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Abuse of firearms, drinking whilst on duty, mounting illegal roadblocks by Police Officers saddens Kanganja

Headlines Abuse of firearms, drinking whilst on duty, mounting illegal roadblocks by Police...

INSPECTOR General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
INSPECTOR General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja is concerned that some police officers have lost direction and are doing things contrary to the law.

Mr. Kanganja says this is evident from abuse of firearms, drinking whilst on duty, mounting roadblocks in undesignated places and shoddy works by officers among others.

The Police Chief has thus called on police officers to observe their processional code of ethics.

Officiating at the 2019 Lusaka Police Division Annual Ball last night, Mr. Kanganja said the event is a good platform for officers to take stock of various successes and challenges recorded in the past year.

He said the annual ball’s theme of ensuring peace, law and order prevails is timely because Criminals are positioning themselves ahead of the festive period.

Mr. Kanganja assured officers that government is devoted to improving their welfare through continued construction of housing units.

He further said police officers should brace themselves for a tougher 2020 as the country prepares for the 2021 general elections.

And Lusaka Province Police Commanding Officer Nelson Phiri said social gatherings like the annual ball are important as they help the officers to reconcile and start on a fresh note.

Organizing Committee Chairperson Paul Sapaulu said the committee did everything in its powers to ensure the annual ball is a success.

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  1. Deal with evil road freaks.
    The masquerades set up road blocks haphazardly and unorderly. So this festival season they are generating funds for their school going children and the season’s celebrations in the name of increasing police presence on the roads to curb accidents.

    • They are not generating income, they are milking an already dead cow like the general public. Citizens are so scared to drive on the roads to make ends meet because road blocks are all over the place. They trouble people with silly fines and get the little from the already suffering citizens. Drive through industrial area and you will come across 3 to 4 road blocks in a space of few kilometers. Please control this vice immediately. People are tired and frustrated with lots of problems created and this is one of them.

  2. This is what happens when the President is weak and inept, it is passed down the chain, officers are officers of law if they are not observing professional code of ethics, its not even debatable its straight out of the door but this is a corrupt morally bankrupt government.


  4. Kanganja chipuba sana bane. His brother was was non partisan that why Dr Joshua Kanganja served three [4] diferrent heads of state… FTJ, Levy, RB & MCL. Ichi chipuba twakwata ala even in Mwinilunga where he hails from balapapa ubupuba waba IG bapuba bamudala. he has never driven or owned a mercedes benz so mafya yalifulisha. By the way nale tonta niece ba IG elo nalimulya.

    • Kanganja is there talking about drunkardness at an Annual Ball whilst drinking whiskey at the high table as if the rank and file constables are invited to such places. Incompetent Kanganja can only be tolerated by an equally incompetent regime like that of one Edgar Lungu that rewards mediocrity and myopia.

  5. He is a weak police Chief. And these useless and wasteful events….annual ball?? The country is broke and you still spend money on useless events. Coming back to your duties , you have failed lamentably. You basically telling us that you have no control over the police force

  6. Can someone in ZP please tell me where this chap Kakoma Kanganja came from how did he rise to the rank of IG from nowhere?

  7. Sorry IG, it’s not your fault, your so called ” police” is actually made up of party cadres from a named party, dont you remember that there was a massive recruitment of party cadres into police in 2011/2012? It was PF’s way of “empowering” the youth. After filing the police to capacity and more, they went to Zesco and doubled the “workforce” with other PF cadres. Now we are paying the price: cost of electricity going up, undisciplined police, incompetent ACC with their 49 houses saga, etc etc. Whoever will rule the country from 2021 wi take ten years to normalise the situation. That’s why I find Trible HH to be acting like a charlatan when he claims that he wi fix the economy within a few months. It’s not just the money, its correcting broken systems and broken institutions…

  8. ….. It’s not just the money, its correcting broken systems and broken institutions and restoring a correct mindset that will fix the problem. Neither PF nor Trible UPND has the necessary quality, they all just want to rule and loot.

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  10. Very good at appearing to be talking about it, on one hand, lack of proactivity and integrity roams the service. Who doesn’t know how traffic officers don’t give a sh*t about what is a standard. They create their own sh*t standards, one of them is paying a 100Kwacha and go.

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