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Dreadlocked citizens being denied NRC’s by the Zambian Government


By Maiko Zulu

It has come to our attention that the Ministry of Home Affairs through the various National Registration offices is denying Zambian citizens with dreadlocks their rights of obtaining their National Registration Cards (NRC’s).

A number of people with dreadlocked hair are being turned away in what is a blatant and unwarranted violation of citizens rights. Denying someone their NRC automatically disqualifies them from voting and obtaining other documentation like passports and driver’s licences. In short, having dreadlocks in this country means you are stateless.

In view of this colonial and anti-African development, we call on the Minister of Home Affairs to look into the matter and give guidance and also state under which Act dreadlocks are banned in Zambia. We cannot be denying people their rights just because their hair is different. The world has moved on from such kind of mentalities and identifying someone doesn’t have to be limited to bald heads.

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  1. St Micheal, smoking too much weed is a big problem. All countries in the world have standard photos that can be used for national ID and passport. Arabs women cover the heads showing only their eyes but the national ID requires removing those disguises. American, UK all have standard passport photos. The reason behind is that someone with dreads can simply cut them off and look complete different and security check. Check your mother or grandmother’s NRC it they where wearing “chitambala” on their NRCs. Women with long hair are asked to pull their hair back. It is not a Bob marley portrait but a National ID you m0rron.

    • But there is nothing disguising about dreadlocks. A dreadlocked St maiko is same as a cut one.
      Give the brother a break!
      Puffing on lye all his smoky life doesn’t make him less human.
      Being dreadlocked does not make you any less Zambian Citizen.
      Grant them their wish. We know them. They are Zedians.

    • @kci. You seem to lack critical thinking.
      In your second last sentence you say people with locks can simply cut them to look different, if that is the case wouldn’t a woman with hair on her NRC simply just cut it to also look different, I mean just like another person in locks would?
      In your last sentence, why can’t the same apply to people whose hair is locked? I mean they can simply just pull back their locks, just like persons* with long hair would.
      What you’re have is a type of thinking that was present in the colonial masters of the 18th, 19th and 20th century. You need to stop your primitive thinking.
      It’s the face that matters on an ID not the hair.
      In the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Africa to mention just a few, people with locks get National IDs without a problem…

    • cont’d.
      In the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Africa to mention just a few, people with locks get National IDs without a problem because of this thing called facial recognition.

    • Michael Zulu don’t look Zambian, he looks like Bob Marley’s son Ziggy!!
      I remember years back there like 2 types of wig people could borrow at the registrar office. Especially ku ma villages, people don’t cut their hair that often or women came with ifikuti etc, so best was NRC office lent out ama wigs for FREE. Now with us from Luapula problem came at the Congo (Zaire) border going to Mufulira, the Kaboke officers always disputed that “no no no no, iyi te regi yobe, ni mwanike ubo uyu..” They in fact launched an official complaint that Zambians from Luapula look too similar. All was because of the wig.
      Maybe even dread-locked Zambians look same.

    • Maiko you need to get yourselves lawyered up and stop calling them dreadlocks, the colonists called it that because they considered any black man with long hair as dreadful and unclean hence the word dread-locks. If there is anything that should be banned on NRC its those awful weaves and wigs our brainwashed women wear on top of their heads.

    • Kci you are speaking nonsense. Most of what you say is half truth. As long as your face is not covered Noone should tamper with your hairstyle. Zambian Sikhs for example are never told to take off their turbans. This is just a biased view of anything African

  2. What is going on in Zambia? It is like we are trying to outdo the Victorian order and thrust ourselves deep into the 1600s! If the idea is to see the visage just make sure the dreads are away from the face and take that shot. We are into a new decades for heck’s sake!!

    • @Kassala. It’s as simple as that.
      People don’t know it’s the face that matters on an ID. They are just so primitive,.

    • Most black people dont know that they are brainwashed when they insist on demanding from their citizens the same things the colonisers did. It’s white people who determined what a neat African should look like. That doesn’t mean their definition was right. But Africans are showing they can’t initiate their own thought processes and have to adhere to how the European defines them

  3. Maiko Zulu your are such an ***** seeking attention.A national ID is a very important document which can compromise security so please stop smoking that weed and understand that anywhere in the world they will not accept deadlocks for an ID photo . You are not proud of your originality

    • @Angoni. Can you kindly tell us how having locks on a national ID can compromise security, and if at all a facial recognition software can have problems identifying the same individual with locks in one image and in another without locks?

