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Given Lubinda bemoans the behaviour of demonstrators who were demanding retirement payment


The Ministry of Justice has expressed concern in the manner demonstrators demanding for their early retirement and voluntary separation payments conducted their protest yesterday at the Ministry of Justice premises.

In a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka, Ministry of Justice Media Liason Officer Davies Chikalanga said since it was a rainy day, the protestors were invited by the Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda to enter the foyer of the ministry premises

Mr. Chikalanga explained that despite an earnest appeal from the Minister, the demonstrators continued with their protest.

He explained that the development saddened the minister as it is a gross violation of the dignity of the human rights of demonstrators by their leaders, who stopped them from heeding the minister’s invitation for them to take refuge.

Mr. Chikalanga said Zambia is a Christian nation and cannot accept what transpired to the demonstrators.

Mr Lubinda noted that the Minister of Justice will in due course make his position on their payment and further engagement so that the demand for their payment can be done in a humane manner befitting people who have contributed to the development of the nation.


  1. Very true my brother lubinda. We know that some well known opposition party is funding some of these demonstrators for political reasons. Let them be warned that illegal demonstrations funded by upnd will not give them their money. They will end up worse off. Be wise and civilised. Kz


    • @Kaizar Zulu, from former records clerk at chelstone clinic to presidential political advisor! No wonder your shallow thinking if you are really the real clown you claim to be.

  2. The only gross violation of the dignity of human rights of demonstrators is the Government’s inability to pay them what rightfully belongs to them. You are a heartless government that has no regard for basic human decency and history will judge you accordingly.

  3. Lubinda shame on you ! You were not suppose to utter those words .Those retirees have been on your institution ( Ministry of Justice) Since last February.Your ministry has always been giving them fake assurances ever since.Try to put yourself on their shoes.
    Pay them their dues period.

  4. This government especially ministers are out of touch with people… you have many sources to feed ur families most not even deserved and every day needs are not from your salary but these so called demonstrates that’s their source of lively earned with every day of hard work so change your perception and see people fighting for the better meant of their children. It’s this very idea that our fore fathers she’d blood that in our land our people must be treated fairly….you betray the foundation of the justice Department sir. There must be something we should benefit from being Zambians

  5. Sad story.But these are senior citizens who hv put on everything for this country and need to rest in their last in there last days.No respect for then.Why not pay them?

  6. 13 And the lord says, “What sorrow awaits Jehoiakim,     who builds his palace with forced labor. He builds injustice into its walls,     for he makes his neighbors work for nothing. He does not pay them for their labor.
    Jeremiah 22:13

  7. @KZ … What a heartless comment. Typical of this regime, anyway. The breaches of dignity and other human rights is continually being
    perpetrated by this directionless government. The spokesperson even mentions ‘christian nation’? This was not about the rain and
    invitation to the foyer – it’s about the incompetence and callousness of this regime that has continued to confine retirees to such an
    undignified life by failure to pay them their dues. Yet, we see a lot of ‘unvouched expenditure’ by the politicians.

  8. Truely if you are KZ, better stop blogging, because since you showed your face here, we are tired reading senceless comments like given lubinda same. You will start beging retirees for your votes in 2021, you will not seen them.

  9. What does being of a religious standing got to do with expressing displeasure with the delay in their payments. Stop patronising Zambians please. Recall the $ 2m you wasted on ICC issue in 2018, we told you that it was a wrong move, now you have no money to pay the retirees.

  10. mmmm what have they been eating all along from the time they started their demo? Who is providing for food they eat.Meaning some one some were is providing food for these people.mmmmm mokwana don’t be used by the perpetrators just because they want to gain popularity.

  11. Those people have been coming every day since September last year and have been to state house, lungu couldn’t even come out to address then. If 40 parliamentary bye elections were to take place I can assure you they will find the money.

  12. well, pay them what’s due to them so they can go about their business and not be demonstrating. why are you seeming like you care, they are not looking for handouts, it’s what’s owed to them.
    why offer to shelter them now when you can’t pay them so they can have a roof over their heads and send their grandchildren to school.
    if you really care about their plight, pay them, don’t give them this fake empathy. ”
    you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time “

  13. Stop diverting attention to the protestors behaviour and just pay them. Their behaviour is the cause of non payment from you and if you had paid them they would not even resort to demonstrating.

  14. Hi Brother Zulu.

    U r featuring a lot here. I hope it’s not scaring people from making comments which may be helpful to u to assess the mood of the community u serve.

    God be with you as the Lord provides His revelations to this beautiful and blessed nation

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