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Munali Illegal Structures razed down by a grader


AN early morning raid led by Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo, has left some Munali developers in shock after their structures were razed by a grader.

In the dark of night, the minister and his steam raided the illegal compound near Munali School and brought down all illegal structures not covered by a court injunction covering the area.

One of the witnesses Evaristo Lungu, who had been hired to build a house that was demolished said the minister and his entourage in the company of the police arrived in the area at around 23:00 hours on Thursday and brought down the structures.

The caretakers were asked to vacate the unfinished structures and the grader was set into motion.

Mr Lungu said he and his colleagues were made to sit down and later forced to board a vehicle.

He said after explaining that they were only there as workers, they were released.

All structures deemed to have been built on the illegal plots were demolished except for the ones under a court injunction, including the filling station.

Meanwhile, a community leader, in the area, Bupe Banda said the government had warned the developers in the area not to continue building because the land belonged to the school but unfortunately, most of the people who had put up structures defied government’s order.

He said it was a disaster waiting to happen because they did not take the government seriously.

“They were warned to stop all manner of constructions works,” Mr. Banda said.

“The developers were reminded on two or three occasions when ministers toured the area. They spoke to those they found on-site and told them that the constructions were illegal and therefore they should stop any works to avoid losing out,” he said.


  1. Don’t get excited with these political appointed positions Lusambo. One day you’ll be retired and broke you’ll need people to help you.

    • I like when Lusambo goes back to work, yes demolish them mwandi. Mayor issues land certificates, City building inspectors approaves building and Water company, Zesco and all put up services, and then DEMOLISH them!! It is Lusaka, the crime scene.
      Lusambo please visit Forest 27 and demolish the things there!!

    • Lusaka Times….no pictures…in this era of cellphone videos etc….with so much fake news out there its better to back it up with images…looks like you just copy and paste kachepa stories from Facebook…no reliable source and no name of who wrote the article….dont believe anything you read and only believe half of what you see

    • Surely how can you allow a catchment area like Forrest 27 to be used as residential area with their own sewer soakaways contaminating the water table for Lusaka. How dull can someone be to de-gazette an area like that need read speeches about Climate Change.


      A staunch PF supporter says Lusaka province minister Bowman Lusambo is a big crook who has made money by swindling and intimidating businessmen using president Edgar Lungu’s name.

      Edward Ndalama says Lusambo should not boast about being rich because his riches are dirty money.

      Ndalama, in the photo with Lusambo, (Zambian Watchdog) says Lusambo will be in trouble if government changes.

      Ndalama was chola boy for Lusambo so knows what he is talking about.
      Source- FB Zambian Watchdog

    • Great job Mr. Lusambo. People must learn to respect the law. This will serve as a warning to other would be law breakers. Please demolish some more illegal structures. This is the only language anarchists understand. Again thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • Lusambo don’t listen to political threats coming from the likes of Zedian. We are gentrifying compounds and making Zambia a better country but chaps like Zedian are too proud to face reality and join us in the gentrified areas. Get rid of all illegals including street vendors

  2. Awe, don’t condemn lusambo, what he is doing is the thing that should be done to half of lusaka because anything on two legs choses to build anywhere & any how. In the end lusaka has turned into a shanty city. And you complain that there are no roads, no water in these illegal areas. You complain of flooding, when you go & build in a stream. Lusaka is a cholela capital because anyone does as they please.

    • The problem here is not grazing down those properties but the problem here is those people have title deeds with signatures of Lands officials who are still in those offices. We wont hear of anyone arrested they just carry on giving out deeds for bribes.

    • But this is all because governments create the impression that Lusaka is where you will get a job. People flee their villages to settle in a shack in Lusaka because they are nearer electricity and jobs. You need a government that thinks not one that just supervises rot

  3. If the structures were illegal, then we’ll done!
    However this lawlessness is the fruit of a seed planted by Plundered Federation who enabled Cadres to have total disregard of the law & believe lawlessness & brute behaviour is okay as long as one shouted from the rooftops “Ch!kokoshi dancing President nafuchi nafuchi”.
    Remember ba Grey P.F party secretary general Dav!es Mwil@ instructing all P.F Cadres to take over land for themselves whenever possible.
    Lelo Lw@ny4!!

