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It’s Not unusual for Mr. Hichilema to paint Zambia black because he is a Sadist-Kampyongo


Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo

The government has stressed that all the country’s fundamentals of governance such as the rule of law, transparency, accountability, economic, political and social stability are intact and functional.

Acting Chief Government Spokesperson, Stephen Kampyongo says this is contrary to opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that the country’s economic and governance systems have broken down.

Mr. Kampyongo says it is NOT unusual for Mr. Hichilema to paint the country black because he is a sadist, who sees nothing good about his own country.

He says Mr. Hichilema is under a misguided view that he alone has a monopoly of wisdom when he is not.

Mr. Kampyongo, who is also Home Affairs Minister told ZNBC News, that listening to Mr. Hichilema’s Press briefing there is nothing that Mr Hichilema has to offer as the government is on course in implementing various measures to turn the country’s economy around.

He said it is also wishful thinking for Mr. Hichilema to assert that an early election is necessary to get the country out of the current economic challenges.

Mr. Kampyongo said Mr. Hichilema’s allegations of Zambia being a police State is baseless and targeted at the Perceived international sympathizers.

He said that the fact that Mr. Hichilema and his party functionaries are able to hold press conferences and go around the country to address public meetings and rallies is proof that Zambia’s political environment is democratic in which all stakeholders are free to participate.

Mr. Kampyongo, however, said this does not mean people should act outside the law in their political discourse.

He said that Mr. Hichilema is an unpatriotic Zambian and should desist from making wild allegations against government officials.

Mr. Kampyongo said that Mr. Hichilema should report any such allegations to the law enforcement agencies if he has evidence instead of playing to the gallery.

He said that Government under President Edgar Lungu reaffirms it’s committed to working tirelessly improving the welfare of the Zambians people.

Mr. Kampyongo said this is being done through honest acknowledgment and assessment of the challenges at hand and will NOT fantasize over the lives of Zambians.


  1. Kkk HH is a pain in the ass indeed. Everyday HH this HH that, imagine if HH was no more today what would these PF goons be doing? Every Jim and Jack, rascal, nicompoop, jackass, Cadre and politician seems to gain credit by saying something negative about HH. Don’t blame him, he is a rich man already fighting for the welfare of the marginalized citizens wallowing in abject poverty in a country of plenty. It is you must be worried about the voters, come 2021 HH or no HH kuyabebele.

    • Way to go HH, keep them on their feet these thieves will finish our country before most people open their eyes. Am glad you are dearly respected by PF who don’t seem to find sleep these days.

    • Kuya bebele kano icalo calanda noti ka group of people who just want to be the new thieves. If Magande can form a party and ask Chimbwi no plan Kambwili to join him I can vote for them. As opposition UPND are a failure just like PF is a failure @ ruling

    • The only problem i have with HH is the luck of Patriotism…he is not Patriotic and this bothers me alot…looks like HH hates to see Zambia progressing because this will mean no State House for him

    • When you are on top u bcom the topic. Well done HH the next president. Kanpyongo your pf has failed to pay retirees. I wished you knew the number of retirees, once their vote goes to hh, u will go back to katondo st.

    • H² is a sadist indeed.
      H² is a liar indeed.
      H² is unpatriotic indeed.
      H² is evil.
      H²’s tongue flicking maneuvers is freaky.
      H² is jealous and envious.
      Anybody else but h² pilizi.

    • @Anonymous, where is the progress that HH is supposed to talk about. Can you tell me just how the PF government leaders are patriotic with all the stealing they are engaged in? Just as an example, where, apart from Zambia would a government sanction the purchase of those fire tenders at that price? Where else in the world, even in fellow landlocked countries, are roads so expensive? Where else can a toll plaza cost as much as the Micheal Sata Plaza? Do you know how many Zambian have live below the poverty datum line and how many more have been thrown below the same with the new increments of fuel and electricity? Do you know how many Zambians survive on one meal a day, for some one meal in two days? Have you any idea what is going on in this country?

    • Malume hh is not any thing to talk about. Kampyongo was only anwering to isues your ***** 5 time loser snd sadist kainde talked about the goverment at a cheap press briefing. Pf is a pain in upnd’ bats because ECL has wired kainde the tribalist twice in 5 years and he will be wired again. Finshi muli? Your party has lost elections in the last twenty years since it was born. Your leader kainde the freemason loose come 2021. Your party will go into oblivion after loosing the next election. Mwanawasa was right when he said that Upnd will always remain behind like battocks. Yes, behind you will always be, coz thats were you and cow dung come from.

