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Kachema ’s Last Straw – “Political Power at Any Cost”

Their plan has now been exposed bear, sabotage the economy, intensify the violence to instil fear & then call for regime change.


By Dr. Joze Manda

Less than two years before the next general elections, the Zambian political climate is so thick with tension, controversy upon controversy has piled up and things have been made worse by agents that want regime change in Zambia. The stakes are now very high, for others it is do or die, while for others its powers at any cost.

It is now clear that a dangerous and systematic scheme for 2020 leading into 2021 has been put in motion by HH and his international funders as their last straw at usurping political power. “Power by any means possible” is the new ideology that has currently been put in motion and will be executed relentlessly to the last day of the elections* and citizens must brace themselves for more unpredictable conspiracies from HH and imperialist sponsors.

Violence will be used to trigger fear, economic sabotage will be used to make the life of citizens miserable, corruption propaganda will be scaled up to tint the PF government, torture, assassinations and murder will eventually become common grounds.

Copperbelt being an important province for one to win an election in Zambia, *HH and his sponsors have started from there in creating fear and uncertainty in the lives of our citizens.* In less than two weeks, HH and his sponsors have capitalized on a few unfortunate incidences and blown them out of proposition to gain political mileage at the expense of the peaceful lives of our citizens.

UPND has gone further as to create videos depicting chemicals having been put around house doors and windows to scare our citizens even more, but when tasted, the white powder was found to be simple lime, what a shame.* What kind of a leader would want to instil fear in the same community you want votes from?

We know their tactic here is to cause lots of fear, that would mean increasing discontent in government, and then offer alternative leadership and we are aware that by human nature a few of our people will fall for it.

PF must use whatever resource they have at their disposal to fish out these lunatics who want to make our country ungovernable.*

This barbaric behavior is tantamount to treason and if anything the PF government must consider establishing a fast truck court for political violence and treasonable cases.

PF must realize that, UPND has scaled up their actions and entering in overdrive, from social media propaganda, they have now entered the violence stage. They have now engaged in unorthodox ways of looking for votes by painting the country they want to govern black. The social media propaganda that the opposition UPND party has wedged is misleading the electorates and is now bordering on issues of national security. It is time our security agencies woke up and smelt the coffee and dealt with this issue aggressively once and for all.

UPND is now spending thousands of kwachas promoting countrywide propaganda and is trying to control the political discourse in Zambia, including the undermining of democratic governance; to also help manipulate public opinion; and attempt to win the hearts and minds of the people to serve their grand strategy of ascending to power using whatever means and at whatever cost.* This will escalate ten fold as we get closer to 2021, the Chingola predicament is just a preamble.

It should not take a rocket scientist to now realize that UPND has crossed the line and we need to do anything possible in our power as a country to bring them to book.*

They are a blood-thirsty Organisation that will send this country down the path of hell we will not recover from. Lungu and and his government must stop being cowards and stand up tough and deal with this demon once and for all to save our country.

Dr. Joze Manda is Political Analyst based in Lusaka.


  1. This political analyst must be living under a rock, or has been paid to write this crap. Did he hear Lungu say he had no vision and also when asked what he was going to do for the country he said not much. You don’t need to be an expert to see that PF is a failed project and most of your claims are like fake news with no proof. Leave HH alone, he is not the one stealing and making bad decisions. Tell Lungu instead to stop wasting money bribing voters and travelling aimlessly.

  2. Some of these so called doctors must be stripped of their degrees. How do you write such rubbish even if you want to eat with PF?
    God save us.

  3. Very accurate article, it’s spot on!! The scary part is what these sponsors expect from upnd if they ever got into power. Remember 1991 and how everything the country owned was auctioned in the name of ridding the country of an evil dictator?? We can still feel the effects today. Imagine KCM, Levy signing the agreement that any arbitration should be done outside the country??

  4. We already know this as office of the president and secret service. This time around we wont be lenient with this treasonous criminal hh.

  5. Whoever wrote this ousnds like a P.F supporter or at least is being paid by The P.F. This isn’t analysis but a smear campaign. But he seems to really believe what He’s written or atleast believe in the money he received to write such. It’s a sad day when educated people sacrifice their intelligence for money to look like fools. This is what is exhibited here.

  6. What a libelous load of hogwash! In countries where there is rule of law you would not post such and not expect a day in court. But our country is fast becoming a failed state like Zimbabwe. Anyway simple minds need simple answers. HH ni Kachema musuma. Mwailasha!! Got it?

  7. A PhD holder who doesn’t know the difference btwn incidence and incident! Look, no PhD holder writes like this. I hope his evidence is tight because his claims here are actionable.

  8. we know the tactics he is using and very soon those involved will soon or later be arrested,this country belongs to God and not to bo kachema,bo kachema as a duty and his duty is to look after cows not people.And to his imperialist sponsors shame on you and you cant fight God.All evil plans will be shattered in Jesus’s name.well written congratulations Dr Joze.we need people like you Doc,people who can articulate issues without fear and favour,we cant go on with this barbaric can some one with 5 senses support this evil barbaric plans mmmmm shame bo kachema.

  9. Kachema “cowboy” ” Gaucho” sobweshe impanga, kachema sobweshe impanga, soshipele amenshi na mulemfwe usuma wileka shiye ichiyeye.

  10. Zambia is for the Zambians and what ever plans as upnd it will never successed .To the govt and especially the security wing time to be vigilant is now than ever, what is happening in chingola is awake up call to the security organs and I personally urge the organs to be aware.

  11. Dr Joze Manda should be arrested for inciting Zambians to rise against each other. His allegations of opposition party as a blood-thirst organisation that will put Zambia in ungovernable state is not only irresponsible but treasonous. Manda should be arrested tried in court to prove his dangerous allegations. In the same vein if this was said by the opposition, president Lungu would have summoned the entire police force to arrest the author of the message. We await to see Manda arrested.

  12. Some of us noted all of this violence in 2016 .sad that the government is handling political matters so simple.

  13. We should expect more of such slander as the PF prepares to exit.

    No amount of propaganda will reduce the price of mealie meal, feed the starving, reduce corruption and abuse of public funds.

    No amount of slander will explain 48 for 48 fire tenders, Mukula or 48 houses.

    No amount of propaganda will save PF. Let 2021 come soon.

  14. The police have not issued any statement regarding the powder or the chemicals being used. How come this man knows all of this. Up to now no arrests have been made but this so called Dr. has all the information. It is clear this whole circus in Chingola is political, aimed at implicating the UPND and its leader. A we go to 2021 some people’s fortunes are dwindling. You are accusing HH of the Zambia’s misfortunes but most of them are your own making and don’t forget you said it yourselves it is climate change. How does HH come in all of this. Try to arrest him on flimsy grounds and you will see people power this time around.

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