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Parliament will proceed to consider Bill 10, it is not being thrown away-Justice Minister

Headlines Parliament will proceed to consider Bill 10, it is not being thrown...

Justice Minister given Lubinda says he will not withdraw the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 of 2019 in the next session of parliament.

Mr Lubinda says according standing order number 103 of Parliament. The National Assembly shall proceed to consider Bill 10.

He clarified that what will be presented for second reading is the Constitution Amendment Bill and not the Raphael Nakachinda’s Committee report as insinuated by some sections of society.

Addressing Journalists, Mr Lubinda said the recommendations of the Committee will be considered as members of Parliament debate the Bill.

He has since called for meaningful engagement among Zambians on Bill 10 in order to make progress in the Constitution reform process.

Mr Lubinda regretted that there have been so many lies about Bill 10 propagated mostly by people who stayed away from the National dialogue forum.

He said there is no need to create platforms that encourage informal debates on the issues which will be debated in parliament.

Mr Lubinda said as Parliament resumes its sittings this February where the Bill will be debated, Zambians must engage their Members of Parliament if they have any concerns for them to be effectively represented.

Meanwhile, Mr Lubinda has expressed disappointment in the manner the Public Forum was conducted on Friday last week saying the freedom of expression had been violated for the pro-bill 10 speakers.

He wondered why the campaigners of freedom of expression could organize such a meeting and violate other people’s freedoms.

He emphasized the need to build a culture of tolerance.


  1. Upnd showed how intolerant they are to divergent views in that diggers forum. Their reasons for opposing bill 10 were weak and unfounded. Upnd lack strategies that can develop this country.

  2. Yes honorable Lubinda. Bill 10 must roll. Tiye tiye nayo.
    Washala washala waya waya.
    Even when we move to amend this constitution now, will not finish everything. Need will arise to fix it even more.
    Laws are not meant to stagnant even in the face of transitions of our lifestyles.
    The more lacunas manifest, the more the need to fine tune it.
    The constitution is not sacred, it’s perceived sanctity by opponents dictates conditions of the people living in restrive constrained mode.
    Errors do not cease to be errors simply because they’re ratified into law. Let’s fix this.

  3. “If you violate laws of God, you’re a sinner.
    If you violate laws of men, you’re a criminal.
    If you violate your own laws, you’re pathetic” – Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity.

    It is high time you made your laws more meaningful; more unequivocal; more interpretation friendly. It is for your own good.

  4. What is the rush in this Bill 10 when all stake holders were not consulted. You make us wonder if not there is more you are hiding to it. The whole process leaves much to be desired. It feels indeed we have been hijacked.

  5. UPND is jittery on this.
    The only party raising eyebrows.
    Their mind is fixated on the idea that PF wants to prolong their stay in power.
    PF is determined to see this through.
    Considerable support from folks and other interest groupings. They ushered in new constitution now they want to make it stand the test of time.
    I honestly don’t give a damn about the out come of bill 10.
    Zambia must live on though. I am a liberal specie.

  6. Resolve the FOOD crisis in the nation and power problems. There is no crisis in the nation without Bill 10.
    Put your energies in what matters.

  7. A small constitution crisis was created when PF signed the constitution in 2016. Questions still linger as to why the party that signed the constitution didn’t see the errors in the first place before they signed it. Why come now to want it changed? Why didn’t they think to correct the clauses that contradict each other in regards to a presidential term in office. Now a further constitution crisis will be created by bill 10 because it is a selfish bill that favors the current party in power. Just look at what the POA does especially to the opposition. Zambia has an economic crisis much bigger than the constitution crisis so why are PF in a hurry to amend the constitution and doing nothing about the economic crisis.

