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President Edgar Lungu back from Mozambique


President Edgar Lungu has arrived in the country from Mozambique where he was among heads of state and governments that witnessed the inauguration of Filipe Nyusi as President of Mozambique.

President Lungu arrived in Lusaka from Maputo last evening.

He was received by Cabinet Ministers, Service Chiefs and Lusaka Deputy Mayor Christopher Shakafuswa.

President Lungu was accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister, Joe Malanji and other senior government officials.

Mr Nyusi, who won the Presidential election by 73 percent of the vote, last October, was being sworn in to begin a second term in office.


  1. Foreign trip no. 104 since he ascended to the office of the president and counting! In the same period inflation has risen to double digit, exchange rate to the US$ more than doubled, taxes increases have been the order of the day, cost living has shot through the roof, cost of living rises by the day, poverty levels have sky – rocketed. But the president continues to live large!!

  2. Honestly, why waste all those man hours and resources to line up and at the airport to receive the President. When will sanity prevail in African Politics mwebantu sure!

  3. My boss doing it right. Soon it will be you other leaders will be visiting to congratulate you on your inauguration in 2021. Pf ni donchi kubeba. Kz

  4. This Crook J0N@ just enjoys drinking Alcohol in comfort at high altitude, coz when he was in Chawama, the only mode of transport he had when extremely inebriated & unable to walk home from the Kachasu Den was a rusty old Wheelbarrow!

  5. Sheer waste of tax payers money, While
    Ubunga nabudula…
    Transport Naidula
    Umuti kufi Patala takuli
    Amalaiti takuli kabili Nayadula
    Amasukulu Nayadula
    Dollar Naidula,Kulibe ndalama
    Inchito takuli. Kulibe nchito
    Tomato naidula
    Umukate naudula.

  6. Who is going to tell us what meetings took place and what was achieved? Surely it couldn’t just have been being at the ceremony because that would be shear waste of resources and opportunity.

  7. Is there no facility to transfer a President to another country, lets say Zimbabwe, they can even be two of them there, these are things bill 10 should have covered please

  8. Tomato tomato balunda; onion nayo yadula. Unomwaka tulefwa kunsala, na bola wine efyotulushila.
    Tomato, tomato balunda mayo tomato balunda
    . Where is that musician nigga? Is he still at large.
    Yaba! Ati trip # 104.
    I have wrong figures. My count goes beyond 250 trips. But apa jet fuel obviously is bitting.
    It’s fine though. The jet gotta fly. How are you going to reckon? We will still put ECL back in office in 2021 until an impending cancer in h² stands down. Iliko tripartite.

  9. “He was received by Cabinet Ministers, Service Chiefs and Lusaka Deputy Mayor Christopher Shakafuswa.”

    He dont see anything wrong with this …I mean if your relatives escorted to the airport then within 24 hours the same relatives welcome you…you would tell them to do something productive instead of coming to see you.

  10. ECL does not know the link between productivity and progress. All those senior officials to receive or send him off is a waste of resources. But he does not see it that way. Where is the austerity with our hard earned taxpayer money?

  11. What a total waste of money, time, manpower, as well as enlarging the carbon footprint of ECL !! And how does the country benefit from all of this carry on ? When will we ever grow up and learn ?

  12. The, I will do anything to keep my job are at it again. Lining up at the Airport in the evening (outside working hours) to welcome one person, instead of spending the time with their families, what a tragedy. Is it about over time Allowances or???? Zambian Politics are really backward

  13. The same group of officials saw him off in the morning and returned in the evening to line up again! Can’t they see how wasteful this all is? No one is thinking – or they are not allowed to think?

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