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Panji Kaunda rubbishes claims by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda he challenges that PF not look for scapegoats for their lies


Former Deputy Minister of Defence Colonel Panji Kaunda has rubbished claims by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda that he is working with the UPND and Lameck Mangani to incite the People of Eastern Province against President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front Government.

Party Media Director Sunda Chanda said in a statement that Colonel Kaunda is reportedly working with Lameck Mangani and a certain self-styled wanna-be media guru based in Lusaka, to rubble rouse and stir up anti-Edgar Lungu and PF Government sentiment in order to negatively influence Easterners in this regard.

But Colonel Kaunda says Sunday Chanda is being insincere with his allegations adding that if the PF is going to be destabilized in Eastern province, it will be their fault because they have failed to deliver on their promises to the people of Zambia.

Colonel Kaunda said he does not know the people Mr Chanda is talking about rejecting his assertions as total lies.

He, however, said that the PF has not delivered on the promises made to the people such as roads, schools and health centers which will affect their popularity.

Colonel Kaunda cited Vubwi as one area that has not benefited from the PF as no road has been built as promised.

He challenged that PF not look for scapegoats for their lies but should deliver on their promises if they are to remain relevant to the people of Eastern province.

But PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has reiterated his warning against treachery.

Mr Chanda said the Patriotic Front shall meet traitors with appropriate political force and will receive their just reward and reap with interest.

He has vowed that the party membership shall defend the leadership of the Party.

Mr Chanda said those with frustrations must use proper channels to air their grievances as opposed to undermining the current leadership.


    • The evils of Zambians, they can’t read or se e sense in the response. Never use Emotions be factual. @ Kaizar. Are you the true stupid Kaizar? Waiting to be prosecuted after your drunken Lungu is booted out of State house? Enough Time with these stupid poor Fools who came to steal than Serve Zambians. WE NEED THEM OUT.

  1. Sunday Chanda does not mean well for PF. He is washing dirty linen in public. If Panji and Mangani were being treachery, don’t you think that it is the duty of the Party to summon them and deal with the matter intraparty?

    Why rush to the media?

    Panji is right, Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza plus the entire PF are little *****s who spend time chasing their own shadows in the night.

    2021, kunya no kuya bebebele

  2. Col. Panji Kaunda has failed at everything that he has tried. He is seeing another opportunity to chew again. This is the man who betrayed both MMD and UPND to usher in PF. He is a contributor to ushering in the worst President in Mr. Sata, culminating into the problems that we are facing now.

  3. Failing at everything as you put it does not take away his Democratic rights to speak freely in a Democratic Country like Zambia. Has he broken any law? The answer is NOP. So what is all this fuss about?

  4. Why doesn’t this mbuya concentrate on revamping the once mighty unip? His father must be so disappointed. Kz

  5. Just look at the mature response, from P@nji someone who would make a good official, & benefit Zambia.
    Problem J0N4 WABANTU will NEVER elevate serious non Corrupt individuals like P@nji into his inner circle, but have useless drunken & thieving deadwood like K!t0tela, Mumb!, B0wm@n, CH!MPyongo, (Davies -help yourself to public land), Given & Jean Bapt!st Mukula, & such bootl!cking chaff!
    ANOTHER MANDATE FOR THESE P.F SNAKES IN 2021, & WE BECOME Z!MBABWE Mach ll, which now has economic A.!.D.S, & cannot cure the economic rot /Cancer that the other cursed “P.F” created.

  6. How ridiculous that some bloggers are attacking Panji who has responded constructively to comical Ali Sunday Chanda.

  7. Ba Sunday I think it’s high time u concentrate on urging yowa people to put their feet down and organize your party at grass root level unlike attacking the colonel n his alleged allies… Hope u read the mature response that came from Honourable Lameck Mangani

  8. Colonel Panji’s response confirms his frustration against the current PF & Republican President Edgar C. Lungu. He benefited as (D/Minister) from Late President Sata who extended a hand of good will to former President Kaunda’s Family – but certainly Panji did not on merit this gesture. The fact remains that Panji and Mangani (with his long-winded response to Sunday Chanda) are both traitors who are conniving with HH to disrupt peace in Eastern Province. Panji must reflect on circumstances that prompted GRZ to relocate KK’s Estate from Chinsali to a secure Sinda Misale in Eastern Province. Colonel Panji and Mangani can earn a decent income through agricultural enterprises – NOT treachery..

  9. So Sunday Chanda the youthful fyuul is confirming that ECL is in trouble for 2021? That’s the only conclusion that you can draw from the senseless and daily defence of him by Sunday Chanda and PF “others”. There can be no smoke without fire and Sunday seems to know it.

  10. Yes “Junior II”, indeed, ‘there is no smoke without fire’, Sunday Chanda is on firm ground to the effect that he is basing his revelations on information sourced from very reliable sources relating to clandestine contacts of Panji and Mangani with UPND. Considering that Kambwili is keeping a safe distance from UPND, both Panji and Mangani are probably hoping to clinch position Deputy President in UPND. “NJALA” can drive some people into desperation for economic survival.

  11. Panji Kaunda should be the last person to point fingers at the Pf that they have not delivered on schools, roads and hospitals. If Panji was sincere he should have taken a leaf from UNIP. When his father was in power panji was mute for economic decay that took place in the late 80s and early 90s. If Panji was intelligent he should have taken a back seat and not to join the fray in the political arena. He will definitely be bruised because we know that having come from a privileged family in Zambia he should behave much maturely than he is doing. The prospect of not getting a position in PF will drive this man to do anything even what his father did not stand for.

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