Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New sexual enhancer hits the Copperbelt


Libido boosters on display at the Trade Fair

A sexual enhancer called ‘Bedroom Sweet’ used by women to prolong the sexual drive in men has hit the market on the Copperbelt.

But the labour movement is concerned that the enhancer might affect men’s productivity at workplaces.

It is believed to prolong the sexual drive of men up to not less than six hours once the woman takes it.

Zambia Daily Mail


    • Congo dust wa mutototo
      Ati AK47, this russian piece is bad@$$ Mmmmh! mmm! I wonder what’s about.
      Dudeloverboy should try this and tell me the result.
      When I get home, I will be sending Drunken Master to Spaka pa UK. Utubangeleshi twilamubelesha!
      Si.ll.y double jay afunika mwana apeluke.
      Iyi story is biased; come think of it, ati “…used by women to prolong the sexual drive in men …”
      Is it not the other way round? Do women give men somehow or do women take them themselves and the result is a wild man in bed?
      Come on guyz! Hihihihi! This writer is crraaazzzzyyyyy.

    • That’s Zambians for you. If s£x was a sport they would feature at the Olympics. When I saw this story on my timeline it was already 1000 comments bring on a story about development it would even get 100 even our dull journalists suddenly become imaginative in their writing.

  1. As a man who has been happily married for many years and had my fair share of relationships prior to my marriage, I can advice you that there is no concoction that can make you a better lover or monster in bed. Healthy living including healthy diet and exercising is the only remedy to retain vigour. We urge our brothers and sisters to desist from these cons..leave them for the gays in other countries. Kz

  2. Kaili men think going for hours dipping in and out makes them men. they even go and proudly announce to their friends ati ” lelo yenzeko, 6 hours non stop” ifyabupuba

  3. Thanks KZ,that’s the only thing a should do and not using herbs which has side effects. If you do some exercises and good diet you will never encounter any side effects.

  4. Looks to be a PF made concoction introduced in PF strongholds to increase PF voter numbers by birth ……..if you know you know.

    • Don’t take these (Dranken Master, Mwana apeluke, AK47, S3x booster) if you’re gay especially gay supporting upndead.
      Only women have a secret thus far goes the writer.

  5. Six hours per night times six days equals 36 hours per week is it normal? Then kunchito 8 – 12 hours per shift.Men are we going to survive?Kuti naunaka kunchito elo ena nao alefwaya Six hours tongamapo.This is the reason why ubuchende bufulile bkoz of the same bedroom Sweets.

  6. There is no biological way that a woman takes a drug to influence the performance of her partner, how?
    Thasts the same as saying taking panado on behalf of someone else. Medicine cannot be taken on one’s behalf.
    With that said, I do agree, for once, with KZ that exercise and a good diet is essential for any sort of physical performance, sex included.
    However, sex isn’t about the number of hours, or is it? Some of us use our time wisely, you could be reading or brainstorming instead of having sex for 6 hours, the fudge you gonna get things done?
    You dont see this much obsession with sex in developed countries. Lets be serious.
    On second thought, why did KZ have to include the homosexual comment, a terrible attempt at dragging the UPND into the mix?
    In politics there is no such…

  7. There is no such thing as bad publicity in politics, the UPND need not campaign if the PF keep talking about them.

  8. Better promote condoms than this nonsense….ati mawana apeluke, apeluke kuti? Ma rubbish chabe. No wonder we can’t develop. Our friends are making cutting edge scientific discoveries and inventions to better their lives, here we are preoccupied with mwana apeluke for 6 hours on an empty stomach. Do you know what it took to invent this AK 47 machine to bring it into such useless things?

  9. Promoting the last major activity left in the “Christian” nation of Zambia.
    The rapidly escalating number of street kids,broken marriages and relationships etc is compelling evidence of this thriving national activity.
    Forget about agriculture,entrepreneurship, manufacturing for export, value addition……

  10. ma labishi!
    go waste your money. you obese people think these things will give you stamina . listen to what kaiza wrote, take care of your health, both mind and body. create intimacy as well, it’s not just about having se xual marathons. have intimacy with your spouses, don’t just touch her/him when you want s ex. show and share love
    it’s also pure ignorance that you guys focus on “rounds”, wtf are you shooting at?
    take care of yourselves

  11. This is just a recipe for liver and heart attacks. Why subjecting yourself to such rubbish? Sex is psychological. You don’t have to take any medicine for you to be effective. The mind just tells you that your body is in the right state. People should not be cheated with such quack medicines. It is only demonic and evil spirits being introduced in the body. Sex is holy and the sexual bed should not be contaminated by such illusions.

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    Haha 🙂

  13. Please save a few packets for Ch!mpy0ngo, K@!zar & B0wman!
    They will need this “SUPER CONCOCTION” for the showers in Hiimb0kaila, & Muk0beko correctional facilities after 2021.

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