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Local Company AquaGIS to invest K 33 million in Avocado, Mango and Pawpaw tree planting project


Part of  the grafting of more than 20, 000 Avocado trees at a nursery in Zozwe area
Part of the grafting of more than 20, 000 Avocado trees at a nursery in Zozwe area

A local company, AguaGIS Consult Limited (AquaGIS), is targeting to invest over K33 million in an Avocado, Mango and Pawpaw tree planting project in Vubwi District of Eastern Province.

AquaGIS Managing Director Eng. Lytone Kanowa said the trees will be planted under Avocado and other Fruits Project (AFP).

Eng. Kanowa said that the project will be run as an out grower scheme. “The AFP will run as an outgrower schemer and currently we have engaged 199 farmers,” he said.

“In the first phase of this project, 120,400 Avocados, 20,000 Mangoes and 13,600 pawpaw trees will be planted on 395 hectares of land,” Said Kanowa.

He also said that, “the total investment cost of the project in the first six years, starting in 2019 will be K33,627,520.”

AFP plans to sell fresh fruits and also add value through processing to increase demand and profitability.

Mr. Kanowa said that Zambia remains a net importer of tropical fruits despite the climate being conducive for the country to grow own fruits and export fruit products.

“The project will exploit the market opportunities available in the fruits supply chain to achieve it’s goals and promote small scale farmers productive participation in the production of the fruit while afforesting the deforested areas.” He said.

Eng. Kanowa said that the project had received overwhelming government support in the District and he was optimistic that it will succeed so that it could be replicated to other districts across the country.

“Am glad to inform you that AFP has received full government support in Vubwi District, the District Commissioner Ms. Eneless Banda and her District Administrative Officer Mr. Musterd Phiri have been so supportive. Mr. Phiri recently flagged off the grafting of more than 20, 000 Avocado trees at our nursery in Zozwe area, that shows you their commitment to this project.” he said.


  1. Good move and good for the environment. This should encourage other players to thinks about adding value to such businesses. We are looking at fruit juices, salads for restaurants and our ever-expanding shopping malls. The UK market may be open for business from the 31st of Jan, get in there.

  2. Its interesting that just yesterday I commented on article by some representative of small businesses in which he was claiming that 2019 was depressing for small businesses in Zambia. However, this article now proves me right. It is proof that pf has given the small businesses a favourable environment to do business. We always feel good when we see local projects being started. We wish you the best and thank you for job creation. Kz

  3. I hope you are planting suitable varieties for specific market requirements in the local and international supply chain. In this way to remain competitive against imported fruits. Huge and gainful. Thumbs up Eng. Kanowa!

  4. Well done , it’s not only about GRZ providing conducive environment, it’s about GRZ participation as stated in the above article.

    There is no need to import Any fruits.

    Can we have more GRZ leadership in making sure companies are started to supply the Zambian fruit market and stop imports

  5. How interesting! Great work Mr Kanowa. This is the way to go. Enjoy the fruit, make money and help to restore the environment. Government need to support such projects with subsidised inputs just like they do in maize production. With failing rains, fruit production may be the answer.

  6. The objective of the project is to restore the livelihood of especially the small scale farmers who have been hard hit by the negative effects of climate change. The project actually will cost is K33.00million for the period of 6 years within which we will start to pay back the loan.

    Of the K33.00 about K8.00 is direct input from farmers to prepare land, plant, look after the orchards, etc. The project is looking for a source of money to bridge the gap. In essence, we have secured K8.00 worth of farmer’s contribution.

    Our thinking is that government or related agencies must come in to provide the much needed resources using the same principal of FISP or through such as finding towards ZAFICO or Zambia Forestry and Landscape Project or any similar project dotted around…

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