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Government has released K12 million to be used for repair works on the damaged road infrastructure


Government has released K12 million to be used for repair works on the damaged road infrastructure following heavy rains in various parts of the country.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Vincent Mwale says the release of the money is just the beginning of more funds to be released as the situation continues to be changing on the ground.

Mr Mwale said his Ministry is very grateful to President Edgar Lungu for ensuring that the funds are released as early as possible for the emergency repair works in order to alleviate the suffering of our people in the affected areas.

He said following the heavy rains the country is receiving, there has been wash-aways in Chipangali, Mambwe and Nyimba districts in Eastern Province and also in Munyumbwe, Gwembe and Sinazongwe districts in Southern Province.

Mr Mwale added that Government Zambia is determined to ensure that all damaged infrastructure is attended to as soon as possible and has assure the people in the affected areas that Government has not abandoned them and it is working round the clock so that connectivity is restored.

He said his Ministry is working with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to respond quickly and inspect and assess some of the affected areas so as to restore connectivity.

Mr Mwale has instructed the Road Development Agency to be on full alert and respond to all reports on infrastructure damage swiftly.

Some of the affected roads include Five wash-aways in Chipangali namely Msandile, Msoro, Mabele, Mphawa and Ntope and Masumba road to Chief Nsefu in Mambwe District.

Other areas including Lupande and Msandile crossings, Ngozi Culvert in Nyimba District on the Great East Road (T004); and Munyumbwe, Gwembe and Sinazongwe districts in Southern Province.

He said the 2019/2020 season has experienced normal to above normal rains and said since December 2019, the rains have intensified in most parts of the country including Eastern, Southern and Northern Provinces resulting in flash floods in some areas.

Mr Mwale said consequently, the road infrastructure in the affected areas has suffered damage of various degrees resulting in some communities being completely cut-off.


  1. Vincent repairs for the substandard road works your insider dealing companies did on the same roads??

  2. Ati the release of money is just the beginning of more money to be released as the situation continues. When are you going to pay the retirees naimwe? Pay them their pension. And expect them to vote for you? Wala.

  3. Every good and product undergoes wear and tear over time. This is inevitable. Our priority for infrastructure development is being shown here. The fruits are bearing now. The sad negative opposition will oppose everything. Pabwato. Kz

    • Kuya bebele come 2021 napa bwato panu. The economy is in crisis because useless people like you. No rigging this time will work.

  4. Here’s another one who didn’t fall far from the $tyup!d tree. Am sure you are aware of the devastation that floods can cause, just as they did recently in the UK. You see everything through UPND tinted lenses. !d!0t!!!

  5. Why should the government be releasing money for roads when we pay tolls to the RDA? Why should Lungu be thanked as it is his money?

  6. That is the foolishness Lungu has brought everything is about him. People are being taxed to death to pay for all these things, others are not being paid on time then we should be thanking lungu for our own money.

  7. 12million Dollars or kwacha that south province road i saw that 12 mil can be swallowed without finishing to sorting out the damage.

  8. “…..Mr Mwale said his Ministry is very grateful to President Edgar Lungu for ensuring that the funds are released …”

    Is it lungus money ????

  9. Even before the economy recovers the roads are wearing out already. Now the that should have gone into the economy in order to start recovery will now go into another expenditure. Priorities bane, invest in income generating sectors or the economy that will raise enough funds to pay back kaloba and use the excess to develop infrastructure. “Commerce is trade and aids to trade” they say now if you consentrate all resources on building the aids to trade and invest nothing to improve or promote trade then the country will have more aids to trade that don’t really serve their purpose due to lack of or little trade taking place. Infrastructure development is not bad but learn to prioritize well so that there is a balance that keeps the relationship between trade and aids to trade always…

  10. Like Sh@kantu who got money for Road contracts from the Kleptocratic P.F, Government, didn’t fix roads in Southern Province, but pocketed the taxpayers cash, gave J0n@ Mukula 1 his cut & by going on to build Chak0lwa Mukula 1 -J0n@ a mansion in Eswat1ni.

  11. PF why release the money for roads? where is the money for toll gets? you playing. release money retirees now. upnd block bill 10. by the time you will be thinking of retirees, they woul have changed goal posts. lwenu.

  12. Are you sure some of this money is not going towards repairs to the stadium you just bought in chipata without following tender procedure.

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