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PF demands UNZALARU’s Dr Mambwe Retracts his Statement and Apologise


Antonio Mwanza speaking during his defection
Antonio Mwanza 

The Patriotic Front has demanded that University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union General Secretary Kelvin Mambwe retracts the statement he issued where he said that people who would vote for the PF if an election is called today are idiots.

PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the PF finds the statement by Dr Mambwe offensive and insulting to the intelligence of the people of Zambia.

Mr Mwanza said every Zambian has a Democratic right to belong to a political party of their choice and it is not for Dr Mambwe to determine who should belong to PF.

He said the University of Zambia is not the only Public University in the country and the chaos coming from there over the one month delayed salary will not be condoned.

Mr Mwanza has also questioned where the University Management is taking the money they are receiving from Eastpark Mall and other properties they have.

Meanwhile, The University of Zambia management has condemned the Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union for their conduct and bad language following a delay in the payment of their salaries.

UNZA Management has expressed displeasure and disappointment with UNZALARU’s actions and condemns in the strongest terms, the stance and strong language attributed to the Union and its agents as published by various media houses.

UNZA Registrar Sitali Wamundila has stated that the position taken by UNZALARU does not in any way represent the position of Management and the University community.


  1. Let DR Mambwe not be MOVED OR INTIMIDATED by these PF dunderheads . What he said is the TRUTH. its called freedom of speech. He was simply expressing his displeasure on unpaid salaries

    • Mr Mwanza said every Zambian has a Democratic right to belong to a political party of their choice and it is not for Dr Mambwe to determine who should belong to PF.

      The Patriotic Front has demanded that University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union General Secretary Kelvin Mambwe retracts the statement he issued where he said that people who would vote for the PF if an election is called today are *****s.

      clearly from the above 2 statements, one can tell that, those who belong to political parties in zambia are fondly called cadres,mr mwanza you are right people have aright to belong to any party, but from that other statement you clearly quoted it seems the gentleman from unza is talking about voters and not people who belong to your party. and quiet frankly there is…

    • and quiet frankly there is nothing wrong for one to advise voters who they should vote for and not vote for in our country, RIGHT?

    • Freedom of speech does not entail insulting people. Let’s respect each other please twapapata new bantu.

    • Didn’t he sound like a upndead knucklehead? While I support that workers deserve to be unequivocally timely, I condemn the statement attributed to this 1d10t Dr. Mambwe.
      We know and he knows that some of the people he represents don’t in any way share his sentiments. An apology followed by a resignation would do at his stage.

    • Salary delays, learned people embark on vile language insulting the hands that feeds them.
      Dr. Mambwe, why didn’t you just categorically say ” People please don’t vote for these id1ots”.
      The innocent people of Zambia you called id1ots are not the ones delaying your salary. They contribute to paying your salaries.
      They pay their taxes before they pay anything else out of their income. Meaning they pay you first.
      Some things will never change indeed. Doctors in Zambia are something else but Dr. Mambwe is truly an id1ot.

    • UPND could be behind ritual killings in Chingola – PF media director Sunday Chanda claims

    • @ analyser And @ 1.4 Thorn in the Flesh
      You are brain dead guys.

      He and his colleagues did not enjoy xmas… Apologizing for what???

    • @1.6 iwe boi ati hands that feed them? Labour is capital that you sell to earn a salary. No one gets a free pay and there is no who feeds who here. I think you are operating under slave mentality that is why you speak that way. Do you know that even without a government job Dr. Mambwe can sell his human capital somewhere else? This is what brings about brain drain bane.

  2. Retract the many stupid statements you and Monday have made over a long period of time by insulting our intelligence. See how it feels when you make blanket statements without thinking, remember a hungry man is an angry man not even a PhD is spared by hunger kkkk. Pay him his dues, Zesco pays you cadres and kaponyas for insulting people on time and nothing more.

  3. Ba Mambwe, kanshi muli ba cadre?? Don’t hide behind other organisations, just come out and declare your interests. Don’t be like Sishungwa who wants to look intelligent and like a critic when he’s a upnd cadre.

    • There is a huge difference between cadres and voters, advising voters doesn’t mean you infringing on their rights, but telling people which party to belong to is wrong. I think if you read the article again and the statement you party has quoted, he is not talking about you cadres who belong kuli ichi chipani ati chipani chachitechi, iwe chipani chanu ati chipani bwa?

