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ZESCO dispel reports of construction of Kafue Lower plant stalling


ZESCO has refuted reports that construction works at a power plant that was expected to boost electricity generation may stall due to financial constraints.

Reports in some international media have indicated that construction of the US$ 2 billion Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Power Station may stall after Zesco failed to secure further financing.

But ZESCO Spokesman Henry Kapata said in an interview that the reports should be dismissed because they were not true.

He said construction works of the 750 megawatts power plant was progressing well and that there were no financial hiccups to affect construction works.

According to him, government officials, as well as officials from the power utility, have been visiting the plant to check on the progress and that the reports of stalled works were just part of fake news on social media.

“Just ignore the reports, it is not true, things are happening and everything is okay,” he said.

Construction of the project started in 2015 and it is funded by the Zambian government and foreign financial institutions.

“The situation is that the project is on schedule and it is ongoing very well. I was just talking to the Project team and they have assured me that the the plant will be commissioned according to the project schedule. Whatever the report is from whichever publication is incorrect,” Mr Kapata said.

It is being constructed by China’s Sinohydro Corporation.


  1. The spokesperson for ZESCO knows jack about government financing and its availability the ministry of finance should be issuing the statement and reassuring the public and investors not Kapata. Mushimba at the time when planes were ordered and it was first reported in AC also denied and said he would have been aware but alas! It was proved that the planes had been indeed ordered. Mr Kapata save yourself from sounding like a PF cader and leave this to MoF who are better placed.

  2. Five years and counting to build a dam? Even kariba dam which is far bigger than this and in those days with less technology than today took only 3 years. This definitely looks like a stalled project where even the date of completion is unknown.

  3. Zesco is incapable of telling the truth about anything, where is our $27 million you allegedly paid ESKOM? How much electricity have the supplied so far??

  4. @Tarino: Eskom?? $27m?? Today?? Wasn’t that supply for 1 month?? Right now, loadshedding hours have reduced, Maamba is back online. Who feeds you information?? PF has to fail at all costs for you people so your ka prophecy from your ka preferred upnd god can come true?? Just sell your manifesto and how you will help Zambians and they will vote for you. Hating and disparaging Lungu will not inspire Zambians to vote for you.

  5. Some Zambians, religiously believe that white-skinned people are always right on matters that relates to African states. We had the British and US Ambassadors located in Zambia who boasted around that they can think on behalf of Zambians. The Zambian Govt was forced to refund money to the UK because of fake news on development generated by its Ambassador. This time it is their social media, AFRICA CONFIDENTIAL that has joined the game to scandalize Zambia – and some opposition parties are rejoicing. Yet Zesco in Zambia, just like Eskom in South Africa, is a Government owned institution destined to provide power to all peoples of Zambia. Any problems that has led to load shading should be of concern to all Zambians.

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