  8. Dear bill 10 stakeholder PETHDER Government need not come to your doorstep for consultation. You gotta lift your fat butt for mother Zambia to where it is happening. Read and make submissions.
    Lubinda and Government are not laughing or messing with you ka. They are dead serious to seeing this go through.
    What is making sad reading though is the fact that those against are up in arms against those for.
    Can’t we just allow democracy play it roll? Allow the natural justice of democracy in parliament chart the way forward kaili. Those with numbers will emerge victorious so to speak.

  9. PF did the right thing.
    Just how much noise was made about enacting the new constitution. It made turns being a campaign noise. I will enact the new constitution when you vote for me. Noise noise and fake promises. Some founded a livelihood out of it in the name of NGOs. Tailored just to champion voices on enacting the new constitution. Then came ECL, rushed or not, but he encouraged you to read. The country needs people to read on behalf of the unreading lazy. So anyway, parliament (MPs) didn’t read, Cabinet didn’t read, The Judiciary didn’t read, NGOs didn’t read, the president didn’t read, the Opposition didn’t read except the General. One voice was not enough and he was too late.

  10. Where are we at?

    Well, at a point of post reading stage where the so called lacunas, inconsistencies if you like, towards coming up with a masterpiece.

    These calls were made just after 2016 elections, now because of our gullibleness, our yapping nature, our unfounded suspicions and selflessness,we’re edging towards the 2021 elections still dilly dulling.

    If numbers, for they do not lie by their nature, are allowing, well then, let’s roll so we can open other meaningful discussions and conversations about our crude lying under our feet and effective economic diversification.

  11. Thorn in the Flesh. That simply means PF is playing or seeking to take advantage on peoples ignorance, negligence, or illiteracy because rather than do what should be right for the people of Zambia PF is doing what will suit their thirst for hold on power and in in doing they are subjecting the masses in Zambia to way more difficult times ahead, especially noting that should bill 10 go through it will only create more constitutional crises. Government or leadership must always strive for the good of the people and not doing more wrong and benefit from peoples lack of activity or quietness.

  12. Well done Lubinda… As the President has said before… wE WILL PASS BILL 10 with or without UPND. At this stage thet have no choice but to come on board and present their case on the floor of the House. If they choose not to , we shall meet them again at the constitution court where the same constitution will be used against them!

  13. Go ahead 4get about the critics if they will walk out its up to people they represent don’t even give it damn just ahead we need move Mr Lubinda.

  14. we need indeed to move no procrastination enough is enough can we please move and let us not retard the process.4get about upnd Zambia is bigger than this ka party.

  15. I am appealing to our President Mr. Hakainde. Sir please advise our MPs not to boycot the debate on bill 10. We should not allow what happened in 2016 to happen again. We know for sure PF lost the election in 2016 but we failed to present our case at the constitution court. Not that we did not have a good case. It was purely the same constitution we had walked away from that came to haunt us . The 14 DAY CLAUSE is what killed us. Otherwise we would in power today. Lets be bold enough at debate to the bitter end! We can convince NDC and MMD to vote with us. Even some PF mps can vote wih us. Walking away is not an option Sir!

  16. Lets bill 10 !! UPND should realise that Sangwa , Linda Lukaku and others are not MPs and will not be on the floor of parliament. Their opportunity is gone! They missed the boat at NDF and parliamentary committee. This time they will be watching from the terraces like all of us. It istime for Jack Mwiimbu to prove his case against bill 10. He must be brave enough like Lungwangwa and Kansoso . Walking away is cowardise.

  17. Bill 10 is not repretative of NDF.Bill 10 supports the argument of those who boycotted NDF that government had a prewritten constitution to stay in power and that bill 10 would be used against them,that this was what they approved when in fact they did not they only approved 5% of what is currently there,the rest is from the ruling class determined to die in government.
    The Forum at InterContinental should be a barometer for government to test its popularity, if they are saying its UPND it seems government is suffering from UPND paranoid disorder, power has blinded them completely, that the ship is sinking