  4. As long as budgetary allocation to universities are minimal, such a scenario will be the order of the day. Universities need to be centers and oasis of knowledge. We have turned them into places of political upheavals and affront. There are a lot of economical areas where university’s knowledge is required. For instance, the current countrywide load shedding. A research needs to be conducted whether it is true water levels are low or it is the issue of obsolete machines which have no capacity to push a cubic of water? All this requires universities which are well funded on research and development. It is a pity that a hand of politicians has silently infiltrated in most public institutions.

  5. Antonio has never voted for PF and he is asking for an apology? This boy is still FDD, let a PF id!ot be the one to demand for an apology.

    Dr Mambwe was right, only an !diot would vote for PF.

  6. The issue here is about delayed salaries, so talk about delayed salaries and not idyots. Instead of making wild calls just pay them their salaries and end the story. You don’t understand the anguish of delayed salaries especially during the festive season. A bad leadership gets insulted everyday, but this man insulted senseless voters, so what’s your problem?

  7. That is what they are good at. Someone talked about corruption in PF and gays. As usual trying to take the popularist way, they ignored the other side of the story of corruption and concetrated on gays.
    A frustrated worker going on Christ month and new without a pay, while Mwanza and his brother Kaizar Zulu were enjoying, polls out his frustration they call him being political. What is political about not getting a salary?

  8. There’s nothing political about not getting a salary and every sane person is supposed to sympathise with the dons but telling the people who are supposed to join them in condemning the idea of delayed salaries as *****s is what we’re strongly opposed to.

  9. Next, it is CBU.

    Is it that Government has no money to pay University workers?
    Where is chagwa? In mfuwe relaxing?

    Will things change in Universities?

  10. I agree with Dr Mambwe.These are truly *****s.They retired people in national interest so yes these meet the definitions

  11. Mwanza Antonio you gate free money from ZESCO without suffering for it. but those who are sweating for it are going without salaries. Remember a hungry person is a angry one. You were in for front in insulting PF when you were with Nawakwi, now you have become an angel after joining PF? Yes politics is dirty, even those condemning Dr. are just cowards whose tails are between their two legs. Bakuwe, bakamung’a Bamufukila Kubili. We don’t want docile people like Stali may be you were brought by PF. You are a dull administrator. Be independent. ulikaume akapemena mumatanta .

  12. Not everyone who voices out frustrations or concern about and against government is a politician. It seems PF believes anyone who says something to condemn PF is aligned to the opposition. The bishops and some chiefs have done that and you call then caders for a political party. What is wrong with this PF? Is there no such thing as one having an own opinion?
    Not all who speak against Govt are politically inclined and leaving this nation to politicians alone without the masses getting involved is what makes these in government seem like they are invisible.

  13. Dr. Mambwe stand your ground and please please be assured We will defend you by all means necessary. Mwanza and his ilk are overplaying their drunkenness with power and pf will do well to meditate on the ephemeral nature of fame and power.

  14. The PF has been caught pants down whence the truth hurts! I mean, why should they worry about being called I.diots if they weren’t I.diots? Look at Lungu, Luo, GBM, Lusambo etc, these are wicked I.diotic fools!

  15. “PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the PF finds the statement by Dr Mambwe offensive and insulting to the intelligence of the people of Zambia.”-LT

    Dr Mambwe, just exposed current PF administration Toxicity.
    Mbila yamushi Tabasuka uwa asuka emwine.

    “Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, they create unnecessary complexity, strife, and worst of all stress.”

    Keep it up Brother!!
    These P.F !mb3.ciles need to GO!!

    • I will not lower myself to the appalling standards exhibited by the maniac above. I do look at myself in the mirror and have a photo of myself here because I am comfortable in my own skin. Since I am ugly, why are you ashamed of showing your picture here mr handsome lipkwa?

    • Ever heard of a security VPN which for security reasons hides ones IP address by using one based in another location? I work for the highest office in the land..I cannot risk hackers getting hold of my account. I understand i get 100 attempts a day by those trying to access my accounts. Kz

  17. In life, people should learn their rights and responsibilities. If your role is to pay for the service you claim to provide for the nation as a way of making yourselves relevant to the general citizenry, then do it. Failure to do so is infringing on other people’s rights. So Dr. Mwambwe is right because you have infringed on his rights and those of the many that depend on his earnings for survival. Therefore, all he is saying is ‘you cant have a cake and eat it at the same time’. You have failed to perform your responsibilities and only those two categories of people can vote for you!