  2. The caliber of this minister is very worrying. I am PF myself but this is the lowest the country has ever gone, I want to be sincere. These characters are far from leadership, too confrontational, focus is always on HH, instead of telling us how to come out of this quagmire, look at comedians in the government surely, Eddie Chomba, Lusambo, Kampyongo, even Kambwili was a wrong chap. The economy is on its knees please tell us way forward and not HH

    • Stop lying. . HH is on the right side of our history. You must be extremely dall not to see that the country has ground to a halt. All economic indicators are down, and you expect HH to praise. Are you crazy, and need to be taken to Chainama. Please those still in denial, wake up, stop attacking HH but instead start holding your government accountable. Be a hero like Chanda Kasolo who is able to stand up and start correcting things

    • @Buleta, don’t expect @Easy Easy and @Thorn in the Flesh do grasp anything. They do not see beyond the song Dununa. They are irritating but its there privilege to be dull.

    • @Easy easy……he is irritating you and not others. It is because you are so preoccupied with the survival of your party which is sinking so fast.

      Kampyongo says “all fundamentals are intact”. My foot!!! which intact when others are being arrested without cause?

      The state of our economy is dangerous. All parameters are indicating that we are barely surviving.

      May be rethink your position clearly without bias, and you will realise that even those that were with you have long left you.

      I really sympathise with your irritation and but I feel it is self inflicted and therefore you bear the consequences of your own selfishness.

      Think of the suffering masses my dear and you will understand what HH is saying.

  3. As a person who served in the highest office of the land, and who had access to privileged documents, I can attest to my learned colleagues assertion. Indeed HH is a bitter man whose aim is to paint this successful government black. What can that small boy HH point to in terms of public development? he has never held public office and has no understanding of the complex nature of the highest office. I would actually rather vote for mulolyeka than HH. Atlease Mulolyeka gives solutions rather than rejoicing in evil deeds like hh does. We may lose positions but we still have the power to fix HH. Let HH mature and face us like a man. KZ

    • HH does not need to hold public office to be successful. Donald Trump crazy as he is never held public office but the American economy is booming. I know you don’t have global visibility of issues but be truthful for once. The PF government is a failed project and nobody needs lenses to see. I am from Petauke myself but I am not going to praise for the sake of it, No ways. Inflation, please advise these characters

    • Malumba as I have said, please point to one thing HH has achieved in his capacity as a public servant? I will put my life on it , you cannot point to a single thing. However, under pf you are even able to respond to me here freely because the economy is doing good. If things were as bad as you say , I doubt a hungry man would have the energy and resources to blog and use data here . You are my brother from petauke but I do not want you to vote for pf based on tribe. I want to show you that we have achieved a lot so that you vote for us to continue developing. Look at the infrastructure we have built. It like you are in America. Kz

    • If you want somebody to point at what HH has done, put HH in office and he will show you what good leadership can do to a country and its people. You are blocking the man from mobilising out of fear and here you are saying point at what HH has done. What is wrong with you people.

    • Cameron, that is a nice name you have. Listen Cameron, let me ask you this , if you had a 2 year old son who cried to drive your car ,would you let him? Would you risk the damage of your car and the safety of your family in the car just to please your 2 year old sons fantasy to drive? Would zambians risk hh fantasy to lead? Kz

    • Kaizer I didn’t know bitterness had documentation to show as proof. Secondly which Economy is doing better, Zambian economy or your own personal economy? I see you are a bit confused after being fired so your head is not thinking right. Lastly your PF government is the one that has demonstrated as being run by a two year old kid who can’t drive a car as you have rightly put it.

    • Can you please start working, the economy is gone. IMF cant give money to people like you. You are wasting everybodys time here. The country coffers are gone, can you start doing what you were elected for and stop your empty arguments. Are you not seeing the hungry stomachs in the country. Rupiah Banda cried on exit, and confessed and said we thought we were listening but we were not. Can you learn something please. Your own budget says you only have 10% to spend on social sectors with 90% tied up and you are still here blogging. Come on, get to work man.

    • African development bank have just lifted the blockage on funding. We shouldn’t become too reliant on IMF and other foreign elements. This is why some of you like hh and his followers were willing to allow people like Foote to disrespect the sovereignty of your country all for a little silver and gold. Do not be too cheap. Yes we are not the richest but money is not everything.

