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Trump’s Religious Freedom Commissioner Supports Recalling of US Ambassador Daniel Foote from Zambia


Tony Perkins, one of Donald Trump’s Religious Freedom commissioners
Tony Perkins, one of Donald Trump’s Religious Freedom commissioners

Tony Perkins, one of Donald Trump’s Religious Freedom Commissioners, has said that the recalling of US ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote, for criticizing Zambia for sentencing two men to jail for 15 years for having gay sex was, is the right move when he has broken trust with his hosts and can no longer effectively serve as US representative overseas.

Writing in a blog post, Mr. Perkins said that this would also serve as an indicator of how the US Government will act elsewhere, adding that America respects everyone, but it won’t promote values that are inconsistent with what US President Donald Trump stands for.

Mr. Perkins wondered what exact mandate was Daniel Foote operating under when he insulted Zambia’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) policies and judicial system by calling the jailing of two men “horrifying,” and Zambians beliefs on LGBT “oppressive.”

Mr. Perkins accused the previous Obama administration of being more concerned with “cultural imperialism” than “diplomacy”, but that President Trump was slowly working his way through the bureaucrats dedicated to keeping the last administration’s legacy alive, adding that it was not easy to dismantle an army of international lobbyists for radical sexuality, abortion, and other extreme social policies and that President Trump’s White House is determined to keep trying.

Mr. Perkins further wrote that Barack Obama’s efforts to radicalize other nations were so offensive that citizens of other nations openly celebrated when Donald Trump was elected. Like dozens of other countries on the receiving end of the president’s extreme social agenda, people in the Caribbean were under enormous pressure from what he called the bullies at the US State Department to abandon ship on their traditional Christian beliefs.

Mr. Perkins went on to write that sometimes that harassment came in the form of financial blackmail — threatening foreign aid if the leaders didn’t comply. Other times, it came in the form of publicly degrading locals’ beliefs about the family. But no matter how it arrived, the result was always the same: outrage that the United States — of all countries — should be browbeating the world into submission on issues that are still fiercely controversial in most of the world.

Mr. Perkins gave an example that, in 2017, shortly after he took office, Donald Trump received a letter from hundreds of pastors and church leaders in the Caribbean urging him to chart a new course for U.S. relations — one that doesn’t include an obvious disrespect for other nations’ values.

It’s time, the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean wrote to President Trump, for the White House to stop using the US’s State Department to impose their LGBT agenda on other countries.

“‘Gay rights,'” they wrote, “are pre-empting human rights, such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of conscience. We implore you urgently to review this matter, to revoke relevant executive orders and policies, and to thus to restore to ‘The City upon a Hill’ the bright beam that once shone from it.”


  1. Well it seems that the fears in many people, and myself included over the recall of Foote are unfounded. I was concerned that Zambia may go the Zimbabwe way or the Liberia way for getting rid of a US Ambassador, looks like it might not be the case.

    Looks like the Dununa Reverse boys in PF got their maths right this time around. They have Trump Administration on Gay rights. Way they better pray Trump wins this year, otherwise 2021, with new administration in the US would be a torrid year for PF.

    For now, yes go dance, a Dununa Dununa…yeee..Dunana Reverse…

    • Excellent win for His Excellency, President of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Commander of the Armed Forces. Excellent win for the Peaceful Friends (PF).
      1 – 0 to (HH) and his gay sodomite minions.

    • Just ask yourself who is this Perkins in the grand scheme of things ?? If he was of influence he would not be responding through a blog additionally he would have issued his statement thru the state department as an official position …..

    • You must be very naive to have had such fears. Zambia has never grabbed white people’s properties so why would it have gone the Zimbabwe way. Any sovereign country has its own cultural values why would the US withdraw aid because Zambia doesnt want Foote to interfere in its culture?

    • Foote was out of line. Those who didnt understand that fact will continue being oppressed and intimidated by foreigner. stay Woke!

    • I posted about this to say;

      Trump strongly hates Homosexuality. Before becoming President he was sued twice for firing Gay Employees, which he settled out of court. Trump has called Gay people Dogs. And that The Trump Administration could be SALUTING Lungu behind the doors. So here we are today.

      Secondly, Vice President Pence is an extreme Right Wing Evangelical who believes that Gay people will all go to Hell.

      Therefore, Edgar Lungu did not MISCALCULTE his move and the person who looks like an Id1ot here is Ambassador Foote.

    • Shameless 1.2

      The US State Department have already executed their job by recalling Foote. Job Done!

      Tony Perkins is the Religious Commissioner for the Trump Administration. His voice or statement represents The Trump administration

      It is one thing to “LOOK” at something. And Another thing to “SEE” something. When you SEE something you look at “CONTEXT”. What matters here is Context. !!!!

