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Recall of US Ambassador Daniel Foote over PF Kleptomania

Headlines Recall of US Ambassador Daniel Foote over PF Kleptomania


United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

Just to put some clarity to it, Ambassador Daniel Foote’s exit may be a small victory to those who peddle illegality under the guise of new age false religious fundamentalism; but the majority of ordinary Zambians may have a huge price to pay because for the Patriotic Front (PF), this was never a question of our collective morality, but an opportunity to entrench a growing Kleptocracy that only works for them and them only.

Forget democracy, because now what we have is a fully fledged organized, legitimized criminal cartel that has hijicked the hopes and dreams of an entire country for its own benefit. For the avoidance of any doubt, a Kleptocracy is a government with corrupt leaders that wield political power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own countries in order to extend their personal wealth and political powers. Typically, this system involves embezzlement of funds at the expense of the wider population.

This is what typifies life under the Patriotic Front (PF). If squandering $42 million on Firetenders that should have cost nearly $30 million less is not organised crime, then what is it? No inquiry has been held to hold to account known government officials over this fraud. And what about the over $1.5 billion of Mukula revenue estimated to have been stolen with not a single Kwacha or Ngwee to have gone to productive sectors of the economy? We know this because between 2014 and 2016, around $204 million of Mukula revenue went undeclared ( Center for International Forestry Research, Issue 211 of 2018), with a further $180 million blatantly squandered under the watch of this PF government between 2017 and 2018 alone!

It is not unimaginable to contemplate that over the past 8 years this government has been in power, at least $1 billion dollars worth of Mukula revenue has been pocketed by government officials at the expense of the long suffering Zambian people.

We also know that government officials under the PF regime, have been sharing close to $40 million in Mukula trade related bribes over the past 8 years. All this information is available and easy to verify from the most recent undercover criminal investigation carried out by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) which estimates annual bribes to politicians at $7.5 million.

The Financial Intelligence Center, our own financial transaction watchdog has provided evidence of the PF party superstructure, receiving close to $1 million in bribes and kickbacks for the award of public contracts. This is in the FIC report of 2018.

And today, it should be a very sad day in the history of the Republic of Zambia. The nation has chiefly remained silent, save for bits of underground commentary, as a foreign diplomat has been hounded out of his position by a government that has become increasingly self-absorbed and power hungry while the rest of the nation scrounges in squalor.

The exit of Ambassador Daniel Foote of the United States of America, over scathing comments he had made, standing up to the rancid corruption and irregularly application of the rule of law by the visibly and undoubtedly corrupt Patriotic Front (PF) regime, is an ominous indication that wolves occupying government are nowhere near done raping our country red – they are barely just getting started.

This is the same government that has plunged 1.6 million more people into abject poverty since the ascention to power of President Edgar Lungu in 2015 owing to poor public project investments underpinned by grand political corruption.

How can a government that has been squandering all these billions of dollars, never mind aid money, fail to repay $1.4 million in interest on facilities to the African Development Bank, threatening close to $1 billion worth of assistance the bank continues to provide to this country and it’s people?

How can a government under whose watch at least $11 million is stolen annually in ONE province alone (Copperbelt) in fraudulent public sector payroll accounting fail to discharge $107,692 per month per council in Local Government Equalisation Fund, condemning our council workers to 3 months of non payment of salaries?

This has got to be unacceptable and only Zambians can liberate themselves.

When foreign diplomats speak, they are accused of interfering in the internal affairs of our country while when we speak, we are labeled bitter and antagonistic. None of this matters anymore because if we allow this kind and level of open, unhindered plunder of national wealth by a small group of politicians under the Patriotic Front, there might be no Zambia in a few years because the level of unwarranted poverty and inequality we are occasioning will be enough to spur an open rebellion by the people themselves.

It does not have to end that way….

10.7 million Zambians living on less than a $1.25 a day and the President buys himself a $100 million super Jet…. Are these the Christian values over which Am


  1. If upnd was in power, ambassadors and high commissioners would freely attend PF, MMD or FDD rallies and have press conferences every week insulting judges.

    • Have you noticed how PF have gone silent about Ambassador Foote? Suddenly it has hit them realizing that Zambia needs USA than otherwise. Bali samwa sana, they were trying to “fix” HH not realizing that there statements had serious consequences for Zambia. PF is freely campaigning for HH and UPND. The hour has come for HH to take over.

    • Ba Edgar has denied Sunday Chanda, Lifwekelo, Anthonio Mwanza jobs at State House. Wonder why those guys never hanged themselves yet, elo na fuel balunda…..
      HH shouldn’t make similar mistake of not employing Anthony Bwalya, he deserves a good job.

    • President Trump and Vice President are two people who openly hate Homosexuality. Trump has openly said i don’t want Homos working in my cabinet or near me. He previously called them dogs.

      This is more reason why he has been appointing Supreme Court Justices who would push his agenda to turn the tables and ban it in the army. He a senior advisor because rumours went he guy.

      Trump is unpredictable volcano. !!

      So don’t get surprised if he (Trump) is behind the doors saluting Lungu for speaking up on behalf Zambians.

    • Zambians…..always waiting for a Politician to put food on their table…when you offer them work they just steal from you…am sure most of you in the diaspora doing some construction back in Zambia can attest to this…everyone is into theft now in Zambia…starting from the bandit in chief Lungu himself…..its funny you buy shovels and wheelbarrows for construction and the same guys working for you steal the shovels and wheelbarrows…

    • Now Trump will punish Zambians. They will cut AID. Watch how people will be dying with no ARVs and Other medicines. We are a country that hides behind Christianity yet see where Fuel is going. That Pump price is over-inflated just to steal from Zambians. Lungu has failed and it is embarrassing.