  4. Exchange rate crazy,inflation mad, reserves haywire, mealie meal prices quagmire,debt management in shambles,unemployment insane,health care collapsed,law and order in shambles,so what is the argument here,this is a no contest no matter how arrogant,stubborn, insolent and untruthful one may be, and under such circumstances, a reasonable person is just supposed to surrender gracefully, Zambia is stuck, visibly failed leadership

    • The problem with people like you is that you only see development when it is coming from a party you support. Objective people will point to all the development we have brought since 2011. We do not need to talk as our achievements are there for all to see . When you drive around most towns and cities in Zambia it now look like a western country..roads and infrastructure every where. People are owning cars. Some of you are even dating more than one woman yet you are here crying about poverty. Be honest. Kz

    • This 5.1 called Kaizar needs help. Western countries don’t look like our countries. You think trump called our countries sh@t h@le for nothing. Zambia is no where near to any western country not even poor countries in Europe like Albania. Don’t dream here, be a realist, leave some legacy. Zambia is a non issue in the world that is why stats say Zambia is the 4th hungriest country in the world. Any idea to you what that means. The problem is that you have been living lives of deceit and lies, so lies and fantasies becomes normal to you, No it is abnormal. Another chap in your government who clearly has not been to school like you was calling Dubai a country. You guys are a serious embarrassment to this country. Your economy is gone and strangely you still have energy to blogg. Kukowela…

    • Spaka will people eat HHs bitterness and ambitions? Zambians need to realise that a government is not there to spoon feed you but rather to provide a foundation for you to develop yourselves. We are not socialist. That system was tried many years ago and failed lamentably. Therefore we all need to sacrifice and work hard. Even the UK has austerity measures following labour

  5. Retirees are crying. Meal allowances for our poor students were scrapped. Salaries are not paid on time, ask CBU lecturers, Companies have been quietly retrenching, unemployment is at its highest, the President has cut his salary saying he is trying to alleviate the situation, GDP growth is revised further downwards, standards and poor ratings absolutely low, the IMF has scanned through your management and governance and is not giving you money for your economy which is doing ‘well’ and somebody is talking about objectivity. Be truthful for once, it does not hurt to be truthful

  6. Borrow-man, must I remind you that people didn’t elect you to keep talking about HH all the time. Seems you are obsessed with the man and he keeps your government on its toes. Now had you been wise, instead of talking I’ll of him all the time you would have been busy working so that the fruits of your work shuts him up but on the contrary your government’s poor governance of this country has amplified the voice of the opposition much more and also enraged the people of this great country.

  7. MMD Mealie meal Price K30 PF price K160
    MMD Fuel K6 a liter PF Fuel K17 a liter
    MMD Exchange rate K6 to a dollar PF Exchange rate K14 to a dollar
    MMD Reserves 4 months import cover PF 1.4 months
    MMD inflation 6% PF Inflation 12% doctored over 30% real one
    MMD trade surplus positive PF trade deficit

    And somebody in his mind says we are doing well. Fight with the numbers provided not with a blogger here

    • And these same fontini used to tell mmd if we will eat roads. And so we are also telling them the same…are we going to eat all the roads and infrastructure which in all honesty some of them dont even make sense. How does it feel to eat your own medicine.

  8. KK -Thank you
    FTJ – reckless privatisation but still retained some money in the country for people
    Levy – Good command of the economy and made great progress in debt cancellation
    RB – Trained economist and economy steered fairly well
    Sata – Good thoughts backed by poor to no planning at all
    ECL – self confession, no vision, no clue. All economic indicators in downward trajectory
    HH – Come and give it a try, you fail we kick you out the way we are doing to these failures in 2021

    • Exactly…these *****s think that once you support someone, it means till death. We are only supporting upnd because its the next popular party and pf have really taken the country to its knees. So now its upnd. They run 5 years they do well, we extend another 5 years, if they dont, than kick them out too. We should only be faithful to our country Zambia. Not any person nor party. Zambia first.

  9. KZ I used to have respect for you my friend but now I believe that you and your PF cohorts, have such a very shallow mind in the way you explain or articulate issues. Those examples you are giving about a child driving the car etc, are far fetched and below the waistline my friend. Grow up guys and let the people who understand issues to lead. Zambia is a country for all. You don’t own it, period. Right now, the growth projection/forecast of Zambia’s economy in 2020 looks very bleak and in dire stress because the country has no visible economic fundamentals to push growth. You PF are killing future generations and history will judge you. Point to one thing that will spur economic activity in 2020 to get to 2% GDP growth? Shame on these corrupt morons.

  10. KZ, I thought as a pf cadre you could have avoided the ignorant talk of hh being an under five bcoz if you insinuate that it’s a risk to have him as head state..why is the economy gone down? slowed down to 2% why hasn’t the pf government which you perceive to have more people who were once in government with massive experience could fail us like this now?
    Well, what you aught to know mr kz, Zambia is a democratic state which allows anyone wth ambitions to become president or any political position can regardless of tribe, gender, region or colour.
    stop misleading people.

