Lusaka man missing after falling into manhole and getting swept away in drain pipes

Lusaka City Council Fire Brigade and Zambia Police search for missing man Courtesy Speech Analyst
Lusaka City Council Fire Brigade and Zambia Police search for missing man. Courtesy Speech Analyst

Crews from Lusaka City Council Fire Brigade and Zambia Police are searching for a man who fell into a manhole and was swept away in a storm drain.

The incident happened today near a drainage situated few meters outside Lusaka’s Lumumba Bus Station.

According to eye witnesses the man “walked over an uncovered drainage” that was full of water due to heavy rains experienced in the city yesterday.


    • Let’s be fair to Lusaka City Council here. Who has been depriving LCC of income from its assets such as Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminal paid by buses picking up passengers there? How does the Council do any work without revenue? Bowman Lusambo has led a demolishing squad that knocked down expensive looking properties built on Munali Sec Sch land. Where did the developers find the money? Who is asking this question including among tax collectors and those who ensure that tax collectors do their work?

    • Wrong, lazy team of searchers. Lusaka City Council and Lusaka Police, can’t be successful on anything. Where was Lusambo, Miles Sampa and all the 6 MPs in Lusaka?
      They should have flown in Copper-belt Mine Rescue teams. hooo yes, ZNS can do a better job than those mayeu drinking Lusaka Lazy workers?

  1. LCC needs to be held accountable for failing to repair and simply leaving such a careless and dangerous situation open and waiting for a victim. Let them pay big bucks and fire the Mayor, etc, etc.

  2. Man missing! Is he going to reappear after falling into a sink hole with gushing water?…Doubt it.. See the firemen were trying to suck the water out of the hole…Heading should have read : MAN FEARED DEAD AFTER FALLING INTO MAN HOLE.
    One wonderS why they did not put barricades on the sink hole for safety purposes…in everything we are have to be reactive…Styopeti!

  3. Follow the flow direction of the drain where you will see it is blocked that is where you concentrate the search. How can you be trying to access the man from where he fell from when that water is flowing. What training have these done in search, containment and rescue?

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  5. Very sad . We have faith in our men and women in uniform to find and save our brother. The pf government will assist in whichever way it can. Kz

  6. Let’s hope for the best, but why was no barricade around the sink hole, kids know no limits, so keep the hazard safe.

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