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Marketers encouraged to consider health scheme



Zambia National Marketeers Credit Association (ZANAMACA) has encouraged marketeers to consider signing up for the National health insurance scheme.

ZANAMACA Finance Director Jack Shamutete said in order to engage more marketeers on the programme, the association will soon embark on a sensitization programme to educate marketeers on the importance of health insurance.

Mr Shamutete bemoaned that some marketeers do not have access to proper health care services, adding that the health scheme will help change their health challenges.

He noted that registering of marketeers under national health insurance will enable them have access to improved health services.

Meanwhile, the ZANAMACA Finance Director says measures will be put in place to ensure that marketeers contribute to base tax and also remit social security contributions to the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA).

Mr Shamutete revealed that the programme will be affordable and convenient for marketeers, noting that once covered, the traders will be required to pay an amount of K1 per day only.

He added that this programme will also give people in the informal sector a voice through the organization, towards access to social amenities like sanitation and trading areas.


  1. Latest Report

    In Zambia, more than 2million people are now in need of food aid, following two years of poor rains and failed harvests.

    Source- The BBC’s Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding reports.

    03 Jan 2020

    • Propaganda sponsored by a well known sad opposition leader. We thought he had billions. So why does he not feed his stronghold if there is such a thing as hunger in the region? Why don’t mp from southern region also cut their salaries and contribute it to the people they claim are starving? Ask yourself those questions. I tour the country widely and I can inform you that is total nonsense. Kz

    • Ulichipuba. The problem with you pf cadres is that you can trap HH with you stupid ideas,If HH distributes maize in Southern province,the next thing ati HH is tribal. We know your tricks bakoswe.

  2. PF is becoming too much arrogant and very divisive. 2021 you need to be shown the door.Look at this fake Kaiser talking like his party is not in power and responsible for the whole country. Stop thinking northern and eastern are your forever strongholds they can flip anytime especially now with all the load shedding and bad economy affecting all. This hunger you ignoring will be your downfall, God who doesn’t care about strongholds will soon hear their prayers just and that retiree woman

  3. It seems to some a Marketeer is the same as a Marketer. LT, is there a difference between these two? The story is about marketeers, but the title is about marketers. Very confusing.

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