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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Freedom Sikazwe says State House is proud of achievements recorded by Zambia High Commission in India

General News Freedom Sikazwe says State House is proud of achievements recorded by Zambia...

PRESIDENTIAL Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe says State House is proud of achievements recorded by Zambia High Commission in India.

“The last two years saw the President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind conduct a State Visit to Zambia in April 2018, the first time an Indian President visited Zambia in 30 years,” Mr. Sikazwe said.

He said the Mission made efforts in ensuring a reciprocal State Visit to India by President Edgar Lungu in August 2019, the first time a Zambian President visited India in 16 years.

Mr. Sikazwe was speaking when Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga hosted a dinner in his honour at the Zambian Residence in New Delhi.

“The Mission was instrumental in facilitating the actualization of the Decongestion of Lusaka Roads Project,” Mr. Sikazwe said.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga said trade between Zambia and India increased in 2019 because of President Edgar Lungu’s State Visit to India in August last year where he addressed a Business Forum.

“Indian companies constitute a huge proportion of Zambia’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) estimated to be over Five Billion US Dollars while several companies started actualising investment in Zambia among them Mansa Sugar, Anant Overseas, Vagmi Cottons, O.M. Smelters, BSBK, Prasad Seeds, Mylan, KIMS and Apollo,” the High Commissioner said.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said the Indians were also enchanted by President Lungu’s speech during the Confederation of Indian Industry- CII – India- Southern Africa Regional Conclave in Lusaka, Zambia, in October 2019.

“At least 512 Indians travelled to Zambia for business purposes against 321 that travelled in the year 2018,” she said.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said trade volume between Zambia and India stood at over One Billion US Dollars as of December 2019 with more interest rising in manganese mining.

This was contained in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India, Bangwe Naviley.

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  1. More and more testimony of how hard working the pf government is. I am getting tired of commenting on so many positive developments. This shows how much confidence the international community has in our governance and economy. We need our friends in the upnd to come on board and work with us rather than make trips to America to talk ill of your own country and try to paint a black picture of the state of your economy. Such behaviour won’t win you an election ba upnd. Kz

    • Where is the rice donated by India to hungry Zambians?
      And why are Zambians not investing in that dirty country India?

    • Zambians feel and see Inflation up, GDP down Exhange rate up standard of living down taxes up no jobs ……………..we can go on and on…..

  2. It’s a pity that most embassies lack regional diversity and inclusion.

    In the US Embassies it seems the official mode of communication is Chibemba.

  3. let indian government help us in the
    Energy sector with solar power.They
    can help us to supply power to a small country like ours.lets not ask
    for rice rather ask for something which can make difference to our country and boost the economy.

  4. What is smiling moron Sikazwe doing in India? Austerity measures my foot..Is there on medical treatment? Or is he visiting his relatives he has planted in Embassies. How can you be proud of achievements of a High Commissioner as if she personally negotiated the loan with India Exim Bank for the Lusaka Decongestion Project which taxpayers will have to payback and we are shamelessly paying 15% upfront yet we have funds for campaigning and buying gifts for by elections.

  5. I would rather trade with Japan. There tech and honor, plus integrity is second to none. Just stating an amazing opinion.

  6. What is this witch or is it wizard doing in india at taxpayers expense during austerity measures? Has he gone there to exorcise the high commission there?

  7. other than sikazwe wasting tax payers money with his personal delegation in times of austerity,

    that ambassador in india does work hard……………she is one of the best.

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