  18. He is cursing that elections are next year.
    He wants them now so no 1d10t can vote for PF. All geniuses will give tribal updead a resounding 100% victory.
    Dreamland fantasy!

    Oh! Sweet salary why do you delay, why oh why. See, you’re making the fainthearted Doctors at UNZA have sleepless nights. Now I get to understand why his counterpart sishuwa has sleepless nights too. No wonder sishua vents like a hot volcano on this podium.

    Please Government pay these learned niggaz timely to reduce on insults. They have a right to early pay monthly.

    • Oooh oooh Christian for lungu, why maketh fun of these people, such abominable acts, yet you put on sack cloth and smear ashes on you body every 18th of October, and roll in mud asking God for interventions , read your Bible religiously and do what it teaches,don’t play Pharisee Fantasies just to hoodwink the masses.

      Deuteronomy 24:15

      You shall give him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets (for he is poor and counts on it), lest he cry against you to the Lord, and you be guilty of sin.

  19. Lets examine the so called insulting word and see if it has been used in a right context:

    An Id1ot is a stup1d person
    A stup1d person is someone having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

    What do you call a voter who votes for a party that has destroyed the economy, glorified corruption, promoted nepotism, decimated the rule of low, negated education, obliterated governance institutions ??? among a few things

  20. He is also insulting his own father and family because I am 100 percent sure they voted PF ,and will do the same in 2021 including his beautiful respectful inviting wife who I have met and is very well behaved. How did he turn out like this?

  21. He is also insulting his own father and family because I am 100 percent sure they voted PF ,and will do the same in 2021 including his beautiful respectful inviting wlfe who I have met and is very well behaved. How did he turn out like this?

  22. None of the people you are talking about KZ voted for PF and you know it. Just shut the mouth and dont take Zambians for granted, they are fed up of you and your ilk. Kuya bebeele. Abash selfish plunders!

  23. He needs to retract.

    UNZA is a privileged provider, that has limited capacity to provide education to a wider student population with excellent grades who apply for entry every year. It is wrong to insult voting age citizens in such a way. A representative needs to use sensitive language to facilitate negotiations.

  24. Please UPND Cadres how do you celebrate somebody insulting the electorate! If that makes you happy to think that your Hichilema will win in 2021, he will not win. Where is he going to get the votes from? Bemba speaking peoples wont vote for him because all Tongas in Southern province have vowed not to vote for other tribes. With that stance by Tongas, your Hichlema will never win. He will continue day dreaming!

  25. Let the university retire him in national interest. UNZA is churning half baked students and the reason lies in goons like shishuwa and this mambwe chaps who politic instead of teaching.

  26. I thought the Sh!t was supposed to have been fired by Jon@ and wasn’t seeking for any job .Now he is saying he works for the highest office in the land .What a travesty Zambia has been subjected to !

  27. Mwaiche Antonia Mwanza sit down. How much money does UNZA receive from East Park Mall? You even aspire to Munali MP and yet you are clueless. Bowman can even do better noti imwe tuma political bundle of joy.

  28. @Kaizar
    You are now a medical doctor to determine that somebody has got dementia? You can be sued for that contrary to illuminating the stupidity or in other words idiocy of any right thinking person to vote for PF in 2021. Stupidity is not an insult in the context it was used.

  29. Stupidity in the Bible:
    Romans 1:22 ESV /
    Claiming to be wise, they became fools,

    Proverbs 12:1 ESV
    Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

    Psalm 14:1 ESV
    To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good.

    Proverbs 14:7-9 ESV
    Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet words of knowledge. The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way, but the folly of fools is deceiving. Fools mock at the guilt offering, but the upright enjoy acceptance.

  30. I dont usually comment but am forced to say something. Yes this doctor will have his right to complain about his salary but the concern is that should he call his mother grand father , uncles and his children *****S(stupid as you say) because they also have a democratic right to belong to a party of their choice? NO . A wrong is a wrong. Let him retract that part. A mad person will look at normal people as being insane and him self as being normal.

  31. I thought freedom of speech was a democratic right as much as it is our democratic right to belong to the party of our choice. Dr. Mambwe is within his democratic right to say what he said and is the only way to talk to people who have ruined the country and cannot pay salaries. It’s absurd and ludicrous to see some Antonio Mwanza talking absolutely nonsense…does he know how unpaid salaries affect families the same Zambian families they claim they care about. PFools think are fools just like them and cannot read between the lines. Dr. Mambwe didn’t insult anyone or any Zambian….in fact he spoke for them.

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