Sunday, April 14, 2024

NGO commends government for releasing 8 circumstantial children from prison


A Kabwe-based non-governmental organization (NGO) Siyaliswa Shelter of Hope (SSH) has commended government for the recent release of the eight circumstantial children at the Lusaka Central Correctional facility female section.

In a statement, Mr Siyambango said since its inception, all the children that had fallen under the blanket of “Circumstantial Children” had suffered psychological and verbal abuse by some adult inmates who at times had intentionally chosen not to mind their conduct in the presence of those children.

Recently President Edgar Lungu through the Ministry of Justice Minister and Home Affairs released eight circumstantial children at the Lusaka Central Correctional Facility and requested.

Government has since begun looking into incarcerated expecting mother’s welfare to see how best both the mother and the circumstantial children lives can be improved.

Mr Siyambango said this move is a step in the right direction because the babies of incarcerated mothers were innocent and did not need any form of correction or reformation as their mothers did.

[The Zambian Sun]


  1. sad to read. babies are in jail, but Kaizer Zulu is still handing over at State House. can’t wait to 2021 UPND will sweep prisons clean.

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