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The Mobile issuance of National Registration Cards has been Phased-Kampyongo

General News The Mobile issuance of National Registration Cards has been Phased-Kampyongo

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo has said Africa has an opportunity to resolve the crisis of children born without being recorded or accounted for through crafting mechanisms that will provide birth records
HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has clarified that the mobile issuance of National Registration Cards has been phased due to a lack of resources to undertake the exercise at once across the country.

Mr. Kampyongo said the exercised has been phased to make sure that the process is managed properly matching the available resources.

He said the exercise starting soon will begin with North Western, Luapula and Northern Provinces were the last provinces to benefit in the last exercise.

Mr. Kampyongo accused those alleging that the exercise is currently taking place in PF strongholds of being naïve and warned against the registration of underage children when the exercise commences.

He reiterated that no exercise is currently happening in the PF strongholds for election purposes and called for calm among stakeholders saying all the provinces will be covered.

The Christian Churches Monitoring Group recently wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs requesting information and clarification on the mobile issuance of National Registration Cards and is yet to receive a response.

The CCMG expressed concern with reports of mobile issuance of National Registration Cards exercises currently taking place in some parts of Eastern, Northern, Luapula, North-Western and Muchinga Provinces.

It demanded that the Ministry release to stakeholders and the general public all the information about mobile issuance of NRCs, including the deployment schedule, Ministry’s plans for the extension of the exercise to all provinces, and the Ministry’s intended stakeholder consultations on the issue.

Further, CCMG has demanded that the Ministry immediately halts the process until such a time when there is a clear roadmap or deployment schedule, adequate publicity, publicly available targeted populations, and engagement with stakeholders.


  1. Kawalala iwe YOU WILL ROT IN CH!MBOKAILA, mark these words!
    “Phasing” a ploy to just issue Reg Cards in your strongholds so you can manipulate & rig the election in 2021.
    Ati “there’s no money /resources, BUT ALWAYS RESOURCES when repressing the opposition, when following H.H campaigning, when stealing Mukula & fencing off forests in Sinda, when [email protected] is flying aimlessly with V.al.d3n enriching their pockets illegally in [email protected]’z [email protected] State.
    CHIMPYONGO you are a Violent Brute thug, who does NOT want to go back to Kat0ndo. Don’t worry you won’t go back to Kat0ndo, BUT Njema!

  2. Whats your comment on your CEO’s remarks? in societies where there is sanity, the man would have resigned the moment the video went viral. The biggest problem that we have right now is allowing criminals to be part of the governance of our country. these are present both in PF & the opposition

  3. You can start wherever you feel like but if elections are fair you are not going to win them and I put that on my life

  4. insoni ebuntu bane. sometimes you should feel ashamed of making such announcements which just favor your ego and not for the benefit of the general citizenry.

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