  11. Aba bena called PF, kuwayawaya fye. No idea. The worst government ever. I am not a fan of HH who is the obsession of PF, but I cant support this rot currently going on. Somebody must be a real thick head to buy what is going on. Strangely they are seeing development, these guys in government and the people are seeing something else. What a wasted decade with this PF failed project. Why argue when economic indicators are staring you right in the face, everything is down, there is not even a single indicator, parameter or KPI in positive and a person still decides to argue, could be ignorance ehh

  12. A hungry Zambian is not interested in politics of character assassination! PF politics are more of tissue-based than issue-based! Ninshi tamulala pali Double H? Even those who were not fans of Double H are beginning to notice him! Continue giving him mileage the way MMD did to Sata and see what happens! Double H warned you ba PF about the consequences of accruing too much debt! This is the result now! We have gone way below HIPIC! We are now EIPIC – Extremely Indebted Poor Country! Wina azalila!

  13. Insult-free statement from the minister. Debate should be conducted in kind.
    Please do not see the wood for the trees when you opine. Cambridge Analytica, the rigging organisation may have biased your minds via Hakainde. Be warned, rigging of the 2021 elections is already in progress Justice Chulu is already being attacked as he seen as an obstacle to this rigging effort.

  14. 2021 we need to give chance to s new economic manager to ensure we also get those contracts and those positions like state house political aide, ceo and plot 1

  15. Zambia, the only country in the world with more than half its cabinet who are grade 12 school leavers. And the country is run like drama club. Educated people who ready to solve the problems the country is facing are insulted daily by the ignorant paid cadres. The country at independence was at par with North Korea and Singapore. Today it is the second poorest country in the world. The country is led a no vision and clueless president who encourages corruption and thievery. Uubomba mwibala!

    • Whay is it that upnd minions have in terms of education that the pf ministers have? By the way, how far educated are upnd minions? You want to tell us that upnd sarrogates are more educated than pf members? With all the degrees and phds upnd minions have in cow dung and animal husbandry, why have you been failing to win election for 20 yours since upnd was born? Who is dull here? A 5 time looser in a rall and a 3 times winner in a rall? U chaps, u are not equal to pf. Your insults, frustration, and election fever wont take you anywhere. Perpertual loosers, is what you are.

  16. It was also economically above South Korea. Today South Korea is able to make cars and all electronics. Zambia is in darkness without electricity 15 hours per day. The minister of home affairs was a street money changer. The President stole money from a widow. Corruption is part of government normal transactions. Trees are sold on black market by the President and his daughter. Forest government land is fenced together with animals and become theirs. The president thinks being a dictator will help him survive, but had forgotten that no dictator has lived to enjoy their loot. No dictator will ever live to enjoy their loot and lives. Look back into history. You will find none.

  17. Only in Zambia can you have this calibre of minister who lacks critical thinking and its the same across the board of this cabinet. He does not even stop to think if what he utters makes sense. That’s how we have ended up in this mess; there is no way the country can progress with this type of people (who lack minimum intellect) in the driving seat. But its this type of people the appointing authority wants around him – it is a reflection of the mind of the appointing authority!

  18. KZ, at least you have shown open courage to try and show Government side of perception of the state of the Zambian economy. Please keep trying,hopefully, you will be open minded enough listen to the hard and unfavourable realities on the ground. Avoid personal attacks on HH,be issue based,this way, I guess the discussions will be clean and clear.

  19. It’s ok leave our beloved sadist alone. He is our hope. Our eyes are still on the ball … no amount of distraction will make us change our focus.

    Hope and Help on the way

  20. I get puzzled when UPND blind followers say “will Zambians eat roads”.Tell me please,will Zambians eat HH?or who tells you that once HH is voted then all Zambian problems will disappear?Is HH Jesus Christ?Why is your IQ so low that you fail to reason that HH is simply a human being like all of us who can fail or succeed in life?Truth be told,PF Govnt has developed Zambian in the past 8 years.Corruption is a perception and it is being brown off by the same HH and his cohorts just to paint PF black!!Stop projecting HH as an angel.He stole our money by under valuing Govnt assets during privatization!!!If all those Govnt firms remained ours such as ZCCM,our economy could have been booming since 1991!!Indeed HH is simply a bitter creature who hates Zambians too much!!


    1. Inonge Wina – We haven’t bought a presidential jet, it is ZAF which has bought. It is mandated to buy a jet for VVIPs like the president.

    2. Dora Siliya – We haven’t sold Zaffico we are just selling its shares

    3. Amos Chanda – No donor funds have been emmbezzled, the money is just sitting in Zanaco (whilst other poor people have not been paid.)

