Tuesday, June 25, 2024

First Lady Esther Lungu attends Lectures at UNZA


The First lady, Mrs Esther Lungu attends class during the ongoing residential session at UNZA main Campus. Mrs. Lungu is a third year student pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education under the Institute of Distance Education (IDE).


  1. Lady in yellow has made my day,I just wonder what she is thinking,kikikiki, trying to find her on the that group photo.

  2. Well done madam. Please inform your husband that Unza lecturers have not been paid their December salaries and are struggling to report for work without fuel and teaching you on an empty stomach.

  3. I’m not a PF supporter, but well done for trying to improve yourself and showing young girls that it is never too late. I’m rooting for you!

  4. Ba Lipota nabo How can people study if cameras are following their classmate like this? Everything Mrs Lungu does is News????

  5. To find the height of a building or tree with out going to the top.Find the distance from the building to the observer.Then find the angle of elevation of the top of the building.Then by using tangent tables and a calculator you could find the height of the building.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  6. Well done to our mother for leading by example. The pf party has role models right from the top to the bottom. We hope more will emulate her humility. We wish mrs hakainde would also show this type of leadership. Kz

  7. She’s in her third year and this is the first report of her attending a lecture?

    Should she not be in every lecture that is part of her “degree”?

    Shambles, Zambia is in shambles.

  8. Wonderful, never too late to learn. I just hope our government can open up a specialist building and construction trades college/university with specialist courses for electricians, plumbers, builders etc. This would improve the poor workmanship in the country.

  9. The devaluation of UNZA degrees continue. UNZA few years ago used to be the beacon of education in the region. Today, ba form 3 ba defunct wife on paper of the most corrupt President of the former Republican of Zambia is at UNZA? We need to open UNZA to all grade 12s regardless of points. Yes, UNZA is now history. Having her there may have lecturers paid on time. Good move chancellor/s.

  10. Very impressive. She humbly decided to study rather than settle for an honourary degree like some notables. I think I should come to complete my Masters degree. I have my proposal and dissertation left and since I want to research the Zambian Digital field, her actions have inspired me. GOALS!

    Thank you Mama! Congratulations!

  11. Good one madam first lady, very noble and humble. Education knows no age, keep it up, very inspiring, fitting in with students from all walks of life.

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