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Lusambo bails out a young Zambian Actress after UPND leader HH bolts

General News Lusambo bails out a young Zambian Actress after UPND leader HH bolts

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo poses for a photo with Tina Kaluza after She was gifted with a K5,000
Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo poses for a photo with Tina Kaluza after She was gifted with a K5,000

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo was on Sunday forced to step in and help a young Zambian Actress to enable her travel to Nigeria for a film project after UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema failed to do so despite promising to help.

Tina Kaluza, a Solwezi based UPND member and upcoming Actress needed financial assistance to travel to Lagos, Nigeria to be part of a Major Nollywood production.

Tina said she approached Mr. Hichilema for financial assistance of K5,600 to enable her travel to Nigeria but the UPND leader only released K600.

According to Tina, Mr. Hichilema had promised to help her but that she was treated harshly when she made a follow up at Mr. Hichilema’s residence to see if he was going to give her more money than the K600 he had earlier given her.

“I was left disappointed by Mr. Hichilema, a man I had voted for in the last election. The way he shouted at me when I went to his house was rude. I ended up calling Mr Lusambo for help who has given me the K5,000 I needed for my ticket,” she said in an interview.

And Mr. Lusambo says he stepped in to help Tina because he believes that politics is a service to humanity.

“I was contacted late on Saturday by Tina, who has struggled with finances to enable her to travel to Nigeria. As a member of the UPND, Tina contacted Mr. Hichilema for a K5,600 required to enable her travel to Nigeria,” Mr. Lusambo said.

“Despite promising to assist Tina, Mr. Hichilema only released K600 on Tuesday at Radio Phoenix after featuring on Let the People. Since Tina was becoming desperate, she followed up her request with a visit to Mr. Hichilema’s residence on Friday where the UPND leader spoke to her through his car window as he drove out and flatly told her that the K600 she was given earlier was all he had to give her. She then reached out to me and we met at Mint Lounge Restaurant at Acacia Park where I handed over K5,000 to enable her travel to Nigeria.”

He added, “As a public servant, I believe I have a duty to be as responsive as possible to the needs of our people. Young people striving to use their talents ought to be supported and if we are to grow our creatives industry.”

“My message to the young people in Zambia is: be very careful with some of these so-called opposition political leaders because some of them are just political serial killers. They don’t mean well for this country as they demonstrated when they were given a chance to provide a service during the privatization process,” Mr. Lusambo added.

“How can a man who claims to be a millionaire in US dollars fail to help a member of his own party with a mere K5,600 despite promising to help the poor young lady?”

But UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma said Mr. Hichilema is aware of the artist program in Nigeria.

In a statement, Mr. Kakoma said, “We have noted some audio from some artist going around that the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema refused to assist her in her trip to Nigeria. As citizens would expect, the UPND and Mr. Hichilema receive and handles lots of requests from different people with special needs almost on a daily basis.”

“During Mr. Hichilema’s radio Phoenix appearance, there were lots of people that came to offer him solidarity. Some came with various requests and were referred to relevant party offices as in the case of the artist who was referred to the UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity who is me. It was actually I who assisted her with K600 as we went about verifying the genuineness and authenticity of her program in Nigeria.”

Mr. Kakoma added, “The party takes particular interest in screening all requests that we receive especially the ones to do with foreign travel because of the numerous internet scams where people have ended up stranded.”

“We have a particular case where we assisted a young man with an air ticket after he was offered a scholarship at a named university in West Africa but we ended up repatriating him back home because it turned out he was scammed.”


    • Now let’s break it down; firstly it’s not HH’s responsibility to pay for that girl’s travel. She is lucky she got K600 because that was just HH’s good will. Secondly HH is using his own money and cannot afford to pay for everything, he is already supporting a lot of Zambians. Thirdly it’s not easy to tell who is genuinely in need or a conman. Lusambo keep on dishing out tax payers money, it’s our money anyhow. Well done for de campaigning Lungu and PF for free. Kuya bebele come 2021.

    • Akainde is not capable of sharing resources. Privatization he chewed alone. What can he give Zambians in the unlikely event he wins 2021 elections?

