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UPND will be negatively affected if Bill Number 10 flops


By Hon. Tutwa S Ngulube MP, Deputy Chief Whip of Zambia.

Honourable Jack Mwiimbu is telling blue lies when he says delimitation can happen without Bill number 10. According to the 2016 Constitution that cupped the number of MPS to 156.

Both bill number 10 and delimitation involve amendments to the constitution. The similarity is that Both Census and Delimitation happen in 10-year intervals. A Bill that fails cannot be brought back in the same session. So if Bill 10 flips and flops now you cant bring it back before the house in this session in short before 2021.

ECZ will equally have to wait for another 10 years.

Unless we in power agreed to amend article 68 alone where will the UPND get the two-third, which they don’t have now to amend the number of MPs in the constitution? The MPs will remain 156.

They are committing political suicide and will regret shooting down bill 10.

We the PF want the number of women and in parliament to increase. We also want the costly number of Mayoral bye-elections to stop.

The UPND has no idea that they have trapped themselves because both Bill number 10 and Delimitation of constituencies will involve amending or in bemba language changing the constitution. According to Article 79, an amendment to the constitution will surely require a two-third majority.

As we speak neither of us has it. It will be dull to think the PF will support the UPND UPND delimitation immediately after they shoot bill number 10.

The answer here lies in the UPND swallowing the bitter pill and biting the bullet. What gives Hon Mwiimbu confidence that delimitation that involves constituencies will happen even if they don’t have a two-third in the house.

We must be factual and agree to resolve national matters without misleading the public. The UPND has clearly trapped themselves and that is why they are saying withdraw the bill let’s sit down again.

As PF we have refused to remove the Christian Nation clause and to include gay rights in the Bill and are sure that if it means flipping let the bill flop without introducing gay rights and satanism.


  1. But why are you marrying the who lot of bill 10 to the delimiting and increase in number of constituencies and MPs? These are separate bills, please don’t black mail us or try to hide the contentious issues surrounding bill 10.

  2. WHEN UPND forms government next year by Gods Grace, they will have 75% majority in parliament so they will not need PF’s votes

  3. “We also want the costly number of Mayoral by-elections to stop.”
    Really Honourable? How often and costly are Mayoral by-elections compared to parliamentary bye elections?Having mayoral elections through direct suffrage made the mayors/chairpersons have loyalty to their electorates and effective as CEOs of cities/municipalities/district unlike being voted by fellow councillors as it creates party patronage.

  4. Imwe guys,let us leave this constitution to after 2021.PEOPLE,ESPECIALLY BRG .GEN MIYANDA HAD TOLD LUNGU TO SCRUTINIZE IT BEFORE SIGNING BUT HE WENT AND SIGNED WITH “closed eyes” as he said!! Why has he opened the eyes when another election is approaching? Please starting finding money for next year’s elections and leave the constitution to another time!! WHO WANTS MORE MPs any way,if that is the blackmail you want to take us with??

  5. This chaps they misled on the referendum again they want to bring their fool…….to us inorder again to confuse us to hell with your useless ideas let bill 10 pass viva pf

  6. Upnd is worse than labour government in the UK. At least labour has been in power before. Maybe we can equate upnd to the racist British national party the BNP. The upnd can never work with others for a common goal. They are hateful greedy hyena who come 2021 I look teach a lesson again . I never lose elections. Remember that. Kz

  7. UPND MP’s should simply walk out of parliament when Bill 10 is brought on the floor.
    Its a total waste of time.
    Let the debate and vote Bill 10 on their own.

  8. @ KZ

    You never lose elections and can never win a fair and free election without rigging , using GRZ resources and violence.

    @ tutwa

    “As PF we have refused to remove the Christian Nation clause and to include gay rights in the Bill and are sure that if it means flipping let the bill flop without introducing gay rights and satanism…”

    That just says it about this corrupt cader rat who’s audience is the equally unemployed corrupt cader PF rats…….

  9. Honourable Tutwa acts like he isnt a lawyer, who said anything about christianity clause or involvement of gay rights in the Bill? I do fear for the enuducated mass who will believe him.
    A shame to the legal profesion,

  10. Let the dead burry themselves, upnd has a top Man who has never been a councilor or MP what do you expect from such a person his few MPs knows this but because there not failiars like their president and have a pappet who’s misguiding him, you know when someone fails everything he/she gets used to it, let them swallow it and cry later and burry themselves together with their donars.

  11. You are still wasting time Tutwa on your bill 10 instead of looking at how to bring down the fuel,mealie meal Electricity prices etc which have brought people’s status to mere vagabonds. Shame on you.

  12. Now should have been wrecking your brains on how to rescue the economy. All you are after is increasing government expenditure. Your focus is nothing but politics. You will pay dearly for that. May be Tutwa you will be spared and jump the boat.

  13. As KK used to say, “lies in the morning, lies at midday and more lies in the evening..” Bill 10 is a BID, focus on rectifying what is causing all this misery in the country. Some people can even import special whiskeys from Japan while for us just buying a 25kg is a tall order, with such insensitivity you wonder why people cannot wait for 2021?

  14. We the PF want the number of women and in parliament to increase. We also want the costly number of Mayoral bye-elections to stop.

    Really. Which is costly, to allow minsters to remain in the office after parliament is dissolved, to increase a considerable number of MPs from the current number or to allow the status quo of electing the mayors. These chaps are really dull.

  15. Tutwa ngulube, kaizer Zulu, you guys are not only little boys but you are also childish…and as long as you are in the pf you you will never grow up…

  16. But who says we want to increase the number of MPs from the current 156 through elimination as this twot ngulube says will not happen if the bill doesnt go through. In fact we even need to reduce the number of MPs from the current number. All the more reason to shoot down bill 10.

  17. People are always deeply suspicious of anything that PF says or does, or wants to do or say, because of their record and practice of lying and fake news ever since PF was created. That is the reason why I would rather wait for an honest government to come in before we attempt another constitution amendment. Even the lacunas in the current constitution were deliberately left there by the same PF and their attorney general, you can’t tell me that the attorney general failed to read and review the constitution before it was signed. Unless we have a dull or lazy attorney general. Now I am not saying that Trible UPND or Trible HH are a better option than PF and their Hamble leader. Trible UPND and Trible HH have adopted exactly the same tactics of lies and fake news practised by Sata and his…

  18. ….Trible UPND and Trible HH have adopted exactly the same tactics of lies and fake news practised by Sata and his PF, which Hamble now calls “…the vision of our founding father Mr Michael Chilufya Sata….”.
    Zambia needs a brand new leader and brand new politics, NOT this stinking mess that we currently call politics. And that leader is undergoing final touches in Heaven to ensure that his brain is honest, he should be ready early next year.

  19. Just pack the bloody bill until 2022 naimwe, how can you trust PF to do anything right and correct for the people of Zambia? Haven’t you learn enough lessons since 2011, especially since 2015?

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