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Zambia needs US$86.3 million to feed the 2.3 million people facing starvation

Economy Zambia needs US$86.3 million to feed the 2.3 million people facing starvation

A woman (c) of Imuba Village gathers her relief support from DMMU as a victim of a firestorm which burnt the entire village to ashes in Lower Katongo area in Mongu.
A woman (c) of Imuba Village gathers her relief support from DMMU as a victim of a firestorm which burnt the entire village to ashes in Lower Katongo area in Mongu.

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has appealed to more cooperating partners to come through to address the US$86.3 million gap in the money required to feed the over 2.3 million hungry Zambians.

Mr Hichilema says the places he has visited are critically in need of food.
He said if not the full budget, Cooperating partners should at least prioritise the US$52.3 million required for food security.
Mr Hichilema said the Zambian Government is grappling with a huge debt repayment burden, which makes it difficult to respond to this situation.
He also urged Zambians to come through and assist the people who are under threat due to starvation saying any little contribution will go a long way.
“According to the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for Zambia 2019 – 2020, about 2.3 million Zambians will need food until the next harvest. Out of this number over 450,000 need food immediately”, he said.
He explained that the total amount required is US$89.5 million (K1.3 billion) and According the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Financial Tracking Service, Zambia has pledges for humanitarian assistance of US$9.6 million, out of which US$6.4 million is for the refugee programme living the HRP with US$3.2 million (3.5%) of total requirements.
Mr Hichilema emphasised that the 2.3 million people in this food crisis will need your assistance.
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    • Begging mentality and thats exactly what we dont want…..and thats what brought us to where we are now as a country….if PF bandits cuts on Lungus expensive globetrotting and Airport parades by his cabinet Ministers then we will have enough money to feed all Zambians….So HH stop asking money from donner countries otherwise you will just be another Lungu or even worse

    • Had a disaster been declared, help would hv come by now. This help could hv been in form of food donations and perhaps inputs to help villagers recover.

    • Spaka
      ..do u travel around zambia.
      If u can buy a bag of mealie meal in tow at k180 do u expect a person in the village where there was drought to have mealie meal.

      Stop playing politics.

      Drought is not a government fault….let us not start fighting it as a government caused problem.

      Grow up and let us all unite across creed and build One Zambia.

      Please grow up and stop it

    However this time they are turning on the people who campaigned tirelessly, & put them in power, so as far as I’m concerned it’s P.F internal business.
    Meanwhile Ba J0na is ndwii, & it’s business as usual, while Hunger reigns supreme!

  2. Under what capacity HH. You want to steal again. Why are you desperate for state house bwana oval head. God’s time is the best. Wait for your time. Awe sure hh is desperate

  3. Uyu mumbwe is tempting GRZ again. FAO said there is no need for panic. Relief food in affected places is be distributed. What is this oval headed twit up to?? Izamugwila tilizoni anso ka???

  4. HH your people in Southern Province are starving, to you are busy donating food to the people who are not starving. Last you you donated in Lusaka and then Copperbelt. Is it campaigning or it’s was a genuine donation?
    If it was a genuine donations then you were supposed to donate where there’s hunger like Southern Province. Since you know that even if you dont campaign in Southern Province you will still get more than 90% votes hence start donating where you struggle to get the votes. Your thinking is questionable. Please be a genuine person and donate to the starving people.

  5. Here in England the racist conservatives under boris have won due to illiterates falling for populist chants. Very similar to pf winning in 2011with anti Chinese rants only to sell mukula trees to them.

  6. China has recorded that in the year 2019 they have received 180 million usd worth of mukula. Zambia says we exported zero. Please china have a heart feed our hungry

  7. The way forward here is to sale the presidential jet while looking for other alternatives. This govt is very wasteful, we have those mukula trees they are transporting to china so they should have money to feed the needy instead of building themselves mansions in the names of their relatives. If this govt had priorities straight, we would not be in such a situation as a country regardless of drought. Foresight is not there no wonder people are just eating cheese in traffic jams!

  8. These are figures that PF won’t give you, they would rather downplay the seriousness of the hunger situation for political reasons. And to PF idio1ts out there, these figures are not coming from HH….

  9. Look at the picture itself,those are healthy people and no one can say they are in a hunger situation do not politicize imweeeeee……………………………

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