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Kitwe’s Chiwempala Resident Riot again over Ritual Killings

General News Kitwe's Chiwempala Resident Riot again over Ritual Killings

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has said that residents of Chiwempala have rioted again looting shops and destroying property, before Police reinforcements from nearby towns came in, to calm the situation.

Zambia Police Service has intensified patrols in Chingola’s Chiwempala area which recorded suspected ritual attacks in the past one month.

A check by a ZNBC News Crew yesterday morning found hundreds of armed Police officers combing Chiwempala through foot and motorised patrols.

The heavy presence of Police in the area has reassured residents of their safety.

As Police officers patrolled the area, hundreds of Chiwempala residents marched peacefully chanting slogans calling for peace.

The residents, some of whom jumped on Police vehicles, said they are tired of violence and want to live in peace.
Meanwhile, Chingola Member of Parliament Mathew Nkhuwa has donated a Toyota Hilux to Chiwempala Police Station to help Police Patrol the compound.

Mr Nkhuwa , who is also Energy Minister, sent his wife Rose to hand over the vehicle to Chingola Police Officer Commanding Peter Miselo .

Mr Nkhuwa said the area Member of Parliament is concerned about the insecurity in the area and wants Police officers to be mobile.

Meanwhile, Police in Chingola have started sensitising Chiwempala residents on dangers of violence.

Officers are holding impromptu meetings were they are adviseing residents not to resort to riots.


  1. We know that the opposition are funding some of these riots. Police do not hesitate to effect your authority on those causing confusion. Kz

  2. Have some shame and show seriousness Lusaka Times. How do you say Kitwe’s Chiwempala Residents but go on to write Chingola in your reporting? We all know Chiwempala is in Chingola not Kitwe

  3. The area MP should use the platform to sensitize the community on riotious behavior, know the root cause its not suspected ritual killings. I rest my case.

    • @Ndugu. Apparently the ritual killings have continued almost on a daily basis a family is being killed in Chingola. I don’t think the area MP has even been there since the starting of these killings.

  4. It is obvious that they feel that their concerns aren’t getting the attention they deserve or expected threshold for head nods.
    Either so called ritualists are getting shielded or the processes for justice are grinding in mud like pharaoh’s chariots in the muddy unwatered red sea.
    Something like a town or district littered with ritualists all-over. Like every which way you look, ritualists and ritualists. Every death, is a suspected ritual activity. Maybe it’s just nothing, maybe it’s something.
    Now, in a well run district, leaders address dwellers timely, diplomatically and ascertively.
    Chinshi chile kunkumya imwungu pa CN?

  5. I heard a story in a separate incident that;
    In ritually packed sentiments in one instance, there was a spooky scene that surprised obscured onlookers that, some groceries that was taken out’a a Fun cargo of a car could be judged fit to have been carried by 3 truck loads of Fuso fighter in nature.
    I yelled to the bearer of this news of an encounter in one peace, what magic! Get out’a my sight, Satan.
    The Science of Ritual Practices should be introduced at UNZA school of Unnatural Sciences. To be taught by acclaimed “3 mansions”. Boma iyanganepo. Dr. Brian.

  6. These riots have nothing to do with ritual killings. The residents are just using that as an excuse because they are tired of the economic hardships they are facing under this government and are using this to vent their anger and frustration.

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