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Barclays Bank Zambia PLC to change to Absa Bank Zambia PLC in February


Barclays Bank CEO Mzinga Melu
Barclays Bank CEO Mzinga Melu

Barclays Bank Zambia PLC today announced that it will officially change its name to Absa Bank Zambia PLC on Monday, 10 February 2020. The Bank will legally trade as “Absa Bank Zambia PLC” in Zambia from this date while continuing its transition from the Barclays brand in a carefully managed process.

“We have served Zambia for over 100 years, and can trace our company’s roots as far back as 1918, demonstrating the length and strength of our commitment to the country,” said Mizinga Melu, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Zambia PLC. We are about to embark on a new and exciting chapter in the company’s history, as we embrace our new Absa identity.

Barclays Bank Zambia PLC’s change is part of one of the largest, most ambitious corporate rebranding projects in the continent’s history and part of a broader, multi-country rebrand program by parent company, Absa Group Limited.

After over 3 years of preparation, the Bank has announced the official name change date with much pride. Even though some branches have already started to look like Absa, with a warm, vibrant red colour palette across branches, ATMs and other assets, the Bank will continue to operate and trade as Barclays Bank Zambia PLC until its name officially changes. The Bank has also been firing up the anticipation with a dynamic marketing and advertising campaign that shows.

“With our name change date now confirmed, we stand on the precipice of a new era, one that is full of possibilities and that will allow us to embrace our ambition as an independent African bank, with global scalability, but still very cognizant of our role in society, under a new name: Absa Bank Zambia PLC. The Absa brand represents a uniquely diverse African banking group whose purpose is to bring possibility to life,” said Mizinga Melu.

Our parent company Absa Group Limited is one of the largest banking groups in Africa, with a balance sheet of more than USD 91 billion (as at 30 June 2019), operations across 12 African countries, and representative offices in London and soon to open one in New York. The Group has approximately 40,000 employees, more than 1,000 branches, and nearly 10,000 ATMs.

For customers, all cards, accounts and banking processes will remain active and functional as they have always done before. Barclays Bank Zambia PLC will not ask any customer for additional information during this period, and all bank records and account details will remain the same before and after the transition. During this transition period, we request customers not to disclose important personal information as a way of protecting against fraud and phishing attempts.

The date of the Bank’s name change will be a massive milestone in a carefully planned process for both Barclays Bank Zambia PLC and Absa Group Limited. The entire organisation is passionately proud to be part of this broad, multi-country rebrand program, scheduled to be completed by June-2020.


  1. We’re now being dominated by South African banks, FNB, Stanbic and now Amalgamated Bank of South Africa. These are the banks with predatory tendencies. Are we not styopet?

    • Barclays Bank Longarces stole my money! *NIBAPOMPWE* I went outside the country for 2 years without depositing or withdrawing any money in my personal account .When I finally came back I expected that i had gained some interest and wanted to withdraw some money I was told my account didn’t exist. I still had my bank book with me. Unfortunately I was heading for the airport that same day and didn’t have time to follow up the theft!

    • No one is stopping fornicating Zambians to open a bank. Barclays has been operating in Zambia for more than 100 years and you never raised a finger because it is British.Go and open your bank or get a life.

    • Just say that Barclays Bank is out of business in Zambia…not just changing name….how do you decide to be using a name of a different bank…just say Absa bank bought loss making Barclays Bank chapwa….stop telling us how long you have been in Zambia and how excited you are to be called Absa….Barclays is broke

    • It seems to me this was a done deal. Look at it this way, a bank such as Barclays Bank has tried to deal with a country whose currency is like a yoyo and are now tired. Even the string on this yoyo is knackered so much that the yoyo effect is unpredictable. Banks are there to make money not for charity. How can you make money when the balance sheet keeps fluctuating violently and the central bank has no idea how to legislate for real banking mechanisms across the board. The central reserves have dried up and the economy is on it’s knees but you know what God is still with us. Large belts of Gold have been discovered in Zambia and a real government worth its salt is now required to take charge in 2021. Vote UPND because HH will fix this economy and Zambia will be great again.

  2. By the way, what are the details of the sale of Barclays Bank Zambia to ABSA? What’s the transaction amount and how much tax has been paid?

  3. I always love to see zambian women in high influential positions. Having met this beautiful woman, I was very mesmerized and inspired by her intelligence and wisdom. You go girl. Kz

  4. How is it possible to be beautiful and intelligent. Yowa friends will be beautiful but dallu or intellegent even proffesors but yoh… you are rare breed…Anyway you still seem glued to barclays going by your bue could have worn red to match your new colours….OH absa ..Happy morning bloggers

  5. It does not make sense to be named ABSA Zambia. Was there no meaningful name to change to? ABSA made sense when President Mandela announced it as more or less the national bank after all the small banks became amalgamated. For trust, he urged people to believe in the new bank as he put his savings and pension in it. Let us hope it behaves better than it does in SA where people have lost thousands of Rands due to insider theft from clients’ accounts.

  6. Bank crashes worldwide, don’t put your money (savings) in banks.

    Be smart and buy gold instead as savings, that’s NEVER going to devalue to zero. Good quality, valued gold not shiny stuff…….!!!

    Warnings of serious Bank crashes trending. Tough times ahead.

  7. First courier companies throw us around like ping pong now banks, if my funds go missing during these bank sales winango azamuziba yesu!

  8. Go go go …. Barclays Bank Zambia ….now Absa Bank Zambia…go go go, we loyal clients are with you all the way Mizinga Melu!!!

  9. Barclays Banks is “CHANGING IT’S NAME” to ABSA Bank. Has no one noticed just how wrong the headline sounds?? There certainly is something wrong with this move. I smell a BIG, BIG rotten rat in these transactions!! There are some obligations which Barclays is trying to dodge here. People can be so crooked, others can be so sleepy..!

  10. Barclays Banks is “CHANGING IT’S NAME” to ABSA Bank (a south African Bank!). Has no one noticed just how wrong the headline sounds?? There certainly is something wrong with this move. I smell a BIG, BIG rotten rat in these transactions!! There are some obligations which Barclays is trying to dodge here. People can be so crooked, others can be so sleepy..!

    When will Zambians wake up? SAD!

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