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President Lungu is the sole PF presidential candidate for 2012 – Mwila


PF Secretary General Davis Mwila and President Lungu during the singing of the national Anthen During the opening of the Central Province Provincial Conference

The Patriotic Front Central Committee has resolved that President Edgar Lungu is the sole Presidential candidate for the party in the 2021 General elections.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila said the decision by the Central Committee was arrived at after considering the achievements President Lungu has scored since 2015.

Speaking when he received defectors from the opposition among them, the Zambia Republican Party, Mr Mwila said the Central Committee has instructed that the Secretariat intensifies the mobilization of members especially those that left the party.

Mr Mwila said all newly recruited members should not be relegated to mere spectators but should be used to mobilize the party.

And Mr Mwila said the UPND is worried that Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has rejoined the PF because he will dismantle their structures.

He said the UPND are worried because they know that GBM has huge following across the country.

Mr Mwila said UPND lies that the PF has sold national assets among them Zesco and ZNBC to the Chinese will not distract Zambians who believe in the ideologies of the ruling party.

He added that the PF is not doing anything to rig the elections but will genuinely win the elections in 2021 due to the many projects they have delivered to the Zambian people.


    • You can take a Zambian out of a One party State but you cant take the one party state out of his head. We freed ourselves from the Second Republic but we still think a President cant be challenged. That is a one party state mentality.
      Just look at PF, UPND, even MMD they never accept that a President has got to be challenged. When a President is challenged like in MMD that becomes the end of the party. Our Presidents from 1991 onwards still have One party state powers.
      Do we want to go forward or backwards?

    • To win this battle, the opposition parties will need verified figures for all registered living voters in each constituency before presidential elections.

  1. How is this news when he already spoke about standing in 2026. Democracy indeed. We also understand why KBF was chucked out of PF. Democracy at all.

  2. Awe Bwana, you know if Lungu went to a convention he would lose because many real PF members would rather someone who can come in and kick out all MMD who were not there when real PF members sacrificed for the party. I think KBF is the best candidate.

  3. GBM has no following in the country, the reason he went back to PF is to revive his businesses which ground to a halt due to PF squeezing him. GBM is finished politically.

    • If GBM told me that Mandela was in jail for 27 years and was a South African i wouldn’t believe him. That is how much i don’t believe anything that comes out of that man’s mouth.

  4. Soooooo …..this PF is a dictator party which does not belive in conventions or free votes to challenge lungu for leadership of PF ??????

    Where are those of rats calling UPND a dictator party for HH ???

    Look now, lungu is being forced onto PF ……


  5. there’s no party in Zambia that has intra party democracy for selecting the presidential candidate. That’s why Mr Lungu went for third term. UPND = PF in this area

  6. Let him be challenged at the convention, what is he afraid of after all he has performed as per your blah blah blah, high electricity cost, unbearable fuel costs, high mealmeal prices unreachable for many ati he as performed? Just shut the hell up instead of insulting our intelligence.

  7. What a load of nonsense. Up till now one would think we were a “ multi party democracy?” Stinks like dicatatorship run failure Zimbabwe.

  8. That’s darn right, ………. and right on time!

    PF 2021.

  9. We didn’t expect anything less. The first hurdle has been beaten. Now all is left is for our work to do the talking while I work as hard as I do every election to ensure a smooth win. Election time for me means no sleep and even working double my already over worked schedule. I don’t take this honour to serve lightly. I do this for our people and to ensure every Zambian has a good standard of life. I myself came from poverty and understand what it means to be at the bottom. We are in this together. 2021 pabwato in eagle 1.

    • @KZ, you, Sir, are one of the many reasons we do not want such leadership in this country. An anarchist trying to eat humble pie now that the basket will soon be running dry.

  10. Back to mediaval ages. Sole candidate nafuti. Aspiring candidates will be vilified, expelled from the PF and will certainly be investigated by the ACC. God help Zambia and its sons and daughters.

  11. KZ , Let let GBM know that going for a PF convention is a pointless exercise because Ch@ma and his many thugs have decided who they are going to adopt as leader. Going to the convention will just bring about lawlessness . We already know that the PF police are useless and are lead by political directives and commands not evidence of crime . They cant even investigate Vespers death .Chavula’s case has not been heard because of the same .

  12. Ba L.T always learn to edit your work before publishing, it shows incompetence like this. 2012 or 2021, which is which?

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