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Prof Chirwa to launch his City Cruiser Bus next month


Renowned Zambian UK based Professor Clive Chirwa has designed and manufactured a high roof monocoque bus according to the Provisions of Statutory Instrument (SI) No 79 of 2016.

This is the first ever AUVIV bus to be manufactured according to the Zambian laws.

The City Cruiser mini bus comes with a five-year warranty.

The launch of the bus will be at the New Government Complex in Lusaka on the 6th of February 2020.

According to Prof Chirwa, the mini bus was designed with the highest passenger safety in line with the SI No 79.

“The City mini bus boasts of GPS, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Reverse Radar and Parking Sensors, Rear View Camera and Buzzle alarm and high tech led head lamps. In addition the vehicle comes with a 17 inch overhead LED entertainment screen for video, adverts and movies for the customer’s entertainment,” Prof Chirwa said in an interview.

“The 5 gear manual transmission boasts of 110KW/3400RPM rated power. Under SI No 79, it is a requirement that all imported buses are fitted with belts. The bus has been designed according to the country’s SI laws. The AUVIV Maze runner and City Cruiser have the passenger capacity of 16 and 22. All the seats are fitted with seat belts and other specifications that meet Zambia’s terrain.”

Prof Chirwa said he was compelled to manufacture the bus following the issuance of SI No 79 by the Zambian government.

He said his company consulted and researched on the terrain before designing the bus so as to ensure it meets the demands of the Zambian market.

“The buses will be launched on the 6th of February 2020 in Lusaka. My company is ready to receive orders from transporters. The buses have been certified by reputable institutions. The Transporters should support the manufacturing of buses that meet governments requirement,” Prof Chirwa said.

Prof Chirwa said most of the buses that were imported into the country do meet the requirements of SI No 79.

The City Cruiser mini bus designed by Prof. Clive Chirwa
The City Cruiser mini bus designed by Prof. Clive Chirwa


  1. Looks like the story has a happy ending after all. Thumbs up to our hard working professor. Wishing him all the best on this project this time around.

    • Am surprised that anyone should even criticize the good professor. What have you ever made? Cant even make a toilet bowl and yet a man comes up with a vehicle and out they come with their criticisms. Some Zambians mwandi…..

  2. Congratulations Proffessori, that is the way to go Sir, we also look foward to your manufucturing company to open up a branch in Zambia after we get rid of Chambia in 2021

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    Half baked story… ‘designed’ or just repackaged the structure and body and put in someone else’s engine? Please tell us about the engine, which engine powers it because I doubt he has designed the engine… Elon Musk he is not and this is no Tesla. Please give us the full specifications and details (fuel type; fuel consumption and efficiency; emissions; which safety standard rating does it carry.. who certified and accredited it? etc?).

    Nice initiative though… the next generation should be powered by solar energy to take advantage of the sun in Zambia or maybe hybrid for it to be useful even in Winter. Well done Prof Chirwa!

  4. it has more room that the current ones one the market
    the mid seats even with a seat beat ain’t safe for an adult. that’s like a booster seat, you can’t put an adult in a booster seat even when strapped in a seat beat. the seat beat tension is designed to lock during certain force impact, if an adult is sitting in those seats in the isles, the seat beat doesn’t offer the restraint to prevent the occupant from becoming a projectile in the cabin of the vehicle which is what a seat beat when properly used is designed to prevent.
    how about we get rid of the small buses like Rwanda has done and have proper 30-40 passenger transit buses with proper bus stops to control the chaos caused by the drivers who can maneuver the small buses in tight corners in places they ought not to be (off…

  5. This fake professor and pathetic liar is at again..this man lives and survives on lies…now he manufactured a bus…come on guys..we know this man as a conman in the UK with a big mouth…he keeps on registering fake companies that dont even exist…Just watch how this city bus story will end….this man swindled the Zambian Govt all the eurobond


  7. He could be a front of Hyundai company. The brand of buses is Hyundai. Designing and manufacturing a vehicle is an expensive exercise. This is guy who has been lecturing at Chinese university.