    • @ Ba Independent observer the article actually starts by stating ..Tony Perkins, ONE OF Donald Trump’s Religious Freedom Commissioners, U instead want to give him so much importance by calling him THE commissioner of Trump’s religious fimo fimo…..Iyo Tata he is not as important and big as you are trying to make him out to be. That’s why he can only blog and not feature on any major media outlet later on represent the official position of the Trump admin on this issue infact Foote holds more authority than him. This Perkins was even sued by Hindus for being a very segregative figure and they opposed his appointment on the commission. Why are u people so preoccupied with sex between consenting adults?? But lack passion in issues killing your brethren as if your position on the matter…

    • Shameless 1.7

      Really something is eating you. Accept it. You have no beef in the subject. Move on. Now you are attacking Tony Perkins.

      Use that energy for something worthwhile

    • Have you just learnt the word “plagiarism” and the terms ” cite references” and just want to practice or show case your newly acquired skill? I thought the second paragraph says it all

      Writing in a blog post, Mr. Perkins said that this would also serve as an indicator of how the US Government will act elsewhere, adding..blah blah blah

      This night school for matures ..kaya mwe. Read before you comment, that is rule nambala ONE

    • Ba boot fimo fimo which blog. You don’t know that a blog has a link that’s why you get everything u see on the net as gospel truth. Go back to school if u think mentioning of the word blog establishes the source.

  2. America must stop using bullying Africans… If America want to help Africa and other countries elsewhere, It should willingly send Aid without some attachments to it. You can not impose LGBT on a Nation that has its own beliefs, cultures and Christian values like Zambia for instance…Africa is wealthy but all that we lack is MENTAL FREEDOM!

  3. This is the correct position of the Trump Administration on these matters unlike the useless position of the Obama Administration with Mr. Ban Ki Moon (the most useless UN SG ever) who wanted to impose gay rights on Africa (refer to Pres. Mugabe). In fact, for Mr. Obama, gay rights were more important to him on Africa than issues of hunger, disease, and development. So useless, that he failed to impact Africa the way George Bush did. On these issues I am with President Trump and he will wallop those with a dangerous liberal agenda in the next election. I pity the opposition in Zambia who chose to remain mum on this very important issue – due to confusion, they have no backbone to take a stand — even when the Constitution is very clear.

  4. That’s his personal view and that of Trump’s. Trump cannot impose his views on all the states – many of which support the equality and respect for all regardless of sexual orientation.

    The fact remains, regardless of protocol, Foote’s comment on the drastic sentence was sensible. It even made more sense in relation to the corrupt and thieving cohort that was being left to continue with their devices. What action has really ever been taken against all those misappropriations of billions cited in the auditor general’s report and others? In the general scheme of things, this not just about homosexuality but fairness and accountability.

  5. @Abilima… you are wrong on that account. Obama was not ‘imposing gay rights’. I don’t understand how people ignore the context of the respect for everyone’s rights that was being advocated. Sexual orientation has various shades. Why do you only choose to pick on homosexuality?

    By the way, not all religious edicts need to be or should be translated into law. State laws cater for all and we need to be realistic. Why isn’t fornication a crime, for example, when adults are involved?

    • The Democrats’ liberal approach is what is questionable, the republicans uphold strong Christian values of which they founded their nation on. Fornication is a natural act, it is a sin but not a crime as it is borders more on morality. Homosexuality is unnatural and immoral.

  6. Grade 7 thinking by blind PF supporters. Rushing to quote a low level Trump appointee and far-right cadre.
    The US congress is controlled by the Democrats who support gay rights and also successfully impeached Trump in December 2019.Even Trump himself trades very carefully on this LGBT issue in America.
    In 2020, the Democrats are poised to win the Presidency, the Senate and Congress.That’s when the PF will know what the US really thinks about the Zambian government.

    • Independent #9

      Your argument is a non-starter. Yes, the Democrats control Congress. But so what?

      No doubt, Democrats mostly support Gays. But they cannot force us to rewrite our constitution. We are a Sovereign Nation. The Zambian Constitution is or was not written in the US House Of Representatives.

      I can also tell you that each time the Democrats have been in power, they have not gone around the world forcing nations to rewrites Laws of the Land. The Democrats, if anything exercises total respect for Sovereign Laws. Even when they don’t agree with foreign leaders.

      Obama was nicely told to Shut-Up by President Uhuru about Gay Laws when he made a state visit to Kenya.

  7. Well Mr. Foote did´nt only talked about the gay right, but he took up the corruption that is in the PF and President Lungu, he said it straight out, he was tired to see them “steal” all the money instead of using the money (aid) as it was meant to be, too the Zambian people.

  8. what is sexual orientation as regards to humans? filthy terminologies ,and you attach rights on it.
    where are those doctors who examine human beings who are mad?
    biology books have not been rewritten ,human reproduction still remains as it has been.
    now these terms, we read such as sexual orientation, who has coined these terms.
    and you come zambia as an envoy of USA without respect to our values and feelings, you throw mad on our judicial system, insults us for jailing those two sexual perverts.
    zambia is for zambians and has laws and values for her people.

