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President Lungu calls upon the international community to help address the current effects of floods


President Edgar Lungu has called upon the international community to help address the current effects of floods being experienced in some parts of the country.

President Lungu made the call when Japanese Ambassador Ryuta Mizuuchi called on him at State House yesterday.

During the meeting with the Japanese Ambassador Ryuta Mizuuchi, President Lungu expressed concern at the heavy rains which had wreaked havoc in some parts of the country adding that the heavy rains being experienced in the country has both the negative and the positive effects on the Zambian people.

The President said Government is seeking to engage cooperating partners to partner with them in addressing the effects of floods in the country.

The President noted that he is hopeful that the Japanese Ambassador will be able to share his expertise in addressing the effects of floods owing to the experience he has had from his country.

“The heavy rains will have a great impact on food production as well as the energy sector, it is also regrettably destroying infrastructure and crops in some parts of the country hence the need for government’s intervention in the situation,” said the President.

The President said this when Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, Ryuta Mizuuchi paid a courtesy call on him at State House on Monday.

In the same meeting, the Japanese Ambassador expressed sympathy to the people in flood affected areas and hoped for the situation to be reversed soon.

Mr Mizuuchi said he is hopeful that he will collaborate well with President Lungu and the Zambian government to strengthen the already existing Zambia- Japan relations.


  1. When there was drought, resulting in insufficient food and electricity, no international help was sought.
    Now that the drought has taken leave and there is plent of rainfall with a prospect of a bumper food harvest and sufficient water to fill up the dams and in turn generate more electricity to get rid of power cuts, lower the electicity costs and export the surplus, the internation community gets engaged.

  2. Proactive president seeking solutions in advance. Meanwhile hh whose strong hold is most affected is busy organizing youth entrepreneurship silly events with young girls. We know what is going on. Leave those girls alone. Kz

  3. Well said. The useless president with no plans only knows how to dance dununa reverse and beg from other countries for help to govern his country.

  4. I see, the Zambian Government is neither prepared for drought nor for floods. The government understands what Climate Change can do. So what should we boost about?

  5. Productive President my foot, f’ off Kaizer. It’s 1d10ts like you that have turned this country into a shipwreck. Go away you 1d10t, far away from our political system and take Lungu with you. F’ head!

  6. when the international community talks about your economic governance, they are imperialists, but busy asking for donor aid and assistance from them on a daily basis. its so sad I was watching one international news network, one news item that touched my heart is how south and central americans are running away from their countries to the USA in search of a better life, even when trump seems not interested in immigrants. my question is what is their presidents doing, are they even proud to be called presidents when their citizens keeps running away from their hopeless countries.

  7. When is Zambia going to stop begging and plan their own future? While we appreciate that help can be sought in emergency situations, it is incumbent upon government to plan for such eventualities.. Its shameful.

  8. Development partners should have deep and open pockets of money but should not interfere at all cost. The church must be income generating to assist government help the poor. This chap is so embarrassing he should be locked up inside state house and not allowed to issue any statement to the media or public. Each time he opens his mouth, he broadcasts that he has no vision and the brain is corrupted

  9. @kz next time you want to steal the vote the way you did last time, know that the people will deal with you till you beg them… zambians are not foolish..

  10. Which zambians are u talking about? Who are u to represent them? Upnd started loosing election in 2001 under mmd! Your loosing 2 times under pf is just a continuation of your dirty habit of always loosing. PF found you loosing and you have continued loosing. Are a few people called upnd more zambia than others? zambia has about 16 million people, and upnd are less than 1.5 million. Minus upnd , we have about 14 million zambians who dont like upnd. There are more zambians outside upnd which has less that 2 million people. Are upnd who are less than 2 million more zambian than the over 16 million zambians? What is special about upnd anyway. No one rigged the election in 2016, and nobody will rigg the 2021 election. You will loose as you have been loosing. Upnd has no chance, not even in…

  11. I am actually confused on the approach to help being sought….to stop/moderate the rains and flooding when people are worried about the looming hunger!

  12. I agree with number 10, why on earth are begging for assistance to handle floods? thses are events that we can handle by purselves, or at least we ought to.
    There is disaster managment under the inept VP for such situations. It irks me and embarrasses me as an African that we should be proudly beggin all the time. and if aid comes, half of it will be stolen, same as social cash transfer.
    fudging hell.

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