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Government has invested $55.4 million in Western Province to Promote Cashew Nut Production-President Lungu

Economy Government has invested $55.4 million in Western Province to Promote Cashew Nut...

President Edgar Lungu says promoting cashew nut production is one of the effective measures for supporting alternative livelihoods, and climate change adaptation.

The President says climate change and its effects on weather patterns in Western Province has made it difficult for farmers to record good maize yields.

He is hopeful that with the right mindset, and growing of suitable crops for the prevailing weather conditions in the country, there is absolutely no reason why farming should not be attractive.

The President said Western province of Zambia comprises about 168, 000 agricultural households out of which about 81% are maize growers and expressed confidence that cashew nut production will transform the lives of many farmers in the country.

President Lungu said cashew nut is tolerant to adverse weather conditions and is a high value cash crop which can become a money spinner for western province.

He said global projection indicates that by the year 2025, raw cashew production will be valued at US$10 billion.

President Lungu said world cashew industry produces over 3.5 million metric tonnes of raw cashew nut; and more than half of this quantity is produced by African countries such as the Ivory Coast, Benin, Tanzania, Nigeria and Mozambique.

He has since urged the provincial administration, working with the ministry of agriculture, and the traditional leadership including, the people of western province to take the cashew project seriously because the country needs to make a return on the US$55.4 million investment made in the cashew nut industry in the Western Province.

The Head of State said government has invested US$55.4 million in western province, specifically to promote cashew nut production through the cashew nut infrastructure development project and envisages that will become a major player in the global cashew industry.

Speaking when he launched the cashew nut planting exercise at Simulumbe Research Station in Mongu, President Lungu said his administration will not rest until increased cashew production is achieved in western province; and the benefits of cashew business trickle down to the people of western province.

The President is disappointed that cashew nut production in Zambia is currently far from being impressive and noted with displeasure that the country is currently producing only about 850 metric tonnes per annum, and has only about 1.7 million cashew trees.

President Lungu said the production of cashew nut in Zambia is very poor and has called on Zambians to rally behind efforts by government and it’s implementing partners to revive the cashew industry.

He has since directed the Ministry of agriculture to ensure that innovative extension service delivery is made accessible to farmers countrywide.


  1. Kaizar zulu before you comment tell us how’s the young school bus driver you assaulted with your cadres while brandishing a weapon in front of school children…..tifuno ziba!

  2. Unless I see the details how this 54 million us dollars was used in find it hard to believe !
    We should learn to ask for details than just believing figures thrown at us!

  3. The wisdom of my boss is impressive. Those that see wrong in everything he does are the same ones who lose elections every time. For me i have already agreed to give away my range rover and run naked from mandahill to arcades if pf lose in 2021. Can hh or any other opposition official pledge the same?

  4. P.F will plow U$D 750.000, into the Cashew project, COOK THE NUMBERS / BOOKS, saying all the 55 million + is now wisely invested. Unfortunately once these shameless G00n’Z are out of office, hopefully 2021, you will hear the rest was shared between Top echelon P.F Bandits Daughters & concubines, used for campaign propaganda, & paying of P.F Stormtroopers like America 1, [email protected] Ch0ngo etc, & vuvuzela’s G0ebells imitators like 4th hand rubbish spewing ka [email protected]!.

  5. KK tried but was stabbed in the back by a smooth talking bushman from the Ituri rain forest. Mozambique came to Zambia to learn about the cashew nuts and is now doing much better because she doesn’t listen to anyone who can post a comment

  6. PF sure pay the retirees. There are 5, 300 waiting and figure is increasing on daily basis. By 2021 add half of 5, 300 and you want to stand as president, for who?. a president is for people no for bill 10. lubinda has brought bill 10 to remove pf from power. upnd, ndc and independent mps we behind you. fail bill 10 let it die bury it with heartless ecl/lubinda.

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