DEC Arrests a Small Scale Village Farmer for Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana

Marijuana plant
Marijuana plant
Marijuana plant
Marijuana plant

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Western Province has arrested a 55-year-old man of Mulobezi District for unlawful cultivation of cannabis plants.

OSCAR KAYAMBILA, a small-scale farmer of Ntangeza village in Mulobezi has been arrested for unlawful cultivation of cannabis plants intercropped with maize.

Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Public Relations Officer THERESA KATONGO confirmed to ZNBC News in LUSAKA yesterday.

Ms KATONGO has caution the public that despite the approval of the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal and economic purposes in Zambia, the DEC still has a mandate of arresting persons cultivating cannabis outside the legal provisions.



  1. Confusion, ka Kampyongo said that it will be International Narcotic Control board to enforce cultivation of marijuana. What is DEC doing with legalized marijuana cultivation? DEC should be working in Chibolya compound, not in farms.
    What if an investor pay $250,000 for already well grown dagger, will DEC let the guy loose?

    • Nonsense.

      There should be nothing illegal about cultivating a natural plant that has been around for thousands of years.

      In Zambia, only the PF are allowed to be modern day drug dealers.

      This is wrong.

    • Cultivation has been going on since time immemorial…my great great grand father a Mr Lungu was growing and smoking the holy weed in 1800…i enloy good weed..who is DEC to break the cycle…live with it, weed has been and will continue to be grown and smoked. …due to my genes i enjoy the God given flavours…ooh! malawi gold, durban diesel,white widow, afgan cush, blue cheese, purple heads….kikikiki even sata used to smoke with ftj in this xtian nation. Plz Dec go consult Mpezeni…

  2. Ala kabili, what is confusion about marijuana!!!??
    Failing to arrest Kaizer, Lusambo, Tasila, Lubinda and ECL only to spend expensive fuel to arrest a poor man when this is already legalised! Ba DEC you are pathetic fools (PF).

  3. This clarifies the truth that only Lungu, Findlay and his PF Cadres and drug dealers are allowed to grow and sell Cannabis.
    This bl.oody thing is not illegal anymore, so how can you be sending PF cadres to arrest a man who has not broken the Kangaroo law?
    We know, Lungu is keeping the drug business for his friend Findlay!

  4. hahahaha. isn’t it legal now, just help the man apply for a licence that’s all or at least let the man smoke the fruits of his labour.

  5. Release the good man, ain’t done anything wrong. That is the weed, it can grow anywhere. Probably marijuana smoker threw the seeds into his field.

  6. Whereas the pf have been illegally exporting marijuana for that the global markets are saturated they want to legalise it as a way of making money through licensing. Good luck

  7. just encourage the small farmer to become an exporter.let him now grow on
    a large scale.salute him for been the first
    farmer to grow cannabis after green light.

  8. Arresting futi ba DEC don’t arrest please just give him license and him expand his production. Were are we going to get seeds if you start arresting seed growers, coz we’re also preparing land for the same business. Twapapata mulekeleniko, he ‘ll be late for weeding

  9. He is growing for medicinal purposes. He needs it to cure the various ailments that has befallen him in this harsh economic times so please just let him go.

  10. Turn the man loose, he’s not stealing but harvesting the good plant to sell so he can provide for his family. If he remains idle , then what? You’re not creating employment for people but fattening yourselves with money meant to empower poor people .We know your plan , you want to empower foreigners n the rich so you get kickbacks.

  11. Very quick to act on ‘ordinary’ people (albeit they may be breaking the law) but doing absolutely nothing when it involves people connected to their master and GREAT LEADER

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