    4. Margaret Mwanakatwe – All projects below 80% completion wont be funded, except for chinese financed projects (Which are the bulk of all projects)

    5. David Mabumba – we have suspended the exams due to rampant leakages and will issue the same exams because we hope those with leaked papers will have forgotten the answers by then.

    6. Given Lubinda – As PF we promised to revise the public order act,…

  22. 6. Given Lubinda – As PF we promised to revise the public order act, but we are waiting for opposition to make submissions.

    7. Jean Kapata – the figure that China reported for mukula imported from Zambia is higher than what we recorded as exports because you have to believe me. I am telling you the correct figure.

    8. Steven Kampyongo – the riots in Kitwe were caused by misinformation by HH but we are not going to interfere with investigations.

    9. Dora Siliya – we haven’t sold ZNBC we have just handed over the assets to Topstar which is controlled by China through Hantex.

    10. Nkandu Luo – We have banned all students union who used to represent student interests and replaced them with the guild model, which will be made up of students who will represent student interests.


  23. 11. Ronald Chitotela – The tollgate is worth US$4.3 million because it has sophisticated equipment like computers, servers and a shelter.

    12. Godfridah Sumaili – It is a national day of prayer but the Muslims can’t come. There will be confusion if they come.

    13. Vincent Mwale – The fire tenders are so sophisticated that they are worth US$1million but insured at US$250K

    14. Edgar Lungu – Zambia is a christian nation and the church should pray for us, but I don’t want them to lead the dialogue process.

    15. Bishop Ed Chomba – This newly built flyover bridge on Alick Nkhata road lacks the basic minimum standards of a bridge, it’s a death trap and therefore it must be demolished.

    16. Charles Banda – The statement made by Bishop Chomba was not a Ministerial statement or…

  24. 16. Charles Banda – The statement made by Bishop Chomba was not a Ministerial statement or Government Position on the bridge, and that his Ministry has not found any reason why the Bridge should be demolished.

    17. Dora Siliya – ZNBC is the most popular Television Station in Zambia.

    18. Inonge Wina – Cannabis still Remains illegal in Zambia.

    19. Inonge Wina – It’s not all Zambian Mukula that China imports from Zambia.

    Any other remaining?

    • Vincent mwale : the 1 million fire tenders can see around corners and can navigate narrow roads on our townships.

      Inonge wina : load shedding will end when the batoka gorge Project is complete in 2017

      Davis mwila : PF caders should take half of council plots for themselves and take over bus stops and markets

  25. The Objective response should be to state you achievement in 2019 and show the people and facts will speak for you You can pick simply 10 or 20 utmost from the economy to governance like above statements as you close your 2019 I am sure you recorded more successes in the midst of fragile economic outlooks and indicators As you may call for the economic discussion or performance consultation simply to keep yourself n check with sekwila and re position you can also outline the head winds you faced

    But the objective way to answer is simply sound your successes and failures and give those options otherwise better than 2018 but 2020 and 2021 could even be better if well managed…

  26. I cant wait for the day when we see pictures of Kampyongo going into court, that is when only his family will be accompanying him. Kampyongo treat your real friends and family well because only them will bring you food to your cell, all these cadres will be gone.

  27. But the objective way to answer is simply sound your successes and failures and give those options otherwise better than 2018 but 2020 and 2021 could even be better if well managed taking concerns and revising certain metrics and prices including attending to incidences of unethical behaviors

  28. Do we need to take chipuba kainde to state house for us to believe that the chap cant rule this country? NO! ZAMBIANS know kainde very well and thats why they have always voted against him so that he doesent get to state house. Pls let not upnd and its minions cheat zambians that kainde the mine seller is a solution to our problems. By far!! Kateka alamoneka na pamenso, not this joker. Go and see how he keeps his workers at his farm and find out how much he pays them. His face can tell any sane human that kaide is a dictator. No leadership quality, not even one in this guy’s head. Abush kainde.

  29. Guys …bane…..stop answering back to a silly person like KZ. It’s not even yhe real Kaizer Zulu responding so why waste time and energy to answer to all the bs the so-called KZ impersonator. The guy writing back and forth and arguing to all our meaningful comments has been placed there by PF to do just that. The UPND is indeed a powerful opposition party hence KZ is being paid and used by PF machinery to say the opposite in an attempt to sway voters into believing that ONLY PF is capable of ruling the country. Well history suggests the opposite….whether you PF thugs like it or not, HH is the next Republican President. And no amount of rigging shall stop him. Not this time. It won’t work.

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