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Wina’s stance against chain stores extending their business into Compounds get support


THE Cleaning Association of Zambia (CAZ) has supported Vice President Inonge Wina’s stance against chain stores extending their business into townships.

Ms. Wina has urged the chain stores not to entrench themselves in high-density areas such as compounds as they expand their businesses, saying do so destroys the livelihoods of marketeers and local grocery stores, family businesses and enterprising Zambians who cannot compete with them.

CAZ president Lawrence Makumbi says the cleaning sector has joined Ms. Wina in condemning people who have allowed such developments without carrying out an impact assessment study on the communities.

He said Ms. Wina’s sentiments are timely but that they should not just be sad ones because Government has the mandate and power to safeguard Zambians’ interests.

He said Zambians must be first in all decisions Government makes and that action must be taken against such injustices.

Mr. Makumbi also called on the Ministries of Commerce Trade and Industry, Local Government, Community Development, Justice and Lusaka Province to take a keen interest in the sidelining of local cleaning companies by the chain stores.

“Let’s please correct this anomaly. Kindly let Zambians get these cleaning contracts for our national pride and also to keep the much needed foreign exchange in the country,” he said.


  1. A caring mother of the nation. Our party,pf, was formed on the ethos of ensuring that those less well off people would be protected. This is exactly what we have been doing since 2011 and the proof is there for all to see. This is why the zambian people have continued to give us the mandate to lead us even where opposition have painted us black. Kz

  2. Meanwhile in her village in WP there is not even a proper shop and her people cant afford anything, yet she will be retiring in a couple of months.
    Leave the chain stores alone if you want to support Zambian businesses reduce tax and stop these chain stores importing everything from SA.

  3. very backward country eish OWNERS of land crying for Cleaning contracts ? cleaning vimbuzi,matuvi etc quiet strange ..instead cf owning land to put up structures u give it to foreigners what a bunch of pipo

  4. I do agree to the advice of the vice president really you cannot allow international businesses to compete with our local small businessmen in the compounds it is evil and hatred for your own people.
    Businesses have stages according to the capacity of each enterprise zambians have just started unfolding from the past Indian monopolized business in the country .
    Dr Kaunda only allowed People of Indian origins to own businesses and it was a pipe – dream for any Zambian to have any sizable business in a prime areas in Zambia it was like you were a criminal and you were under the watch of the state eye .
    Thanks be to ” FTJ .” he did a great job now we can Zambians owning businesses no problem

  5. There is still hope for Zambia, I thought to myself when I watched Princess Mumbi debating about Bill 10 on Simon Mwewa Lane Page, the winds of change will soon be upon us ridding us of tired grandmas and impostors like Bo Inonge who have no heart and nothing to show but personal wealth from looting poor taxpayers. Remember at one point her boss Dumb Lungu had her overseeing two ministries…what a joke. You morons have lamentably failed save face and step down!!!

  6. Ignorant support coming from organisation that actually benefits from chain stores. When did marketeers employ cleaners? Shopping malls are among the biggest consumers of cleaning services

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