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Amos Malupenga replaces the fired Chanda Kasolo


Edgar Lungu with Amos Malupenga
Edgar Lungu with Amos Malupenga

President Edgar Lungu has transferred Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services taking over from Chanda Kasolo whose contract was terminated.

The President has also transferred Gender Permanent Secretary Dr Auxilia Ponga to the Ministry of Tourism and Arts.

President Lungu is confident that the two Permanent Secretaries will excel in their new portfolios.

The President has wished the two God’s blessings as they execute their duties.

This is according to a statement released to mediaby special assistant to the President for press and public relations Isaac Chipampe.


    • Malupenga is level headed. Man, I admire the manner he defended the 42 fire truck misinformation and disinformation from crooked upndead. His explanation gave me a fresh understanding. The former Lucifer’s File, the Post Newspaper, employee is equal to the task. I believe that he is qualified for the job.
      But, I still have issues understanding the firing of Chanda Kasolo. What wrong did he do? Is the narrative that he stood to correct you in the media about top civil servants pay downing true? I usually don’t believe media reports.
      I have great respect for the two gentlemen.

    • Kushikwata fye amano uku nomba….
      There is no point of disturbing the 2 innocent PS. Ba Edgar leave good PS where they are, HH will need them.
      Kasolo was supporsed to be replaced by Sunday Chanda first, then Antonio Mwanza replaces Kaizer.

    • The President isn’t supposed to appoint permanent Secretaries. the opposition don’t want to point out that because all our politicians are too power hungry.
      A president s appointments ought to be restricted to political positions such as ministers and diplomats. The civil service appointments are the reserve of the public service commission

  1. True he is just recycling the same thieves around, and they continue stealing. Lungu needs to be replaced I don’t know what formula he uses to appoint these people

    • We employers always ask for 5 years experience in the jobs applied for in the job market. Why? But why? Oh! why?

      Simple! We don’t want trial and error incompetent pimps like h² at the top of things. We don’t want characters experimenting and pressing wrong buttons numerous times on the job. Tge stakes are high in this context.

      Count all recyclables in the upndead. If you have non , you are not ready.

      For upndeads we have rejects. Intrusted rejects. These are usually incompetent f00!$ with grudges. But it’s okay, they are keeping the deads going.

  2. Now its ” the two will excel in their new portfolios” yet Lungu thought the same of the fired Kasolo.This means the offside flag is on Lungu.

  3. President Lungu you are missing a point again, failure to put confidence in governance. You should have elevated civil servant, one of the directors in the same ministry. This cl0wn you keep shear shifting from one ministry to the other is duull, inefficient and often exhibit timidity but evil and corrupt. Being good at manuscript writing doesn’t suggest he’s capable of running the ministry. It’s either you don’t listen or your interest lies in humiliation of PF. Your listening model is similar to that of RB. Change!

  4. He’s gone back to be haunted by the ghost of the hologram fiasco. He’s a perfect example of how the Post Newspapers benefited from the PF victory. I don’t think he would wish to even be seen with Fred Mmembe, how people change

  5. Be careful of « saviours of the nation » « moses of zambia » etc. The Post was suppose to be the « mouth piece » fighting for the poor! Huh they were looking out for themselves they assisted MCS to office in return for jobs in grz, foreign service appointments, dpp, zesco director finance … it was their turn to EAT and boy have they chewed. Good luck with voting

  6. This is a good replacement. As some one who has known Amos for many years, I can vouch for his competence and hard work. Just like me, Amos is objective and a fearless man of integrity. This will make a good team as we approach 2021 when we will again demolish upnd at the polls. Sontapo! Kz

  7. The Constitution says he should appoint Perm. secs on “the advice of the civil service commission” – I wounder whether he does this. Ideally, he shouldn’t have a big hand in these appointments as they transcend party lines.

  8. The same scandal prone individuals being recycled by one Lungu. This man was involved in the Hologram scandal to name one with one Emmanuel Mwamba!

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