Tuesday, June 25, 2024

K1,000 pay rise awarded to Miners at Konkola Copper Mines is nothing but a mockery


National Democratic Congress National Chairperson for Labour Joseph Chishala says the K1,000 pay rise awarded to Miners at Konkola Copper Mines is nothing but a mockery.

Mr Chishala who is Roan Member of Parliament says NDC find it disheartening that Unions in the extractive sector have signed and accepted this increment that will come as a stand alone allowance.

He said the unions should have rejected the so called allowance saying it should have been attached to the basic pay of all miners across the board.

Mr Chishala has urged unions or those in the extractive sector to be serious when discussing issues affecting the welfare of miners.

He said what has happened at KCM today is a growing sign that unions in the mining sector have lost their relevance.

Mr Chishala has challenged the unions to put the interest of workers first before signing agreements.

He said the fragmentation of unions in the mining sector has killed the whole essence of collective bargaining.


  1. It’s now negotiations with the government who are now the real owners of KCM so the miners just have to accept whatever government gives them. It’s no longer bargaining but just a directive.

  2. They are complaining of a K1, 000 pay increase? I’ve a friend who works for an apparently greedy BANK (Barclays, of all banks!) who says most workers at this bank get less than K1, 000 as net salary increment. This has been going on for years now, courtesy of selfish Top Management . And this is a big Bank!

  3. Ba Golden Manda, if yo servant is working for you a slave master from Eastern is getting tht much, so u want all to get tht much. Ulebako serious we a discussing a real ad important issue, then you want to spoil everything, who a u trying to impress. Just shut up.

  4. Opposition politics tesana. Mumbwe is not a miner and complaining on behalf of the miners who are not complaining based on the situation the mine is. Let him concentrate on issues affecting his constituency and his family. Luanshya is so far away from Chingola.

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