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India Donated Medical Drugs to Zambia as part of the $2 million pledge

Health India Donated Medical Drugs to Zambia as part of the $2 million...


Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

The Government of the Republic of India has donated essential medicines to the Ministry of Health.

The donation is part of the total pledge of US$2, 000,000 worth of medicines following the State visit to Zambia by Indian President Ram Kovind in April 2018.

And receiving the donation, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya, noted that the medicines are part of the comprehensive package of health commodities enlisted in Zambia’s essential medicine list.

The Minister added that the donation will go a long way to manage key public health problems such as non-communicable diseases, various infections and other conditions.

Dr Chilufya said the donation has come at a right time when Zambia is in need of key essential medicines.

He stated that the donation further demonstrates a call for strong partnerships between Zambia and India, in promoting Zambia’s agenda of attaining Universal Health coverage.

Meanwhile, India’s Ambassador to Zambia, Ngulkham Gangte, stated that his country remains committed to supporting Zambia in promoting health service delivery.

Mr Gangte noted that the health sector is crucial and fundamental to the socio-economic development of the country.

Among the medicines donated include fluconazole, Nifedipine, Amoxicillin, Enalapril and Dental Lignocaine injection.


    • Donations donations….typical African mentality even from poor countries like India….we should be ashamed of ourselves…

    • African countries are leeches…with a prositute mentality…begging for donations from everywhere…you know a prositute will sleep with anyone for as long they donate something….and bloggers are excited and even proposing some security measures on the donated medicine…..Zambians please

    • No shame at all if its not a handout, its a loan when they have make they go to procure inflated priced ambulances for $280, 000 so even that free medicine they will profit from it.

    • Meanwhile some moron will shout out that we are a sovereign state. You can not even fund your health service 50+years old.

    • Whn will Zambian foreign policy wake up government to realize that u don’t accept such things as gifts from another country? Before acceptance of such things, a committee needs to work out the real intentions of the donor which u will not hear at the official ceremony. There’s no such a thing as a “free” donation.

    • @Anonymous… India is not a poor country… india has sent a sattelite to mars and moon and everywhere… and helping other sattelites send their things to space too… India is rich.. it just has a corrupted like we have in zambia here… and be careful of what you say about other countries…

    • @anonymous… dont act like you are rich and everything while sitting at home and just typing… you are even scared to show your name out… and you dare to comment on india?

  1. Dr Chitalu has a reputation of being mean with truth like most of his colleagues who procured 42 fire fighting vehicles costing $1 miilion dollars each, Bana Daliso Lungu received old fire engines in New York never seen in Zambia. Dr Chitalu recently ordered old ambulances from South Africa alleging were brand new when not. Wakema ta leka.

  2. keep an eye on people handling these medicines as some of them have small
    drugstores or chemists .These meds will
    find way into these shops.They will runout
    shortly in goverment hospitals.

  3. This crook of a health minister is today proudly stating that he has received $2 million worth of medicines from India as donation and he is going to put this free medicine in his health insurance scheme and charge you. What problems can you honestly deal with when you are shameless beggars.
    How can he still be Health minister all this time? He must be the biggest earner to the corrupt mafia.

  4. Even India is giving handouts to Zambia. I’d laugh if it weren’t sad. Instead of spending your energy bashing gays and homosexuals, why don’t you use your brains to come up with solutions? Just a thought.

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