  9. The fact remains that we Africans have a poor self esteem. When a white man speaks, he’s always right. Foote was wrong but because he was white, we rushed even to condemn ourselves. A Zambian ambassador cannot speak I’ll against the U.S. But ifwe, katwishi

  10. “Mr. Perkins accused the previous Obama administration of being more concerned with “cultural imperialism” than “diplomacy”, but that President Trump was slowly working his way through the bureaucrats dedicated to keeping the last administration’s legacy alive, – LT

    PF Administration don’t uneven Entertain Tony Perkins Comment on ambassador Daniel Foote as validation,

    Confuse the issue, as in Bringing up one irrelevant fact after another, he succeeded in muddying the waters.

  11. Sishungwa called news diggers the “rising influential” paper which praised Foote and called him one of the people of 2019. Well, if the people Foote was representing didn’t believe in his attack on the Zambian judiciary and laws, Sishungwa and diggers and the horde of opposition failures are the donkeys of 2019!! Huge shame indeed!!!

  12. Its a win to those of us who stood firm on this issue, this is not a PF or UPND issue its a moral issue that concerns every zambian.

  13. Even the very Americans themselves do not agree with the former ambassadors behaviour and approach, so who is UPND or who are you to say he was right. I laugh when I read comments stating that we will lose donor aid due to this. Our sovereignty, values and customs are more important than money. Have some integrity . Kz

  14. ‘Unnatural and immoral’ according to whom? That’s the problem, having some holier than thou people dictating to others to ‘change’ their sexual orientation or what is natural to them. The same bible you say forbids homosexuality (although the context is actually questionable since in biblical times sexual orientation was not understood) also forbids sex before marriage. But all forms of fornication are abundantly performed by those of a heterosexual persuation, including acts that are sexually depraved, violent and abusive.

    Republican and Christianity? They have their own exploitative and discrminatory version, yes. Including the belief to ostracise, kill and maim other races.

  15. what what point are you trying to advance, you harold muna about sexual perversion
    homosexuals have no reasons to advance
    you are trying to refer to the bible you dont know .
    homosexuals are perverts
    all wrong acts of course is sin wether committed by heterosexuals or sexual perverts like homos and sodomites
    repent your addictive behaviours and seek restoration of your human dignity ask for help from the word of God dont resist change

  16. @mphangela…. What is YOUR point? That only homosexuals are capable of being perverts? The biggest perverts are in fact heterosexuals. They engage in all forms of despicable sexual acts in broad daylight but you arrest consenting adults in the dark.

    Sexual orientation is a natural tendency – don’t define it by your religious edicts, otherwise you should also make sex before marriage unnatural. That was my point. In fact it is illogical to follow an order that says sex is only for marriage when your natural body cravings say otherwise. What happens when you can’t get married? Please come down to earth.

    Relate the Bible to the context of the time, not dogma that contradicts natural reality.

  17. Some good news for Hamble, for a change in the midst of a melting down economy. Thank God he can enjoy a bit of his vacation! As they say, there is a silver lining to every cloud. But the silver lining is fleeting and temporary if the cloud is self inflicted.

  18. @Thorn in the … I am sure your response that merely states “hogwash” is because you are incapable of stating YOUR own plausible argument point by point.

  19. @Harold, don’t mind them, they fail to reason, they stick to some parts of the bible while ignoring others of the same book they cling to. the bible is full of inconsistences and a lot of fallacies
    let people live their lives, if they ain’t hurting or hating you why are you throwing rocks at them? who gives you that right? your own sexual orientation doesn’t give you any right to punish those whose sexual orientation is different than yours
    there’s so much wrong and evil going on out there and homosexuality isn’t one of them and I don’t care what any of you fools say. and guess what? it’s a matter of time before it’s ubiquitous, the winds of change are swiping across the globe, you can’t bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. the same hypocrisy they were…

  20. … hypocrisy they were displaying when it came to marijuana, it’s a matter of time
    Christianity isn’t an African belief, it’s something that was brought by your colonizers, they brainwashed you into worshipping them. so don’t be referring to the bible as it’s not your traditional moral compass …if you wanna follow it so closely, why don’t you stone to death those who go against the same bible? all forms of discrimination is wrong (racism, misogyny, homophobic….

  21. It’s great to see that there are still leaders in America who understand what it means for other nations to safeguard their cultural, traditional and Christian values. I knew Trump wouldn’t support Foote’s gayism activism. Zambia is a sovereign State and foreign dignitaries in the country must learn to respect our laws.

  22. @Harold Muna&Mukolwe

    Hogwash, absolute hogwash.
    We have addressed this issue on this podium countless times.
    We can’t be talking about this issue now do we?
    Our sentiments remain the same

  23. Wrong again…Mr. Perkins is not an advisor in any capacity to President Trump. Trump openly welcomes gays and lesbians to serve in his administration. One of the most important! embassadorial positions is his openly gay ambassador to Germany. Perkins is a widely discredited windbag and homophobe.

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