    • Never heard of this actress called Tina, in which movie has she acted?

      And I feel that she has been scammed by the Nigerians, since when did Nollywood start importing actresses and actors from Zambia. This must be a scam.

      Lusambo might just have facilitated human trafficking, the girl might be enslaved in Nigeria.

    • Ashamed to be Zambian right now…what major film production….Nigerians are hungry themselves..this woman is just a useless gold digger….just because she voted for HH she has no right to harass him…if i was HH i should have called Police on her for trespassing at my property….and how did she get Lusambo phone number….pure gold digger

    • Zambian culture, she sounds like my cousins from Luapula, “you promise me, mwalindaya…”. When in fact I only said “naumfwa mukwai”. HH just told her that “I will see what I can do…”
      Did she have to follow ku nga’nda for real? And instead of approaching HH at the house, Tina should have gone to HH’s wife.
      HH and us don’t carry cash everyday, especially weekends. Our money is in stocks and bonds.

    • You just have to love the PF manifesto!
      HH bolts after refusing to donate to girl
      HH sold the mines.
      HH sold lower Zambezi.
      HH is the cause of droughts.
      HH will never rule Zambia.
      HH should go and donate mealie meal to his cattle in Bweengwa.
      HH wanted to donate genset to earn political mileage.
      HH is homosexual.
      HH should explain the rationale for $25bn US pledge.
      HH is conniving with millers to increase the meal.
      HH is praying that it doesn’t rain so that people become angry against PF.
      HH is stopping viewers from watching ZNBC TV.

    • And which Lodge did Tina and Lusambo go to after the so called donation…and how is this even news Lusaka Times please…this gold digger instead of looking for work she is busy try to sell her pussssy…HH is a principled man not lunatic Lusambo…she paid in kind nothing for free

    • This “young” actress is in the wrong here.

      How do you go to someone’s residence as if they owe you money? You are even lucky HH did not set the dogs on you. Have some manners please.

      Zambians (generally) are not appreciative people. I get the same attitude from relatives and friends that think they are entitled to be helped, not realising that living abroad does not make you rich.

      We are all toilet cleaners by the way, so stop asking us for money, especially if you do not appreciate our help.

      The money Lusambo gave you is tax payers money that he stole from somewhere.

      Even these donations drunkard Lungu is making is tax payers money.

    • @1.7 Indigo Tyrol
      You are 100% correct…our friends and family back home think that living oversees means that you’re rich…you just pick money from trees like they pick Mangoes…they dont know that the little money you send them is all sacrifice…And imagine Tina walking up to someone’s residence and demanding money….ONLY IN ZAMBIA

    • I wonder whether this project in Nigeria is genuine. If they are inviting some one to act in their movie do they sort out all necessary bottlenecks that come up. You will soon hear that she has been conned. Ba Lusambo just tell your government to properly support the arts and showbiz industry at home so that they can make good movies music and operas in Zambia. Instead of playing political football with this actress

    • I I wonder whether this project in Nigeria is genuine. If they are inviting some one to act in their movie don’t they sort out all necessary bottlenecks that come up? . You will soon hear that she has been conned. Ba Lusambo just tell your government to properly support the arts and showbiz industry at home so that they can make good movies music and operas in Zambia. Instead of playing political football with this actress

    • Over 600 Mulungushi University have not sat for exams for failure to pay 80% fees, please Mr Lusambo kindly assist them. The future of those students is as well important. But why has the listening Government not helped them? is it because there are no political points to be made? Please PF rush to Kabwe and help. If your help is Genuine for this lady don’t Neglect the Mulungushi Students whose parents have failed to raise the required funds. Mr Lusambo is aware about this, it was brought out in parliament and the MR of higher education gave his answer.

  1. We’ve told you the umpteenth time that it’s Hichilema’s nature not to give and when he does he keeps a record and backs it up. I won’t repeat what Colonel Panji Kaunda said about him. He even fails to pay his workers! No amount of face building can market Hichilema. We know him

  2. Those wishing to succeed in life should never base their fortunes on others. All times, its Hichilema this, Sammy that, Chitombwa please! Hichilema help!!
    Why engage in projects you want others to fund?
    Bowman…set up a Go Fund The Needy organization to assist rather than dipping in your strange slummy pockets. Where do you earn money to continuously dish out at any time?