  18. Thorn in the Flesh. if your child is crying to have access to the kitchen were he/she left a toy would you open the door knowing that there is hot boiling water in a pot on a brazier simply because the child is crying or you will firstly remove the pot and fire then allow access to the child? having asked this i go on to say that there is a reason former presidents didn’t rush to sign the constitution because there was a lot that still needed to be done to make it a good constitution. PF is the only government that is rushing to sign the amended constitution for the second time in their tenure and this must raise eyebrows. due diligence must be taken first before any amendments are done to the constitution. Let the constitution be translated in a language people understand and mode…

  19. Let the constitution be translated in a language people understand and mode everyone will be able to understand, let there be sensitization programs for the people on the constitution so that they are well informed in order to properly give their views. instead of rushing to amend the constitution PF must have firstly taken the initiative to have everyone become well vexed with the contents of the constitution. It is wrong to take advantage of people’s ignorance, negligence and illiteracy for self benefit because it is the same as taking advantage of an underage girl to fulfill one’s sexual desires.

  20. Where we are at.

    The Constitution Signing is done and dusted in haste or not at Heroes Stadium; pen on paper.

    Do we have lacunas or inconsistencies or incomplete clauses in the current Constitution?

    If YES,
    Move like noble people to amend them. MPs are tasked to do this. Let the team with numbers move in one breath.

    If NO,
    Move like able people to vote it down MPs are once again tasked to do this.

    Now is the time for submission and lobbying MPs to either do the right or wrong thing depending on which camp the hail.
    In any case, numbers won’t lie. Definitely one team shouldn’t win over the other. I don’t expect a tie.

  21. From the time the constitution was enacted in 2016 what crissis have we faced as a country none so lets give this constitution time to play out after all it was signed with eyes closed meaning it was good to those signing it so what has gone wrong so soon.

  22. @Sakala. Do not be misled by Sangwa. One of the biggest problem on the constitution was raised by UPND when its lawyers failed to prove the rigging case in 14 Days. The same lawyers who are against Bill 10 failed to defend HH . These included Jack. And HH should be careful with such. Today they are saying no to bill 10. Come 2021 they will offer to defend HH against the constitution they rejected and fail to prove the case in 14 DAYS as per current constitution. HH will then never ever get to PLOT 1.

  23. Another clause which shd be included in the bill is for mr lungu to rule for life. In this way he can concentrate on working on the economy other than the way things are now. It’s just talking politics while we ar suffering..


  25. “He said there is no need to create platforms that encourage informal debates on the issues which will be debated in parliament.” -LT

    Please throw bill 10 away, you have not model it on anything it so stiff-not easily bent. Please come up with something that’s malleable.

    Toss 10 bill away and you will see the index go up, and if you want to be taken seriously at the United Nations General assembly this year.

  26. To pass bill 10 , the PF needs 2/3 of the 156 MP’s. That is 104.It does not matter how many MP’s are present during the seating.
    The strategy of walking out during a vote is the best for the UPND.It will 100% expose the traitors or sell out because they have to be in the house to vote.
    Thats why the PF and their blind supporters always cry when the UPND walk out.No way to bribe the MP’s.
    Forget about secret ballot or debating the contents of bill 10.

  27. Throw that thing in the dust bin useless Lubinda, all meaningful zambians have rejected it except for those who can’t read or reason. You have failed to manage anything and everything pf touches fails. They think we will allow them to change our most important document forget it, we are reclaiming our country your time is up thieves. I think you have stolen enough

  28. Some bloggers and PF think a Constitution is a ‘toy’ to be manupulated at their whim. Right thinking people stayed away from the so-called consultations as the whole charade had already been ochestrated by the PF with hand picked ‘sympathizers’. And as someone has pointed out, how many people are able to follow this in a language they understand and be able to make meaningful responses or contributions? This is clearly an atrocious way of trying to change the Constitution – with Lubinda bulldozing it on behalf of his simpleton party. The suggested changes are not necessary – what is necessary is for this government to follow laws, respect human rights and be accountable. All the y do is repress and then dream new ways of self-preservation.

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