  8. now he has teamed up with the chinese to swindle more Zambians…this man lives in an imaginary world and some fools fall for his lies…very manipulative character….whatever comes out of his mouth is a lie

  9. Am not impressed, these features are so common in most vehicles which are modern…this is purely a business case and not work of a genius

  10. Leave the Professor alone the unthinkables. All what you know is criticise unreasonably. This man is great. He also created wheels for aeroplane in UK. ASK THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH IN UK. He is genius than you panks who want to be on social media

  11. Seems he’s for real follow this link and this one

  12. What crap reporting…….is the bus manufactured in matero or chipata or SA ??

    Professor , you should have had the bus atleast assembled in Zambia using as many parts that could be possibly made in Zambia, then GRZ would be compelled to support you.

  13. One of my very educated friends told me that ” you don’t need to help some people,God knows why he put them in that position”…

    To most of you Zambians, l say you deserve the economic hardships the country is going through. Despite most of you being SEEMINGLY educated,you still think like Mongolian *****s.

    Even if Prof Chirwa was to show you his design data,you wouldn’t understand cos you are too stupid to think.

    Do you ever think with your pea-size brains that if Prof Chirwa was a fake, very developed countries like the UK,Chinese,USA etc would ask for his services,do you?

    Suffer & die in poverty,cos most of you deserve to be suffering due to your poor thinking.

    Viva Prof Chirwa…you are a genius of the soil..

  14. What type of people are you?if it was a Chinese, white, Indian or south African you would have been on top supporting but a fellow Zambian he can not do anything good,why are we like this,Prof Job well done we want more and more to be manufactured locally.

  15. Good stuff, real engineers solve real problems. Wish you well in all your endeavors Prof.

  16. That’s what I am talking about … thanks a trillion, Prof and congratulations.

    Now let’s get GRZ to make an order for at least 100 of these City Cruisers for their official buses in various ministries.

    That’s how you support your local team to start with … let’s roll.

    Epo mpelele


  17. I am sorry gentlemen. Any developed country has had some sacrifice made. Zambia has sacrificed a lot for many who have been sent to school including our professor. If you want some of us clap hands for a person who sees Zambia the same as Chinese do, a place to exploit, I have no respect.

    Chirwa is intelligent no doubt about that. But he won’t sacrifice for his home country that sent him to school. That’s why his name won’t be sung. He has come to Zambia the very same way chinese do maybe even worse.

    Zambians are satisfied with mediocre.

  18. For once B R Mumba Sr, we can sing from the the same song book. Once the launch of city-cruiser bus invented by our own Zambian professor Chirwa government should come up with a factory to begin manufacturing these buses and sell within Zambia and outside Zambia. The enterprise to be run as a commercial venture. GRZ can not order buses on credit as it hasn’t got a credit worth stand. Neighbouring countries would top up with orders earning Zambia foreign eranings contributing to GDP.

  19. Structure typically Combi. Modification is still part of design engineering. Prof Clive, Give us a Trum to run from Cairo road through to KK international airport.

  20. I think this reporter should have waited for the launch date instead of typing terminologies and definitions s/he does not understand, this reads like a modification for Zambian standards; its like importing a bus from Japan to UK then modifying it to meet UK standards ie changing the headlamps and speedometer etc. If you give this reporter a job to write about Prof. Chriwa and team designing Electronically Dimmable Aircraft Windows of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, this Reporter would come back with a full article stating that the Prof. designed and manufactured the whole Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
    If you are going to talk about manufacturing talk about site of factory not specifications which are standard procedure, I like Prof. Chriwa and I believe he would have made value addition…

  21. value addition changes at ZRL but the Road haulage elite had to derail his ambitious plans wants they realized he was not joking. My message to Prof. Chirwa is employ the services of a proper PR team you can not urging transporters to place orders for something that they have not seen even the name of that bus is not coming up on google search.

  22. Well done. We hope they will be affordable as we in pf will not pay extortionate prices when we can buy cheaper buses elsewhere which will also get people from point a to b. We in pf have built many roads so you have a wide market. Kz

  23. No comment.

    I’m not in the mood for jokes today.

    Too many wheel burrows being brought into the country.

    These specifications are standard in countries with even tougher terrain than our beloved Zambia.