  4. Its not enough to demolish those structures.. I am pretty sure those people were given authority by somebody to build in that place as no one can simply risk their hard earned money to knowingly build an illegal structure. Why was he selective by ignoring the ones with court injunction if he was absolutely sure they were illegal. Looks like people will get away when they can afford a lawyer.. Shame.

    • P.F lawlessness, Caderism, & Gangsterism coming home to roost!
      2021 these people know what to do!

    • Dont be surprised if that land is sold off to make way for a shopping Mall to Bowman’s Chink friends as that is a prime location.

  5. I find it hard to celebrate anything here while witnessing the total breakdown of the governance system. Bowman is there, council is not and next Chomba with his minister over the fly over without the council and next, King Edward illegally demolishes 20% form some people’s salaries and then fires PS for correction and forest 27 same thing! – aren’t your heads spinning by now??

    • Someone powerful is after that land, they have sold off all school lands in Lusaka gone are the days when we had land for intergames. Munali wont hold on to that land for long, that big lump of sand Bowman is up to something.

  6. All those structures built on what is school property are illigal , why are there court injunctions on some ? While you demolish only done ? Are those structures covered by court injunctions PF officials buildings and are being left alone ??

    This selective act alone smells of trying to dupe the masses of a GRZ acting.

    We want to see blanket action over illugality.

    Also PF , we are not du.ll as you think. That reported $10k and $11 k corruption case against Amos chanda and soko is fake.
    How can anyone accept $10 and $11 k to push through a contract worth 10s of millions of $s ??? Those figures don’t add up people. Looks like chanda and soko are being given watered down figures to cover lungu. The corruption involved millions. Not that change money you are reporting.

  7. The law is the law. As a person who recently experienced illegal squatters on my land, I appreciate the importance of law and order in the administration of land. Why continue building on land that is not rightfully yours? Why go through the risk and waste money on illegal structures? Under pf we are bringing sanity to land administration without fear or favour. Kz

    • Sir, according to information at hand that land is not yours. You had no authority to claim it, and i know you dont have to present your defence to me, but why would the Chieftenness and headman argue against you?
      Furthermore, you took matters into your own hands and burned property withought proper authorization.
      anyways, we leave it at that.

    • Ministry of lands has someone responsible for the ministry. How do you bring sanity to land administration when it’s the same ministers flouting the rules? Who is the minister of lands and why haven’t we got a robust way of registering land? Every Zambian is entitled to land but at this rate, some Zambians are more equal than others. Sanity should start with an independent audit on how people have suddenly acquired so much land in a very short space of time. How did Kaunda’s ministers fail to even build houses or acquire a vast amount of wealth during their 27 years in office? Our thought process should be long term and focused on our future generation.

  8. The city council is the one mandated to demolish illegal structures in the city under the local government act. Why is it the Lusaka province minister directing the demolitions?

  9. Truth of the matter is that the filling station is for the first princess one and only thats what it has been spared , there is selective in the the way the way exeerice has been done true alot of those holding postions have interest as this land is termed prime land , its such a shame ,Lord what wrong have we done to derserve such curity from the ministor , he has big chunck of land in chamba valley and one wonders how he could be so selfish as to demolish houses , i have a few questions is he the minister of land mm zambia the real Africa , cadres please wake up and know that you are used and dumped by the so called minister who one day will cry wait . the day of reckoning is slowly approaching , look what happened in foxdale minister demolished houses ala one day ukalila ba hard…

  10. Its a well known fact you and your shameful friend Lusaka DPS have interest in that land , the poor teachers who probably could have been given a plot have not benefited from the so called prime land .The Lusaka DPS is another shameless person ,if he can grab a house from his relative in Libala do you think he has a heart for people not at we know you too well , your wife suddenly drives an expensive jaguar all ill gotten monies from chinese we know you Lusaka and please stop mocking God, you will cry

  11. Where are the pictures of the razed structures, you are putting a picture of a cadre instead. You are behaving like the Sunday Times and the Sunday Mail who are wrongly reporting that the woman who stoned a boy in Ndola works for MTN when she has never worked for MTN. The razed structures will haunt this cader

  12. every nation as rules and laws that govern that particular nation no wonder we cant do away with POA because we need order in our country I urge ECL to please exercise more strength on the culprits that breaks the law of the land.

  13. When you clearly look at these demolitions you will realize that they are targeted, nothing under PF is without problems

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