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Chambishi Metals shuts down, over 200 miners jobless


About 229 workers are expected to lose their jobs following the decision by Chambeshi Metals decision to place the nine on care maintenance beginning January month end.

Mines Workers Union of Zambia President Joseph Chewe has told a media briefing that the union has been having prolonged meetings with the company which is under Eurasian Resource Group (ECG) not to shut the operations but to no avail.

Mr. Chewe said that 229 miners will be retrenched stressing that only about 29 will be retained as care and maintenance employees.

He said that the situation is unfortunate and regrettable for Chambeshi and the local business community.

He said the union had a conclusive engagement with the mine over their proposal but that the mine insisted on its plan with the reasoning that they are have a challenge in sourcing for funds to sustain operations.

He said affected workers will be paid their packages as per agreement between the union and the mine.

Mr Chewe has further demanded that all affected workers must be paid their dues for four months.

He stated that the closing of the mining company is a loss to Zambia as it is a major producer of cobalt.

Mr. Chewe revealed that the mine will be placed under maintenance for not less than two years.

Mr. Chewe also called on government to consider revoking the mine licence for Eurasian Resource Group adding that the proposed period of 2 years of placing the mine under care and maintenance is too long.


  1. Another grim statistic of Lungu’s economy. It seems like with Bwana ECL our Zambia is always on a fast march downwards on all economic indicators.

  2. In the DRC where ERG has more bigger operations they paid their workers not less than 10 months pay as terminal pay, when they closed boss mining. I hope you have negotiated well ba Chewe. Not that 4 months nonsense.

  3. We are engaging with the workers and employing firm to ensure a smooth transition and favorable benefits for our people. Kz

  4. More mines to follow, especially mines without smelters who were depending on this mine to sell their concentrate. Operational costs have risen exponentially following the upward adjustment of electricity tariffs and fuel costs. Everything is falling under Ba Changes!

  5. This is not the first time the mine has been closed. Looks like this investor has failed to run the mine. A new strategy is required by GRZ for this mine.

  6. Dununa reverse ba tata the song has reached the corus………we are hearding to 2021 n the months a flying. i feel bad for my brothers n sisters working there n 4 months is just too small with this economy mmmm not even a vehicle can survive. when these westerners are tellng us to run some companies on our own we dont listen, aslong as some companies ar run by foreigners we shud always be prepared for such out comes. Lets look for people with ideas n plans zambia can do better……

  7. Oh my. Over 200 offloaded to the streets in this harsh economy plus so many job seekers out there. Any way let’s just dance with Jonathan Lungu to dununa reverse.

  8. The unions is Zambia are the worst of their kind, apart from milking there members off their little salaries and partying for signing 5%s and less, what else do they do , NOTHING!!!!!!!!.

  9. It’s shocking that in a country claimed to have a president, too many ritual killings and he’s quiet? This is pointing at someone here. Bane, the ritual killings that you’re hearing about are not a joke it’s real. The government knows about it very well. God will punish you and you’ll pay

  10. Even if Zambian were empowered with the mines, where are they going to get the financial resources to operate the mines.
    Zambia is $19 billion in debt and making huge debt repayments.Lending rates are as high as 30% in Zambia.
    In the US, Obama government lent billions of dollars to companies like GM.Where will the average Zambian businessman start from?

  11. When H² and the minions were selling our mines in the 90s you thought it was gonna be rosey.
    Alas loss making ZCCM was making sense.
    Foreigners have made their money. Issues arise when you want to repossess your assets.
    Zambians are hypocrites too.
    When Zamtel which is in essence Government lays off employees, no one makes noise except me.
    When the mine firm lays off employees, you label them.
    Conclusively, we could have done the same. I wonder why you even go for FDI.
    It is the same economy. If it is bitting for beleaguered Zamtel, it is also biting for the Chinese. Let’s face it folks.

  12. You have to be practically brain dead to say a loss making ZCCM was making sense. Ninshi in PF having working brains is against your constitution or what?

  13. We run these mines before with our own Zambians on the drive cabins. ZCCM was a powerful international entity. Why do we have to go all over the world to drag investors? Can’t we have a try again

  14. Simple brain h² minions as investors making spooky h² majority shareholder.
    A country without the full control of its assets is a dead one. Like the dead upndead.

    I can’t imagine Sound Arabia or UAE with key assets.

    Damn it! What was h² thinking? Just what the hell transpired?
    I repeat better our “loss” making ZCCM mwe, mwati nyaba bankusa.

    I need to properly examine your gray and white matter upstairs if you are thinking of voting for kleptomaniac h².

  15. I can’t imagine Sound Arabia or UAE without key assets like oil fields or the control thereof.
    See h² is the one with a dead infact very dead brain then mediocre dudeloverboy.

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