot see how lucky you are. Yes, there’s corruption(which has infected all Zambians including the boy if given half a chance),but this should not lead to the sale of your independence to people with money, the so called partners.Your boy would never dream of neo-colonialism as a…

  15. …as a solution to the prevailing national problems if he were sane. Please urgently and save Zambia from this boy,if indeed you are truly a patriot.

  16. Elections are drawing near . We have heard insults enough. Can those who think they can do better than the current government begin outlining how they will address the current economic and social challenges. For instance what has UPND put in place to arrest the escalating exchange rates? Has anyone seen their forex plans?

  17. Comment:hh is a good leader,but the only problem is staying truthful,and being a christian,if he has read the bible he was going to support ECL on homosexuality not the american ambassador. Mr hh its better u go to heaven with no donors or friends than going or escorting them to yo eyes.u pretend to be the richest in Zambia when u are not,u are just as good as peasant farmer in shang’ombo the truth is that u can’t call any shots on the so called yo money.Boss just repent n come back to Jesus I feel for u.

  18. It’s a shame that the morbid of nothingness has struk Zambia…

    When the Head is rotten how can the tail make a move…

    This evil and adulterous generation who pass exams with lekage and glory in weakness how can you distinguish between truth and error.

    You who call Light darkness and darkness you call Light.
    “Midnight ati good morning”.
    Because of these It’s a shame that the morbid of nothingness has struk Zambia…

    When the Head is rotten how can the tail move…
    This evil and adulterous generation who pass exams with lekage and glory in weakness how can you distinguish between truth and error.

    You who call Light darkness and darkness you call Light.

    “Midnight ati good morning”.

    Because of these abominations God has sent a strong delusion we believe…

  19. It’s a shame that the morbid of nothingness has struk Zambia…

    When the Head is rotten how can the tail make a move…

    This evil and adulterous generation who pass exams with lekage and glory in weakness how can you distinguish between truth and error.

    You who call Light darkness and darkness you call Light.

    “Midnight ati good morning”.

    When the Head is rotten how can the tail move…
    This evil and adulterous generation who pass exams with lekage and glory in weakness how can you distinguish between truth and error.

    Because of these abominations God has sent a strong delusion so that we believe liars like the fallen angels from heaven “(we are doomed if don’t repent and change our evil ways)”, so that we suffer to a point where we shall begin to eat our own…

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