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Zambia signs MoU with Austria to Reduce Birth Mortality Rate

Health Zambia signs MoU with Austria to Reduce Birth Mortality Rate

 Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Ms. Kakulubelwa Milalelo handing the signed crucial MoU to Ambassador Mukwita in her office in Lusaka recently. Courtesy of the embassy of Zambia in Berlin.
Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Ms. Kakulubelwa Milalelo handing the signed crucial MoU to Ambassador Mukwita in her office in Lusaka recently. Courtesy of the embassy of Zambia in Berlin.

Zambia has signed Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with Austria that could result in a significant reduction of the number of babies and mothers dying at birth said Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany

Ambassador Mukwita said the Cancer Centre at the University Teaching Hospital or UTH could also get ‘rehabilitated and upgraded’ to international standards following the MoU facilitated by the embassy, in addition to the infants and mothers’ wards rehabilitation at UTH.

“It’s the most crucial agreement our embassy has facilitated with Austria in over 15 years,” said Ambassador Mukwita, “once completed it could lead to the number of mothers and babies dying at birth reducing drastically.”

Ambassador Mukwita said President Edgar Lungu has often stated that death of mothers and babies at birth must not occur in 21st century Zambia, “No mother must die while giving birth,” said President Lungu in recent official statements.

Zambia has reduced the number of babies and mothers dying at birth by the hundreds, but President Lungu wants the deaths further slashed because an ‘increased and healthy population’ of Zambia is key to GDP growth of the southern African country said Ambassador Mukwita.

Alongside the ambitious proposal to slash infant and maternal mortality, the Zambia Austria MoU, with AME International, also seeks to ensure cancer deaths and infections are slashed due to early detection and treatment once the Cancer Centre is upgraded.

Zambia must also become a treatment and skills hub after the upgrade according to AME International partner Heinz Messinger who has travelled with H.E Mukwita twice to Zambia in July and December for ‘on the spot’ studies on the UTH facility’s needs.

The financing for the projects if approved will be on a ‘zero interest’ rated basis, which the government of Zambia prefers as compared to commercial loans.

“This is all part of our economic diplomacy quest which has been very well supported by our headquarters at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lusaka,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

The senior diplomat said the Office of the Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina, Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ngandu including the management team at UTH cannot be thanked enough for bringing the successful Austria Zambia MoU.

Perhaps of even greater help on this was PS’s Health, Finance, Kakulubelwa Mulalelo, Chikuba Mukuli and Stephen Mwansa.

They played crucial roles along with the office of the Secretary to the Cabinet and Dr Simon Miti that is always diligently assisting and facilitating the mission’s efforts said the senior diplomat.
Austria’s decision to partner with Zambia on this health MoU that could save lives of mothers, babies and cancer centre could be a “true new year gift to Zambia.”

It is also testimony according to Ambassador Mukwita that the embassy in Berlin can work well with the right kind of support it has been receiving from HQ in its quest for greater economic diplomacy.
“Austria is a great country with a US$ 500 billion GDP, its interest in Zambia just goes to prove the notion of us being a great people and a great country…it is a good story that is not told enough,” said Ambassador Mukwita.

The health MoU is a “New Year 2020 gift that keeps on giving for us as long as the number of dying mothers and babies reduce and that of cancer too,” said Ambassador Mukwita adding that this means the embassy seeks to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk.’

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    • No doubt the Austrians hv done their homework through the EU. They will not release money on loose conditions and contracts. They know the importance of spending money better than a drunken sailor.

    • Just useless attention seeker Anthony talking out of his a$$, you mean you can not reduce mortality yourselves? look who is in the photo Kakulubelwa Milalelo I am sure Dr. Chilufya was also in Germany as those two like travelling together in the name of business.

    • Austria have advanced significantly in the 21st century. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity are legal in Austria. Registered partnerships were introduced in 2010, giving same-sex couples some of the rights of marriage.

  1. Why are we always asking others to sort out our issues in the name of partnerships? Austria was dependent on Germany not so long ago but have managed to pull themselves out of that situation due to good leadership. Zambia’s biggest curse is its vision less kleptomaniacs occupying higher office, it’s embarrassing!

    How can you achieve anything meaningful in a failed Kachasu State??

  3. Excellent development facilitated by my brother mukwitu. As a father and loving husband I appreciate the importance of safe and successful births especially on women. As usual above we have people from opposition criticising this move. However we are not surprised because gay supporters know that their gay acts cannot produce a child. Kz

    • KZ don’t be stup1d young man. Constructive critics are not sinners. Your main donor Finland has a new PM who is raised of gay parents. She a gayian child I myself would never get a penny or even think of talking to a Finnish now. Who the bloody hypocrite. Do you have any self conscious you thieves from eastern province. Yet people from Northern where termed thieves look a the line up. Be objective if you want respect you have never given anyone probably not even your parents

    • Cat Power – why waste time responding to this guy? Just think about it which blogger has suspiciously disappeared since this Kz guy popped up. There is only one blogger who has the time for these types of childish trolls.

    • “Gay Life in Austria” celebrates the truth and beauty of same-sex love including gay marriage. justice and freedom have long overtaken socialistic destruction and homophobic violence. Today the reigning ethos is respect and equal rights human rights.

    • @KZ, Austria, the country you are so proudly getting aid from for cheap political mileage from, was the European Union’s host city for Pride 2019. Vienna is the No.1 city with the best quality of life in the world, the pedestrian crossing lights depict all kinds of couples and most important of all, everybody lives their best life while the govt delivers. That is what you should emulate instead of this dumb lip service you serving to Zambians. Or you are actually working up folk to despise the present govt. It is working…for once, you are actually doing a good job.

    • If you maintain an alias here with this new generation of bloggers they will just copy it and use it to tarnish you until that alias is banned, there is no mutual respect or silent code of conduct. Its no wonder you dont see the bloggers that made LT the best forum: people came just to brainstorm and have a laugh or catch up. Same way as those Zambians who are eyeing up foreign businesses then deporting the owners so they can take over without shame.
      You will see this blogger will be bored with this alias after a couple of months and come back again posting his usual rubbish about his fictitious other half.

    • I hear you @ 4:6, Queen of hearts.
      These imposters/impersonators have NO SHAME WHATSOEVER!!
      I actually have my suspicions Mr “My Wh!t.e Wife” is also Mu2h0ta I have a P.H.D. Too much time on their hands to contribute positively & objectively these [email protected]

  4. Any donations in this country should come in terms of services and not cash.
    That way we will see the benefits of begging.
    Cash is usually misappropriated.

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