  2. Well said Mr Bwalya – THis is the truth and any well meaning Zambian who loves their country will know this !! Mr Foote was targeted as he spoke up against corruption they are using his voice about the 15 year prison sentence as a deviation from the truth !

  3. Ba Bwalya mwaume, well articulated with facts. I hope your articles/leaflets are distributed into various languages to give opportunity to all to understand how kleptomaniacs are raping our economy.

    • That is the only thing that every PF talks about, Foote did not only talk about gay issues but the rampant corruption in the PF led govt. Many of us do not endorse gay rights neither do we endorse corruption and thieving. PF should come out strongly against corruption and thieving just as much as they have done on gay issues because they are all ungodly. But the truth is corruption affects our livelihood whereas two gay people do not in any way, so why is the PF mainly concentrating on an issues that is totally useless?

    • Those dreaming that HH will ever become president, continue. Dreaming is legal. HH is too close to homosexuals for the comfort of sane ZAMBIANS. Chaps like “Anthony Bwalya” are misleading HH. WHY DO UPNDEAD CADRES USE BEMBA NAMES WHEN BLOGGING?

  4. Yes PF in certain areas it is not doing fine but to think that UPND is the answer ..it is the worse joke of the year 2019. UPND will be worse than this PF in that they are capitalists who dont care for the welbeing of the poor. On this account I can not vote for UPND.

      Stole Social cash fund meant for the poor, straight into McPherson Chanda’s Nach!t0lafye pockets.
      No medicines & equipment in hospitals, whilst your st!nk!ng P.F higher echelons fly to South Africa, India, Dubai, when they have [email protected], or break a fingernail.
      Loadshedding, fuel increases, famine, Cholera, while you a Buf00n sing praises of your [email protected] [email protected] !nfested P.F.
      Princess [email protected]!la Mukula the 1st was languishing in the U.S, then equally dishonest thieving Dad becomes President by raising of [email protected] at the PF convention, & all of the sudden Princess Mukula -1 is a U$ D millionaire, where she even leaves thousands of dollars on her kitchen table for workers to be tempted to help…

    • Cont;
      tempted to help themselves? Princess Mukula, was nowhere to be seen, when broke emaciated Dad was living in P02N0 S!chalwe’z garage, & as soon as Dad gets to State House she’s throwing money around, building mysterious magical 41 properties, & fencing off huge forests from her personal pocket.
      Maybe the meaning “P.F are Pro poor” is coz they get select few P.F aligned broke Rats from the Ghetto, & make them Dollar millionaires within the space of 18months.
      Truth Ch!mbwi just because J0na is your uncle, or Corrupt K!t0tela is brother does not mean we can’t see through your [email protected]!!
      Please use your small brain NOT your [email protected] to reason!!!

  5. Hit them were it hurts the most.
    How about the 48 houses that built themselves, the umbulances that were over priced and the wheelbarrows that the first lady spent a colossal sum to bring into the country? Indeed these kleptomaniacs want to silence every voice of reason while their insatiable appetite to loot and their unbridled corruption goes unabated. This country has indeed gone to the dogs or the dogs have infiltrated our country that we can longer reason as human beings?

  6. I would rather listen to foote than respect the rulings of a corrupt judicial system that only applies justice selectively. The old saying the truth hurts, applies here. Lungu knows what foote said is the truth. He is now behaving like a little kid throwing his makula toys out of his pram. Grow up iwe ka sakala ka iungu

  7. No. Even though it is time for PF to call for a General Election so that another government can carry on the reigns of governance, Amb Foote went beyond the red lines of diplomacy. He should have left the domestic politics to HH.

  8. 1we ka Foote, before you come and preach what you don’t practice about corruption, get your own house in order. Your president has gone on record as the 3rd to be impeached for corruption and he is making a mockery of your democracy and your so-called values. You only call it corruption when the transaction does not involve you. How many corrupt activities has the US been involved in around the world? I’m not a fan of the Zambian president but in this instance, this chap should just leave us alone. How do you preach morality when you have an 1mmoral president in your own white house? Uko kwine..sty0pet.

  9. Abena Professori Nkandu Lunyo wanted to skip town for an Xmas holidays in New York but Ambassador Foote’s boys in the State Dept declined her visa application. You bet it was on the premise that she is too ugly and might be an Ibola virus host! All PF ministers will now have to contend with targeted smart sanctions, kunya bebele nomba!

    • @Njangwamuloty…ati shani? Nkandu Lunyo …kikikiki a host to ibola virus kikikiki. awe kwena elo lwanya ba pf. How you have mallanje as person of foreign affairs? To me the guy has brains drooling.

  10. The arrogance of PF government to expel the USA diplomat over flimsy reasoning will hurt Zambia and in particular senior PF officials. Ask Prof Nkandu Luo who has few days ago been denied visas to travel to USA. He is the 1st official casualty many more will follow.
    Diplomacy does should not be approached with a willy-nilly attitude a characteristic of PF ineptitude when faced with real issues. Majority Zambians want solutions to numerous national problems they face daily. This, precisely has made Zambians resolve to change government and PF in their wapped thinking call it external interference for regime change. Ney, its Zambians decision to change and change is near.

  11. yaba what an awesome interesting article to start with kuya bebele.. already the USA government is angry and now poor Zambians will feel the toucher they will impose on us medical assistance definitely will be cut & the PF has increased fuel,power e.t.c

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