  4. Zambians good for nothing, dreadlocks can’t deny anyone get an NRC which is his/her right. They can’t pull the locks backward ad his/her face will be exposed ad a photo can’t be taken without any distortion. Thn even those with baldhead can’t be all too, bcoz tht not their true identity, whn the hair grows their appearance will change too.
    Ba Maiko is very right ad it’s not chamba.

  5. We have very important issues to discuss as a nation rather than this nauseous dreadlock issue which will not add value to our lives or to our nation. Maiko don’t just seek attention bring progressive issues.

    • @AM. What issues are progressive issues according to you?
      This a social issue that requires the same attention like any other issue were a certain people in our society are marginalized based on erroneous interpretation of the law.

  6. Micheal aka dokowe if you are able to wear your locks so they don’t cover your face you will get your NRC we know campaigns have began your messages have often been well thought out don’t join rumor ville good lack in 2021 for Dallas

  7. G@y Ch!mpy0ngo is so preoccupied with bu H0mo, so he will NOT take any action or look into this sad Saga, so the discrimination of folk with dreads will continue.
    Just try declaring “all dreadlocked Citizens are turning G@y” & Ch!mpy0ngo’z ka b0lo will get so excited & erect & his small brain will go into overdrive, that closet G@y man Ch!mpy0ngo!
    Bu pub@ pa Zed!!

  8. Dokowe in the first place your Maiko Zulu claims to be an Zambia our so called activists are compromised and don’t represent the beliefs of the people they do claim to represent.i will do advise they look at how Bobby wine an activist in Uganda does it,he stands and fights for his ghetto followers.crying for your deadlocks to be an issue and thinks it’s something the world should read about of Zambia is a joke .i love my country my heart bleeds to see these lunatics try to destroy the reputation of our beautiful country.

    • @Angoni. “in Zambia our so called activists are compromised and don’t represent the beliefs of the people they do claim to represent”. You think so? You’ve got it wrong my friend.
      The reason most look like they are seeking public attention is because they are the rebel kind of social activist, it’s also partly the reason they may not seem not to represent interests of the many people. You need to understand that in our society other forms of activism are seen to be ineffective by activists because of the way our society is structured and this is somehow true, but it should not be the basis for rebel activism.
      Social change that one may be fighting for may not be known to the masses, because it may be affecting a minority and these are the majority of things that need fighting for.

  9. Firstly, the law says that your forehead has to be clear. Which means that if you tie your hair behind, for example, and clear your forehead, you should be able to get your reg or passport. However, this is not always the case. I know a woman who recently had trouble renewing her passport because she has dreads in a situation where one can argue that the officers involved were clearly fishing for a bribe, a common practice wherever some officers can find an excuse. To bring in chamba smoking to this discussion is very shallow and lacking in objective reasoning. Whether Maiko smokes chamba or not he is making a valid point. There is no law that denies having dreadlocks on a reg or passport. Some officers just try to squeeze out a bribe. If you cannot argue facts learn to stay off the…

    • ‘Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.’ – Albert Einstein.

    • I wish Zambia had more people who think out of the box like you. Most are repeaters of the white man’s thinking

  10. That’s what happens when you appropriate other people’s culture and looks.

    Dreads are not Zambian culture.

    If you think about it, passport pictures have strict rules worldwide. Your hair must not cover your face, eyes etc. Nor can your hair partially cover your face. Nothing wrong with the rules. It’s not a denial, only a request to go home and return with your natural hair.

    • What is natural hair? Perm? Weave? Try not combing or cutting your hair, just let it go natural and see what happens to it. At the end of the day everyone should be free to have a hairstyle of their choice whether weave or perm or funny haircuts or dying their hair or whatever, but to say that dreadlocks are not natural is to either be extremely arrogant or quite ignorant. Like I said, do not comb your hair or cut it and keep it natural then tell us what will happen.

  11. Do not waste time on useless nonsense. In German, there are Naming Laws for example. There are requirements for biometric passport photos and identification cards.

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