  3. Your party leader gave you what he could he made you use your initiative to raise the rest one hopes when you are back you will be an accomplished actress and that you will never have to beg again for an air ticket.

    • This spirit of begging must stop yesterday.. The moment someone says they will see what they can do, it becomes a promise and beggars even start issues threats..
      Stop begging and learn to do some work including ka piece work as it were.. By the way, has Lusambo apologised for his remarks?

  4. This culture of leaders throwing money around should come to an end,that is why corruption is rife.It appears leaders are stealing and using stolen money to make political mileage.When Lusambo is out of office one of the issues to investigate is where he was getting the money for his public donations.How stupid can people be,they steal your money and donate part of it to you and you start praising them.We are slowly descending into 1diocy…

  5. But, is Hakainde on Govt payroll and receiving allowances like Lusambo? HH survives on his own sweat, but Lusaka feeds on alms and spoils from poor peoples hard earned Taxes! A K600 from own sweat should certainly be more than K5,000 stolen from Tax Payers!

    • Comment:its puzzling to here some upnd say hh is not on pay roll. but you have bn saying and its a fact that hh is a rich man, he has bn boasting so! he has even extenalised dollars abroad.

  6. Ayatollah, listen to both parties before making a judgment, it’s allegedly this woman was given money by some upnd person then she came back for some more money which is kinda of fishy, then this article doesn’t reveal which film project so if genuine we can congratulate her. I don’t blame hh especially if he works hard for his money than this bowman who is basically giving her our stolen money. This is not genuine help, l would gladly hand it back to him than sink so low for bowman’s political stunts.if Bowman cares so much let him with his boss fix the country so people can afford such ventures plus the zambian model was not given help to travel

  7. And yet fails to step in to bring to book his boss involved in illegal makula trade. Since you are hardworking why have you failed to find owner of 48 houses and beneficiaries of makula trade. Ati ba minister kuwayawya fye

  8. ‘A major film production ‘ failing to pay airfare for an actress is a typical sign for a scam. This may turn ugly.

  9. Cheap cheap politics by Lusambo.

    Let UPND and Hh revel how many school going kids they support with financial support and let Lusambo match that

    • Yaaa… Ba Spaka. This is just an embarrassment for hh. This is politics and Bowman has pulled a fast one on hh. Ba kainde ba sebana as Bowman knew this is in a upnd stronghold. North Western is shaky as PF is making inroads.

    • UPND and Hh have no time for such cheap politics when millions of youth have no jobs in Zambia….

      For all we know this cheap stunt could come back and bite Lusambo , I hope he has verified the authenticity of where that girl is going

    • How many jobs have been lost under PF?? Don’t divert the topic, Bowman has outplayed hh here. As usual, hh lacks the political acumen to see opportunities when they look him in the face. It takes a cadre to see it. Hh li saka, no wonder he has lost 5 times. Levy gave him a platform, Sata gave him an opportunity-he would surely be in plot 1 today. Oval headed twit, that’s what he is; political !mbe.c.ile and failure!!

    • Zambian citizen, only 0.5% of people right now are thinking like you when you scour the whole of social media carrying this story meaning everyone knows it is stup!d propaganda which is actually bolstering HHs popularity. Got to your own PF page with this story, over 150 comments just telling PF to grow up so the only fast one Lusambo has pulled is to campaign for HH.

    • @Dude!di.o.t-social media don’t vote, bubblehead. On social media, hh was ahead on polls in 2015 and 2016, what happened?? What does Milenge, Kafue, North Western election results tell you???


  11. Why promise you member if can’t fulfil,the you was promised by HH,he should avoid lying if he knows he doesn’t have the heart to give.

