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Lusaka P.S Kamanga accused of creating confusion at Provincial Administration


Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga
Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga

Confusion is brewing at the Lusaka Provincial Administration which has seen two senior officers occupying one position after Provincial Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga caused fraudulent transfers.

Peter Chilambwe and Ng’ambi Infwa both Assistant Secretaries are now working in the same office after the Public Service Management Division reversed the transfers that were initiated by Mr Kamanga.

Sources at PSMD have revealed that in November last year, Mr Kamanga transferred Mr Chilambwe from Lusaka to Ndola and replaced him with Mr Ng’ambi.

However, procedure in the transfers was not followed which led to PSMD Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali reversing the transfers late in November.

“By this time both Peter and Ng’ambi had settled in their new positions and in the case of Ng’ambi, P.S Kamanga immediately paid him his Conveyance Allowance. So when Mr Chimbwali got hold of the information, he summoned Mr Kamanga to his office but he kept dodging him,” the sources explained.

The sources revealed that when the anomaly was detected and as guarded by PSMD, Ndola immediately effected the reveal but Lusaka has been reluctant to obey the instruction from Me Chimbwali.

They added, “What we have is a situation where P.S Kamanga is causing a lot of confusion at Lusaka Provincial office. Even when Mr Chimbwali wrote to him instructing him to reverse the transfers, he opted to ignore the letter and now we have two officers for one position at Lusaka whole Copperbelt is not manned.

They added that the fraudulent transfers that Mr Kamanga has been issuing are meant to punish officers seen to be close to Provincial Minister Bowman Lusambo.

“The truth is that Mr. Kamanga and the Minister do not see eye to eye. This started when they worked together in Ndola and it has continued even here in Lusaka but it is now causing confusion as junior officers are getting intimidated and frustrated by Mr Kamanga for being close to the Minister,” they said.

The sources wondered why Mr Kamanga has been allowed to show insolence and insubordination to the office of the Provincial Minister in so many cases.

They added that even Mr Kamanga’s performance assessment since assuming his position as Lusaka P.S has been below par.

“We know that he has scored poorly on the Performance Based Contract scoring grade. Since President Edgar Lungu insists that contract renewals will be based on performance, we challenge him to show cause why Mr. Kamanga’s contact should be renewed.

They added, “Mr Kamanga has failed to get a hold of his office. He is usually absent from his office and has failed to support adequately the office of the Minister, so there is total confusion at the office,” they said.

When contacted to comment on the accusations, Mr Kamanga said he does not discuss terms of his contract with third parties.

On transfers, he referred all questions to PSMD saying they are the appropriate authority to discuss matters affecting civil servants.


    • It was normal practice back in the days for individuals occupying such positions in government to have worked in the civil service and climbed the ladder up to such managerial positions , something we used to refer to as a CAREER CIVIL SERVANT. Alas these days its sangwapo , any political cadre can ascend to such positions, hence so many blunders.

    • @Aristotle, the system is messed up, Permanent Secretaries were people of integrity who actually acted professionally, these days they are politicians. If Patrick Mwanawasa was made Deputy PS with no civil service experience it tells you a lot.

    • They are all confused. No one knows what is legal, moral or right but anything wrong can be made right. kikikiki

  1. The biggest confusion is Freedom Sikazwe who masquerades as the supervisor of both Kamanga and Chimbwali. If Kamanga doesn’t support Lusambo then it’s sour grapes. Kamanga was nearly lynched by Lusambo’s goons in Mufumbwe when MMD was in power now he’s a Minister in a govt he opposed to the extent of almost killing Kamanga

  2. These are jokers who should not be near the corridors of power when HH assumes the office in 2021.
    They are confused simplest!

  3. Just look at the face of this goon, what honestly would you expect from a likishi la mwana pwebo like this one? It’s all wako niWako!

  4. Republican president is elected not appointed so please UPND cadres stop saying when HH assumes office,it’s not every one that sees HH as saleable candidate for 2021

  5. All the retirements in national or public interests were written by Mr Chimbwali PS at PSMD.A fact he can’t deny.How come all of a sudden he is following rules when he hurt so many people? We shall get the answers in the future

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