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End the misappropriation and misapplication of public funds in government institutions-President Lungu directs new Auditor General


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has directed newly appointed Auditor General Dr. Dick Chellah Sichembe to end the misappropriation and misapplication of public funds in government institutions.

Speaking at State House, Friday morning, when he swore in Dr. Sichembe and his Deputy for Corporate Services Mrs. Sarah Ross, President Lungu urged the duo to ensure resources are applied for the purpose for which they were intended. He said the government cannot allow the wastage of resources, especially amidst austerity measures.

The Head of State said the Office of the Auditor-General should, therefore, be key to the realization of the said measures.

“I wish to congratulate you on your appointment as Auditor General for the Republic of Zambia. This appointment is in line with the provisions of the Constitution of Zambia, hence the requirement for ratification by Parliament. Your ratification is, therefore, confirmation of the confidence that the people of Zambia have in you to take charge of the office of the Auditor-General. Your curriculum vitae is very impressive. I am pleased to also note that your loyalty to the government is admirable, and should be emulated by other public servants who aspire to rise to high positions in government, such as the one you have been appointed to,” said President Lungu.

“You are a seasoned public servant, having dedicated over 20 years of your career in accounting, finance, and auditing of public sector institutions. You have worked in various positions in the government rising through the ranks to the position of Accountant General, a position which you held until this appointment.”

Meanwhile, the Head of State has described Mrs Sarah Ross, who has worked in both public and private sectors for over 36 years, as a seasoned Accountant, Economist and Business Administrator.

He stated that he is confident that Mrs. Ross will give qualified support to the Auditor General in the execution of his mandate.

“Your experience dates back to the time you worked for Barclays Bank, and thereafter, you moved to Meridien Biao Bank where you rose from being a clerk to the level of Manager, Banking Operations. After leaving Meridien Bank, you served in several other institutions until you joined the Office of the Auditor-General in 2005, the institution you have served to date.

“During the 15 years with the Auditor General’s office, you have served diligently – having risen from the position of Senior Auditor, Forensic and Investigation to the position of Director Planning and Information until your new appointment as Deputy Auditor General, Corporate Services,” said the Head of State.

And Dr. Sichembe has pledged to transform the Office of the Auditor-General into a more robust effective institution in order to promote transparency and accountability in the management of public resources.


  1. Ok Bwana Lungu let’s start with Esther Lungu who abused public funds with a big entourage to Los Angeles to receive used fire trucks.

  2. Excellent my excellency. Pf has always taken a tough stance against theft in public office. The record is there for all to see. Without fear or favour we have let the respective authorities carry out their regulatory duties in ensuring a corrupt free country. Kz

  3. This man Lungu is a joker for sure, how is the AG’s office going to end misappropriation and misapplication of public funds by your ministries headed by your ministers. Lungu have you ever read an AG Report since you entered State House? AG’s office has no powers …anyway Lungu is a weak dumb man on holiday who just reads speeches, can you imagine John Magufuli saying this?

  4. Your Excellency, AGs never end the misappropriation and misapplication of public funds in government institutions.
    They issue reports at the end of their work.
    LEAs do end these vices.
    And indeed almost all AG’s reports cite these nasty vices.
    The question is, after the Parliamentary Committees do their oversight duties, how many misappropriaters and misappliers face the law let alone prosecution?
    Zero unless we’re not informed on how these reported cases end.

  5. what is everyone doing at the weekend? myself i am working during the weekend. the tough work has already began

  6. If Lungu knows there is that rot in his government of public theft why does he demand for evidence. Lungu has directed the AG to stop misappropriation and misapplication of funds means Lungu is accepting there are rotten eggs in his government. However its not the AG’s job to end the rot but you sir Mr Lungu using the reports you have been running away from like a man who has seen a ghost.

  7. When Zambians say ECL is visionless, that’s what he’s talking about the Auditor General to end misappropriation and misapplication of public funds in government. REALLY. REALLY, really to the entire PF and Chagwa that statement is true to be taken seriously by Zambians. What a joke?

  8. President ECL, we need to understand the role of the AG. He is a just a Whistle blower. He has no teeth. Maybe we need to rethink how his office collaborates with ACC, DEC and ZP.

  9. Maybe you need to give him teeth to realize the dream of putting a stop to the abuse. Otherwise it’s shooting in the air…

  10. I am a retired accountant and from my experience, its not an auditors job to end fraud, please!!!! All the auditor does is form an opinion. Your controlling officers should do that job and they report to you

  11. Lungu is an expert at own goals.

    No clue at all.

    He is busy at barking, but never ever follows through.

    The only thing he does well is stealing from widows and poor citizens. And boy does he excel at this.

  12. A mere civil servant is going to end misappropriation in PF govt. You expect AG to tell your Dr Chilufya not to buy ambulance and stop Veep sending bags of maize to the next bye election.

  13. AG Reports in the last few years have noted massive misappropriation of funds. The reports are presented for action to be taken by the relevant wings. The AG provides the evidence. ECL has at no point ‘directed’ that those responsible be brought to book. The toothless compromised ACC has not acted on the corruption in the siphoning of the monies. Today ECL says the AG must stop the misappropriation. How? His casual toothless flippant approach is astounding – or smacks of complicity.

  14. evidence is written all over the whole FIC gave us a report and you never acted, stop fooling the people of Zambia we are watching come next year will do the dundumwezi formulae.

  15. How will an auditor end corruption in the entity he has been tasked to audit? Mwebantu how dull is Lungu first percentage wise??

  16. These are the issues Foote was alluding to, when it comes to issues that matter this weak President passes the buick. Its 2020 he is still passing orders and silly directives.

  17. This president has never been present at all! Sound asleep through his tenure, but will wake up not to miss any opportunity to plunder! Over the years the auditor general have handed him their annual reports fraught with misappropriation and misapplication cases and he has not taken any action. The buck stops with the president. How does the Auditor General suddenly begin to end these vices? That is not his mandate Bwana president.

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