  12. Facts first.
    1. Both sides (UPND-HH/Tina-Actress) agree that a request was made for 5600k.
    2. Both sides agree that a promise to help was made/intimated.
    3. Both sides agree that k600 was paid.
    4. Both sides agree that the woman went back for the balance which was not given.
    5. UPND as a party agree that the 1-4 above is correct.
    6. Both sides (Lusambo&Actress) agree that a phone call for help was made between them.
    7. Both sides agree that the balance k5000 was paid by Lusambo to Actress.
    These are the facts. My take is this
    1. It is not the job of political parties to sponsor individual citizen. This is the root cause of corruption in many a developing country because politics of dishing out funds is seen as an investment and when you invest you want returns and how do you get…

  13. your returns? You get into power and use tax payer’s money and influence to get is back hence corruption.

    2. This corruption of shouting out loud for help from politicians and if they don’t help call the other side and make it a public scandal is a huge scandal and a scar on the conscious of the nation.

    3. When people say politics is dirty this is a prime example.

    4. HH/UPND should have handled this better. The promise for the K5600 in the first place should never have been made.

    5. Ba Lusambo naimwe, this episode while you might been seen as a hero in some quarters makes you cheap. “when your right hand gives let your left not even know about it” but hey this is politics.

  14. HH does not owe this gold digger any money. Why can’t she work for it? Students at our Universities are given loans, what’s special about her? How did she easily call Lusambo if she wanted HH to help her? So she eats with both hands? Good HH this woman is a gold digger. You taught her a lesson.

  15. In Zambia WE HARDLY ANALYSE ISSUES,WE GET EXCITED BY QUICK MONEY,QUICK HAPPINESS!! The moment the girl will get stuck in Nigeria or trafficked into sex slavery or organ donations,that is when she will even remember how kind HH was by refusing to pay for her ticket!! WHAT MAJOR FILM EVENT FAILS TO PAY FOR ITS ACTORS?! By the way,POLITICIANS ARE NOT CHARITABLE DONORS BUT ARE THERE TO IMPROVE GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES SO THAT WE CAN MEET OUR DAILY NEEDS- Its not HH’s duty to sponsor “actresses” to dubious film events!!

  16. It baffles me how low people have dipped… Really, politicians have become small gods…anything and everything its politician to help….its quite a shame Tina, where are her parents or relatives to help you out with such….why go kumuntu ushakufyele???you just a disgrace to yourself and household… You are not HH or Anyone politicians responsibility!

  17. To the many youths out there please remember that whatever glitters isn’t gold. Some known opposition leaders have been promising you heaven on earth but please take time to analyse them otherwise you will commit suicide when they abandon you. That artist isnt the first one to be dribbled, many have cried fowl. They are interested in your vote period and once they get it you as good as a door mart.

  18. Seeing is believing unless one goes through it that is when you can understand who this man is, a liar,unthankful so like my bro Maliso is saying not evrthing that glitters is Gold some is black copper (chachol).This man will never change this country it is not possible.

  19. Lusambo forgot to give Tina another K5600 she is supposed to use when coming back home.
    The mediocrity alone here is astounding, ninshi ise manje tinaleka ku ganiza kuti every little help even transport money niku pempha tuma politicians? It doesn’t matter which party one belongs to, nanga uyu Tina kuti enze mu chipani cha Chilufya Tayali olo kapena kuti enze libe chipani, sembe anachita bwanji?
    All those trying to make an issue out of this including the giver of 5 sauzand na receiver nzelu mulibe, pachizungu tikuti Logic you don’t have.
    We should learn to be serious, uchi kopo mwanyanya ma Zambians.

  20. Copy & paste: I remember having travelled with HAKAINDE HICHILEMA broad for a month when I was UPND International Officer meeting funders. When we got back and landed pa KKIA, he requested for the travellers cheques and got into his vehicle and off he went leaving me pa Airport!
    He never even declared the funds to NEC or SG or even his Vice President then Hon. Richard Kapita.

    I went home without anything not even a Bar of Chocolate to give people at home after being away for a whole one month!

    The next thing I heard was that HH was in Botswana where he bought 1000 Cattle cash and a Farm.

    • @Ayatollah, that is the peril of Copy and Paste! A Travellers cheque is meant to offer a TRAVELER a secure non-cash way of taking currency ABROAD. So he should have bought Travellers cheques on your outbound journey. This discrepancy shows that the story you are distributing is fake.