    But if Chirwa can import them from those countries, paint them, and resell to Zambia, good on him.

    Meanwhile some are clapping and praising.

  24. He should also come up with a solutions for Investments into Mass Transportation systems (inter city and intra city ) to help stem Transport costs He should come up with a solutions in Evs and Fast Trains Mass commuting between northern southern eastern and western provinces main routes on existing rail lines like the ones we have seen in Gautrian and Kenya Tanzania Mombasa Rwanda Etc

    He could solve most of the peoples challenging transport problems within and around cities in Zambia and contribute to fares coming below K 50 say Kitwe Lusaka or Livingstone Lusaka its sometimes interesting to observe massive wastage of 100 Buses heading to East West South and North…

  25. Chirwa modifies bus to suit Zambian standards. There is no invention here.
    Alas, ggod on him for seeing an opportunity.
    Also, the man is in China at the moment as a visiting proffesor, not the UK.
    He modifies (barely so) the bus and asks china to mass manufacture.

  26. The Zambian mindset is disgusting. When are you ever going to support your fellow citizens? What is wrong with you people?
    All you ever do is criticize when a Zambian presents you with an idea of his own but you are quick to accept anything bought to you by foreigners. When will you work together , grow together and support each other? This has to stop!

    Congratulations Prof!

  27. Sacrifice my foot, work hard for yourself, everything you want to be given, big know. The nation will not develop through sacrifice but hardwork.
    Prof Chirwa is not a govt to be sacrificing, he is a designer and an entreprenuer

  28. This is great Prof E Clive Chirwa. People criticizing this man can read his papers in learned engineering journals. They’re are there and waiting for you to satisfy your curiosity. His company doesn’t hv to build its own engines as these can be supplied by more established engine builders. Let’s celebrate our own.

  29. I salute the Professor for this ingenuity and sincere hard work. This man is beyond many many Zambians and that is why he couldn’t fit in the chipante pante approach to government issues by the govt of Sata. I personally was offended when Chirwa was brought into the country to head ZRL only to face prosecution and lose his job.

    If only Zambians could learn to appreciate and support what is theirs, Zambian would have moved miles from where we are. Some comments above are cause for worry as some ungrateful bloggers are already hurling unprintables at the man, instead of apreaciating him.

    I wonder where we are going as a country.


  30. Hope professor Nkandu Lou is also watching as well. That’s what we should expect from a professor than what ba Nkandu was doing, She was fighting, exchanging bad words with students and expelling them. what a shame!

  31. You *****s making negative comments dont you know all the designers and manufacturers work on what is in existence already? So you want the minibus to look like the shape of your head? Some are even saying why manufacture it in China? I guess because of your stupidity. In China the facilities are there and besides they offer cheap labour. You lazy hard nuts want big salaries and certificates which only make you pompus. We have so called profs here who cant even manufacture a circuit board. Nonsense, lets appreacite, you jerks. Its like most of you are sent to universities to master vaulgar language..

  32. Comment: Prof Chirwa may have come up with the idea of this bus but he lacks originality. The Auviv city cruiser is an exact copy of the Toyota Quantum. I don’t know what engine is powering those units but I wish he had manufactured a unique body for the bus than replicating the Toyota Quantum.

  33. Sceptical about Clive’s maneuvers. He like fantasy. Remember the fake photos from UK of mansions he did own? Be careful when placing orders wina azalila

  34. Negative, baseless, ignorant, bitter, foolish and blind criticism will take you to the grave without anything positive or constructive to show the world. Be sober-minded and be realistic, if you have nothing to do on earth, wait for your time to come or better keep your mouths shut. Do something to show us that you are worthy to criticize even a miss at a goal.

    Kuleni mumitwe and stop being gunks!!

  35. whats so special about these buses?
    He is just an agent for one of these
    companies.He wants commision for
    any sale he does.I thought he must
    have progrrssed after railways and
    eurobond saga.

  36. Comment: people when someone does good appreciate , those who are saying bad things about him what you done so far in Zambia to improve lives let’s support him well done, good professor

  37. whats the make of the bus?? TATA or Toyota or Nissan or Ford or Mitsubishi?? and were is the manufacturing plant for the same bus???

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