  21. Minister Duped 499 style!
    A Normal Nigerian would have gone to seek assistance from the Nigerian embassy!
    It seems she was sent by Lusambo to embarrass HH! Fortunately, HH is smart with his money. No wonder he is rich!
    Shame on you PF and your dirty politics! Sha!

  22. Cheap politics. Your Boma is failing to pay UNZA, ZNBC, CBU, etc. their November salaries and you are here looking all holy and making noise over 5pin.

  23. BA KAKOMA,

  24. It’s called dog eat dog politics. Is this the way to settle political scores? This is childish. And they call themselves leaders, trying to steal the limelight at the altar of political expedience. The help is not genuine, it’s a show off, and the poor girl has been used unknowingly as a pawn in this game. I think HH is very prudent with his money, just like anyone else who has worked hard for his money should be. For guys like Lusambo who has never worked hard for his money, it’s just a show off to score political points.


  26. Total nonsense this Tina thing. Why cant she get the cash from those men she gives under the sheets.
    Chances like Lusambo will make her pay in kind – tiziba!!!
    By the way whats K5,000 in all fairness. Is it in Dollar or Kwacha?

  27. Zambian Citizen – kikikikiikikiki – we are so dull in this country. You call this act an embarrassment and a big plus for Bowan.
    How has this act brought jobs to Zambians? Has this act alleviated poverty in people’s homes? But uku ndiye kusila. Do you support candidates so that they can give you hand outs or that they should run the economy properly? At he has pulled a fast one? Ububwena ebukopo. By the way how did she meet Bowan? Ask Bowan to go and resolve the impasse he has created with her Royal Highness Chiefetaness Nkomeshya not this crap.

    • @BE SENSIBLE we are dealing with self-serving Kaponyas. In Lusambo’s mind, he has demonstrated that PF cares and that we are all taken care of. I can imagine him receiving many beggers and wonder if he will give each and every one of them.

  28. Surely is this how we have reduced ourselves to as Zambians? There are so many people who need help especially those in School, some recently failed to sit for their exams due to financial challenges. Politicians like Lusambo never came up to help but this lady who has not even explained what and how her program in Nigeria is, she just pops up today and politicians want to take center stage and capitalize on that to gain political mileage. Ok lets put it this way if Mr Lusambo genuinely wanted to help this lady wat was wrong to just call the lady at his house give her the money privately without even that kind of publicity? Please lets show real leadership not this mediocre politics we are bringing about. To the Lady be careful even when u are seeking for help humble yourself and know wat…

    • You are right my dear ,that girl has been used as a pon in Zambia I wonder how she will be used by movie directors for her to succeed.

  29. I am waiting to hear how many more people Lusambo will give money. You give a ka k5000 and you have to take a photo as evidence of the transaction. I just hope Lusambo won’t ask the young lady to write him a receipt for the 5pin using her pant!es!
    It is also important that Lusambo monitors the Lady as she travels through Nigeria. I am not sure Nigerians are running out of people to cast in movie roles especially that Nigeria faces an even greater unemployment problem. This Lady may be a victim of human trafficking or a 419 kind of scam. Why would they skip all the Countries from West Africa to pick a lady from Solwezi? A Major Nollywood Production BUT she has to pay for her flight? Well, I am waiting to watch that movie full of Nigerians and one Zambian!

  30. Ba Northwestern province who are always easily cheated by upnd by promising heaven on earth watch out. Your own daughter disappointed in Lsk by some one who claims will distribute animals to everyone. Lungu is a more genuine person as a leader than some of these capitalists who just want power for personal aggrandisement..

  31. I think if we are to put politics aside, lets just think…. this lady she is an-actress and she has failed to raise the money for air ticket???? apart from that the nollywood would have have facilitated these logistics of air travel ticket. this can be a scam and the minister like Mr. Boman should first investigate before letting this lady travel. because money govt money will be spent in search for her when she goes missing. and relatives will start crying to govt for help that our daughter is missing.

    • These UPND chaps will support anything even when they know that what their leader did was inhumane and every wrong!


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